The Incredible Minted Invitation Suite Giveaway!

We simply could not be more excited about the launch of our first crowd-sourced wedding invitations suites created by the best indie designers in the world. This is a big departure for Minted. Up until now, we’ve only sold letterpressed invitations, which we’ll continue to do, but our new, very competitively priced (starting at just $147 for 50 invitations) flat-printed line will make industry leading design details available to every bride. We feel so honored to be able to help stylish couples everywhere create a wedding suite that really mirrors their special day and is unlike anything their guests have ever seen!

We're giving all of this away!!!

We are rolling out all the stops in celebration of the launch of over 100 of these incredible designs that we are giving away a complete Minted invitation suite for 100 Guests, valued at over one grand. And this isn’t just any wedding invitation suite. Besides the perfectly coordinated reply, information and thank you cards, Minted is the first online retailer to introduce stunning embellishments–like our backers, envelope liners, and skinny wrap address labels–which are all included in this giveaway. In addition to the grand prize, one lucky runner up will also receive 100 free invitations and reply cards!


Skinny-WrapTM Address Labels

Slip In Envelope Liners

Information Cards

RSVP cards

And in case you were wondering, yes, the Info Cards and the RSVP cards come with backers, too!

Thank You Cards

In addition to our crowd sourced wedding invites, we’ve simultaneously released exclusive flat printed designs by our brands Elum, Dauphine, Cheree Berry, and Wiley Valentine that can be found on our Favorite Designers page. These incredible designs are also included in the giveaway!

To enter for your chance to win the wedding invitation suite of your dreams, simply comment with the name of your favorite invitation. If you tweet or repost a link to this giveaway, comment again and you will be entered to win again!

If you’re not getting married, do you know someone who is? Didn’t your sister’s friend’s roommate’s cousin just get engaged? Forward this link onto them! The contest closes on Friday, May 21st at midnight.

Good luck and a huge congratulations to all the members of our outstanding design community for your incredible work–you have given brides an incredibly beautiful array of choices this wedding season!

UPDATE: The Incredible Minted Invitation Giveaway is now closed and we have a randomly generated winner: a huge congratulations to Anastasia Kralovec, who won our grand prize! And congratulations also to Hil’Lesha Anderson who is our runner up. Thank you to everyone who entered. We hope you’ll all take advantage of our one time only launch discount of 15% off our entire line of Wedding Invitation suites. Simply enter LAUNCH15 upon checkout.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Elaine

    I love the winter birch wedding invitations by marabou.

  2. Jennifer Aswall

    Callaway Wedding Invitations
    by Wiley Valentine

  3. Kelly

    Very, very hard to choose a favorite. I love Cocktail Hour, Parisian Grammar School and Vintage Luxe…

    I may have to choose Fred & Ginger as the fave, though, because the chandelier matches the ones we’re using.

    Would love to win this.

  4. Claire McCusker

    Story Book and Tuileries

  5. Sharon

    My favorite is the stephanie invites by the fab Wiley Valentine! What an insanely generous giveaway – fingers crossed!

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  7. Deb Keene

    I love your designs! They are all very beautiful, but I think my favorite is the “Better Together” invitation because it’s just very cute. If my wedding wasn’t so formal, I would definitely want that one!

  8. Deb Keene

    I tweeted about the contest and emailed my friends to see if they can enter on my behalf. So this is me entering again πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  9. karin jorgensen

    Royal Navy.

  10. John Velasco

    My favorite wedding invitation is Cocktail Hour Wedding Invitations!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. John Velasco

    I retweeted the content so this is my second entry.

    My favorite wedding invitation is Cocktail Hour Wedding Invitations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I love the Story Book Wedding Invitations. πŸ™‚

  13. Johanna Sullivan

    Holly Branch

  14. Diana

    retweeted @dianawalery

  15. Diana

    I totally peeped the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations when I ordered my Christmas cards. I wasn’t engaged yet but I loved it even then. Now that I am, I’m all over it!whu

  16. Jenny Vipusithimakool

    I really like the Spanish Lace Wedding Invitations!!

  17. Lindsey Hill

    Cocktail Hour πŸ™‚

  18. Jenny Vipusithimakool

    I really like the Spanish Lace Wedding Invitations!

  19. Greg

    Oh wow, what an awesome giveaway. I am enamored with so many of the minted designs and am in awe of the creativity of the minties. At the moment my fiancee and I are leaning towards Winter Flourish Wedding by Annie Clark due to the wonderful simplicity. We’d love to take the motif through all of our paper products and think it would really represent our fun, modern aesthetic. We’re having a summer garden wedding and we thought it’d be nice to not have an overly flowery invitation but still sell a cheerful, colorful mood!

  20. Joy

    I adore the winter flourish wedding invitation suite by Annie Clark! It’s so beautiful and elegant. I would LOVE to be able to have that suite for my invitations!

  21. Raena Ernst

    A faraway destination is pretty close to my favorite. I can’t decide between that one and Fireflies. I love them both!

  22. Allison L.

    These invitations are all amazing. I started looking through all of them and found Pearls on a String and thought, PERFECT! But I continued looking and found Whirly Dot and thought PERFECT-ER!!! But then I saw the Fred & Ginger by Mr. Boddington Studio and was sold. I love the unique font and might be a little obsessed with the striped envelope liner. Love!

  23. Allison L.

    I also retweeted the contest! @doriable

  24. rebecca hagekub

    i love the foster invitations… because the font is in pink (one of my colors) and is lowercase (which is my favorite way to type!) πŸ™‚

  25. rebecca hagelin

    i love the foster invitations… because they are pink (one of my colors) and the font is lowercase (which is the only way i type!)

  26. Jen Smith

    I LOVE the Tracy Wedding Invitations, they are just absolutly beautiful!!!

  27. Pat Hillenmeyer

    The invitations are beautiful. I think I like Claire best.

  28. Jennifer Bruce

    Posted link on Facebook!

  29. Amelia

    They are all lovely, but I especially love ‘fireflies’

  30. Leah

    My favorite is flore!

  31. I am kind of obsessed with the cocktail hour invitations! They’re SO gorgeous!

  32. The cocktail hour invitations are my favorite!

  33. I love Fling Wedding Invitations!

  34. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  35. I like the Tuileries Wedding Invitations and the Haute Affair Wedding invitations! They are beautiful!

  36. Lauren Rose

    aquarelle in apricot rose is my favorite πŸ™‚

  37. David Adelman

    I vote for the Palm Beach Monogram by Dauphine Press. Awesome!

  38. Lauren Rose

    tweeted the link!

  39. Judy Keene

    Kentucky Derby for its simplicity and traditional format.

  40. Brandon W

    Riviera Wedding Invitations in Blue. My fiance loves them!

  41. Melissa Eccleston

    There are so many beautiful options, but Destination Isla by Ceci New York is my dream invitation. It’s gorgeous!

  42. Tami

    Love so many but especially the block print waves!

  43. Jaclyn Corcoran

    Wow! So tough! I think I like “Better Together”, but then there’s also “Willow Tree” and “Midnight Vineyard”!

  44. Tristan

    Pine branch

  45. Jenna

    I love the black ans white stroy book invitations as my theme is going to be black and white this would fit in perfectly!

  46. Jenna

    I loved the story book invitations would fit in with our wedding theme

  47. Molly L

    I love all of the designs! I have trouble picking just one! I LOVE the apple blossom wedding invitations! They are so simple but elegant! I also loved the happy couple invitations… I don’t know that i could pick between them!

  48. Molly L

    I have 2 favorites! I love the happy couple invitations and the apple blossom invitations! so simple and elegant!

  49. Surupa

    Hi, As an affiliate of CJ, I am overwhelmed to see the designs and array of the whole set of wedding cards.

    I’ll definitely promote on my blog.
    Thnkyou, Minted


  50. Genevieve Organist

    Poppies is my favorite right now, simple, easy to read, classy and pretttty!

    I loved reading all the other favorites too! I have at least 10 bookmarked!

  51. Heather Robinson

    Fred & Ginger is the best, in my opinion.

    These are awesome invites!

  52. Heather Robinson

    fred and ginger is my favorite!

  53. Kirsten Roche

    My FAVORITE inviation is the Contemporary Chic Wedding Invitation. It reminds me of my wedding perfectly!

  54. Kirsten Roche

    My favorite inviations are the Contemporary Chic Wedding Invitation because they remind me of my wedding!

  55. Megan

    Oak Tree Invitation <3

  56. Megan

    Oak Tree Invites <3

  57. Denise Coomer

    I love the Ampersand, it really caught my eye, but all are great!

  58. Gina K

    I love a whole bunch of these, but I’d have to say Midnight Vineyard by Design Lotus is my favorite.

  59. Laura Cimino

    My favorite invitation is the Fireflies Wedding Invitation in the color Lobelia by designer Paige Rothhaar. I love the whimsical feel!

  60. Erica

    retweeted @ elciszek!!!

  61. Jamie Parado

    There are just way too many designs to choose from, but I narrowed down my favorites to the circles of love and the olivia wedding sets… I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

  62. Ginger

    I love the cocktail hour invites in purple! Great giveaway!

  63. Jackie Ballinger

    My favorite is the Olivia invitation with the Eternity suite in a close second!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!: )

  64. Jackie Ballinger

    My favorite is the Olivia invitation with the Eternity suite in a close second! Thanks for the chance to win : )

  65. Rebecca M

    I like ‘Leaves’ alot, but there are so many that are fabulous!

  66. Rebecca M

    Love the ‘Leaves’, but so many are equally wonderful!

  67. Angela

    Such gorgeous invitations – our guests would definitely be wowed by these!

  68. christina

    I can’t choose between Headline and Western. So different but I love both!

  69. Sarah H.

    Oh my gosh it was so hard to pick just one – there are hundreds of beautiful designs! But I have to go with the Dotti Wedding Invitations. I love the cut out RSVP cards. Just amazing!

  70. christina

    I tweeted! (ccoursey)

  71. Sarah H.

    It was so hard to choose just one since there are hundreds of beautiful designs but I think my favorite has to be the Dotti Wedding Invitations. The cut out RSVP card is just adorable.

  72. Alma Garcia

    I love the midnite vineyard design!
    Simple yet eye-catching….wonderful invite πŸ™‚

  73. Alma Garcia

    My favorite is the midnite vineyard design!
    Simple, eye-catching & clean…

  74. Alma Garcia

    Midnight Vineyard Wedding Invitations is my favorite! Clean, simple yet eye-catching!

  75. I absolutely love the Winter Flourish designs. Beautiful.

  76. Kate C

    So hard to choose! I love the Pine Branch for our Pacific NW wedding, although I really like the Autumn Carving and the Fireflies! Have any designs with Dahlias?

  77. Carla Martinez

    WOW! What an amazign giveaway! My favorite invitation is hands down the Cocktail Hour Wedding Invitations. They are so chic and absolutely stunning!

  78. Carla Martinez

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway! Hands down, my favorite design is the Cocktail Hour Wedding Invitations. They are so chic and absolutely stunning!

  79. Lauren

    The Katie wedding invitations by Wiley Valentine are lovely! What beautiful invitations – the paper looks amazing – I’d love to feel it. The Aquarelle and Cocktail Hour patterns also have great appeal.

  80. Becky

    Just Married is my absolute favorite! It’s adorable.

  81. Shelby

    Gramercy by bt elements!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  82. Lauren

    The Katie wedding invitations by Wiley Valentine in blueball/celadon are just lovely! The paper looks gorgeous – I’d love to touch them. The Aquarelle and Cocktail hour designs also caught my eye – I love you, Minted!

    Thanks for the chance at winning!

  83. anh

    oooh, i love the block printed waves and just married sets…

  84. Ray

    Oh boy! I just love all things paper. Minted has some of the hottest and hippest designs that I’ve seen in a while. It is hard to decide, but I chose the “intricate.”

  85. Ray

    Not sure if mine went through. I love the “intricate!”

  86. anh

    ooh, i love the block printed waves and just married sets…

  87. Mary Foley

    Ooooh! I can’t believe how much I love your invitations!! The Fall Carving Wedding Invitations are my fave and would compliment our autumn themed wedding nicely. Then I went back and reread the instructions for entering this contest – I don’t want to make any mistakes! Thanks!

  88. Mary Foley

    Oooh! I love these invitations! My favorite is the Fall Carving Wedding Invitation. They would complement our autumn-themed wedding so well. I had to reread the instructions here 2x so I wouldn’t make any mistakes! I’m wicked excited!

  89. Hi –
    Love the new invitation suites….my favorite design is the Parisian Grammar School. I’ve shared the contest information with all my Here Comes The Blog readers too ( Thanks and good luck with the launch!

  90. Sean

    These invitations are great!

  91. joey

    i don’t know how to even choose one. perhaps the one that is shown above, or the “just married” invitations. both are simple, modern, youthful, fun and GORGEOUS. oh please let me be the winner!!

  92. btrischler

    Love the Fireflies!

  93. bigsergo

    Hard to choose . . . the fireflies with the jar are cool.

  94. Lofreeman

    It is so hard to choose a favorite, the fireflies totally go with the vintage mason jars I’m planning to use as centerpieces but I also love the simplicity of the Clavel invite design.

  95. Lofreeman


  96. Love the one in this post (Cocktail Hour by Ariel Rutland) but as far as letterpress designs go I can’t resist the bold lines and colors of Headline by Elum.

  97. Kelsey

    I love so many of these amazing invitations but my favorites are Destination Wedding by Unless Someone Like You, Just Married by Three Kisses and Better Together by Rebecca Thongkham. Thanks for offering this great sweepstakes!

  98. Panda Pez

    I’m all about the “Smart Conversation” invites. They remind me of the many iChat conversations my fiance & I have shared & continue to do so. Too Fun!

  99. kieumai

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the winter flourish wedding set by annie clark!

  100. djm_611

    My favorite invitation suite is COCKTAIL HOUR. It’s modern and playful and matches my color scheme. Well, sorta. My colors are yellow and gray. But I still love these invites!

  101. ankit shastri

    These invitations are adorable.

  102. Amelia

    My favorite is Cocktail Hour in the shade here in the entry. Parisian Grammar School is another favorite. There are so many great ones!

  103. l3hreebonikzl

    My vote is for:

    Fred & Ginger Wedding Invitations
    By: Mr. Boddington’s Studio

  104. Annette

    Spanish Lace…just beautiful!

  105. leela

    Wow some many great one’s to choose from. My favorite is sweet linen invitations. I love how clean it is while also looking like a music poster. ~leela

  106. ReallyMary

    I tweeted this giveaway also. @IAmReallyMary.

  107. achaborek

    Eeek! How am I supposed to choose just one?! These are the most fabulous invites I have ever seen. Parisian Grammar School, French Vintage, La Fete, Opera, Cocktail Hour, Elizabethan, Foster and Dotti are all incredible, however the Matzinger in black/curry would be PERFECT for my wedding! Oh, I love it so much!

  108. jennred828

    I love the Garland Wedding Invitations

  109. lrooney

    I love the Destination Wedding invitations. Which is exactly what we are having! πŸ™‚

  110. jcava43

    I love the Winter Flourish Wedding Invitations.

  111. What an amazing giveaway!! I just ordered a sample of the Kristin Wedding Invitations by Wiley Valentine and my fiance and I ADORE them!!! They’d be perfect for our outdoor garden ceremony next spring πŸ™‚

  112. achaborek

    I tweeted about the contest and the invites: @DetroitPRComm

  113. Ashley

    I absolutely adore the Acanthus Monogram invites by Dauphine Press. I’m a Classics major, and the acanthus leaves are one of the most important symbols of the ancient world! This would be a great way to incorporate my work with my wedding!

  114. oh my goodness! I love the cocktail hour featured on this blog. I’m looking to use yellow and grey for my wedding…and navy and green! I also love the dotti invitations and the fing wedding!

  115. This is so hard as there’s so many great ones! I do love the Float and Framed invites, followed very closely by the Destination Wedding Invites – because even though we’re getting married in the city we live in, we have a lot of guests coming from overseas!

  116. Just tweeted (smackdown928)

    Again, I love the Float and Framed invites, followed very closely by the Destination Wedding Invites

  117. madi carlea

    OOOooooo….destination wedding invite works for me! Thanks, m

  118. I love so many – Winter Flourish, Cocktail Hour, and Stardust are my favorite though. Espeically Stardust – we are thinking of going Black Tie Optional for our wedding and these would be perfect!

  119. Rachel Baker

    SOO many beautiful designs! I think if I’d have to pick just one it would be the OAK TREE design. Love them all though!!!

  120. baxlala

    My favorite is definitely Cocktail Hour, but honestly I love them all!

  121. steph1520

    Modern Lotus
    By: milkmaid press

  122. Anne

    What an amazing contest! I love the Cocktail Hour invitations in yellow

  123. I have bookmarked pictures of your invitations on all kinds of wedding websites and blogs, and never realized that they were all from Mint! It is hard to pick one, but I’m head over heels for Fireflies.

  124. larnaye

    I LOVE Fireflies! But for my wedding I’d pick something more like The Happy Couple or Aquarelle!

  125. darkishblue

    I’d go with the happy couple wedding invitations.

  126. citygirljojo

    Love most of your designs but for our wedding I would probably pick either Cocktail Hour or float + framed!!
    Also re-tweeted…would be so excited to win this!!!

  127. carriepsoon2bg

    Oh no…I seriously haven’t seen as many invitations that I love on one website. But ultimately…I ABSOLUTELY love love love Faux Bois!
    My engagement ring actually has a faux bois design (it’s called mokume gane) and we’re planning to carry out the design in many aspects of our wedding so it matches perfect!

  128. HongNinja

    “Smart Conversation” is definitely my favorite. Good stuff!

  129. cmajsak

    I love Oak Tree Wedding Invitations, Tuileries Wedding Invitations, and Zinfindel Wedding Invitations! Such great options, how to decide πŸ™‚

  130. sawhite23

    So many great ones to choose from! I love the Headline Wedding Invitations, and Winter Flourish Wedding Invitations

  131. JenRosini

    Too many wonderful options! Thanks Minted and Natasha!

  132. photoist

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love the Parisian Grammar School invite from J. Bartyn!

  133. chicagogrrl

    I love the al fresco wedding invitations by peculiar pair press!

  134. chicagogrrl

    Also tweeted (!

  135. PEDEL004

    Parisian Grammar School is SO cute. My fave!

  136. Megan

    So love the Elegant Flourish…simple, timeless.

  137. thespaceelephant

    I am torn between Fling and Fall Carving. I suppose if I had to pick one it would be Fling!

  138. RollerGirl

    I like the Solid Block Wedding Invitation by The Happy Envelope (awesome name by the way)

  139. angelsolo3

    There are lots of great ones. I think my favorite is the Hitched Wedding Invitations – they are casual and fun which really reflects the style of my fiance and I.

  140. Abby S.

    I’m torn between the square ones shown on this post, and the (very different) Kristin invitations.

  141. dpiriarte

    FLING! I love the Fling suite. Its perfect for my outdoor wedding.

  142. alyssazor

    The Happy Couple invite & the Fall Carving invite! Not sure which one I’d pick!

  143. Jnicholle8

    I love the Destination Isla Wedding Invitations by Ceci New York. Absolutely Gorgeous!

  144. karczews

    My favorite is Better Together!

  145. andrew

    My favorite is the apple blossom wedding invitations by annie clark!

  146. sarahmadeline

    Dotti Wedding Invitations
    by Dauphine Press

  147. Tim

    My favorite is fireflies Wedding Invitations. i love how it brings an outdoor theme to such an elegant life. well done! πŸ™‚

  148. Tim

    I just tweeted this to the world! I love!

    @tchingos says: I want to win free wedding invitations! RT and you can win too!

  149. gina m

    everything is amazing, just way too many choices.. but the fireflies is oneofthe best.

  150. kshepher

    My favorite is “Dotti”, soooo cute.

    I love everything!!! The best thing about minted is that you can mix and match to make a unique invitation suite.

  151. dreaang

    My favorite is Destination Wedding. It explains a lot on how people get to a destination wedding.

  152. silvershaina

    I like ‘fireflies.’ I think it’s very sweet.

  153. Toffee

    I love Better Together. The milk and cookies is too cute!

  154. kellyv

    I absolutely adore Boulders.

  155. Kelsey

    Just tweeted! I love the Destination Wedding, Just Married and Better Together invites πŸ™‚
    Still loving the @minted invites! Check them out yourself and find out how to win a suite of your own:

  156. Georgette

    I love fireflies! So sweet.

  157. YellowWedding

    It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’d choose Fields. The variety of the pieces and the way they mesh together is gorgeous!

  158. Abby W

    Cocktail Hour is my fav for my soul sista’ Kate

  159. melissa kim

    I love all of these invitations – I’m forwarding this contest to all of my engaged friends!

  160. sharpe2b

    Fireflies is my favorite for sure.

  161. I love love love the pear nouveau invitations

  162. nverhey

    LOVE Ariel Rutland’s Cocktail Hour (the invitations shown). My color scheme for my wedding is bright yellow and charcoal so this is perfect.

  163. Elizabeth

    I like the float + framed Wedding Invitations by Float Paperie. So elegant without being stuffy!

  164. sunshine_1223

    My favorite is Clairemont Wedding Invitations by bt elements.

  165. sunshine_1223

    My favorite is Clairemont Wedding Invitations by bt elements. I love the spring look.

  166. edanib

    The headline wedding invitations are my FAVORITE! They match my save the dates, but give just the formal touch we are looking for!

  167. KCS

    French vintage by Annie Clark. Love it!

  168. edanib

    I tweeted as well!

  169. cgoldfish

    I love Sweet Linen in Dark Fuchsia. So pretty.

  170. Ally

    These are so great, that I had to do a Top Five (in no particular order):

    1.) La Fete
    2.) Atrium
    3.) Fireflies
    4.) Western 1
    5.) Fall Carving

  171. Jasmine

    Can two of your invitations battle it out for me? Fireflies stole my heart (saw it posted on a bridal blog and literally my heart skipped a beat) and the fall carving is EXACTLY along the same lines as my decor and theme! YAY! Go Minted – LOVE your invitations – ab-so-lute-ly beautiful!

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  173. Koshi

    Excellent designs this year!

  174. hannatieu

    I love Azaria by Dauphine!

  175. katielou818

    I absolutely adore the Cocktail Hour invitations! You guys have such amazing designs!

  176. winter_bride

    Wow! They are all so beautiful!

    What a dream it would be to have the opportunity to have such fine invitations! πŸ™‚

    My favorites are:
    Better together… adorable
    Jennifer- Wiley Valentine

    Oh so different, but so are we… can’t decide! πŸ™‚

  177. Erikaleelee

    beautiful πŸ™‚

    my favorite is the goldshine wedding invitation set.

  178. urbanjunglegirl

    LOVE the mr and mrs invites by lina goldberg…THE BEST EVER!

  179. Julierpp

    We both love the fireflies one but were thinking of getting it in gray instead of the colors listed because it would go so well with our colors. This would be amazing to win this suite we certainly couldn’t afford all of the amazing extras that you offer. Good luck everyone.

  180. PreciousPip

    I love the Haute Affair wedding invitations! x

  181. I have to say I love La Fete and Fall Carving. They are pretty darn sweet!

  182. melissa.carpenter

    Really, do I have to choose just one!? I have been stalking this site for weeks trying to figure out which design I love more: the Aquarelle Wedding Invitations by Sarah Lenger or the Ornamental Wedding Invitations by Paperview Designs both in blue.
    I am an art teacher so the Aquarelle seems to fit us perfectly, but the sophisticated and modern look of the Ornamental fits our wedding motif perfectly. So you see our dilemma. ☺ Thank you so much for this wonderful and truly beautiful opportunity!

  183. JenniferSisk

    My favorite is the Smart Conversation. So cute and modern!

  184. abloom12

    ahhh so many great choices, but I must say that I am in love with Cocktail Hour by Ariel Rutland

  185. tholgate

    There are just too many awesome invitations. But if I were going to choose one that was most like what I’ve first picked out (and have not yet bought), I’d go with Katie Wedding Invitations by Wiley Valentine in bluebell/celadon.

  186. rose8

    i love your designs, and i think one of my favourites would definitely be: A faraway destination (wedding invitation). It’s absolutely perfect for me!

  187. tholgate

    I tweeted @RlSmplSvngMthds.

  188. aarangio

    I had a hard time choosing, but my favorite is probably the Fields wedding invitation.

  189. moxi04

    I love the Happy Couple-so simple and aesthetically very clean and nice to look at!

  190. lucy

    Since our wedding had to be postponed from last fall, to this fall (due to medical issues), We’ve been looking at invitations on line for months! Minted has some unlike any others I’ve seen. Fabulous designs… well coordinated suites. It was very difficult to choose just one, but it is Picture Perfect!

  191. IAmLemondrop

    I love the pine branch wedding invitations by marabou. But there are so many great choices it will be hard to pick just one. πŸ™‚

  192. misslofox

    The Fall Carving suite is my absolute favorite. Perfect for a couple that feels like they’re in young love. πŸ™‚

  193. bluebanana28

    My favorite is K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

  194. missash

    it’s so hard to chose just one but the modern classic and whimsical stripes are two of my top choices. they go along with our black & white stripe theme. thanks for the opportunity. xo

  195. harmonix

    Tulips are better than one (in green & blue) – it was very hard to narrow it down to one!

  196. Eva

    Our favorite are the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations!

  197. justmegan

    I love the Fling invites. Designed by someone in my state! Gotta love Ohio. The picnic/hazelnut/charcoal/slate blue color theme is especially pretty and fall appropriate without being overdosed on pumpkins and orange.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  198. thilkwedding

    Fling and Amy are my favorites!

  199. katjenks

    This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve had invitations on my to-do list for a long time now. My favorite is the Zinfindel Wedding by Dauphine Press!

  200. moonchic73

    I love how simply elegant the Barcelona invites by BT Elements are. Definitely right up my alley!

  201. memeg29

    Decorative Orientalia by CECI New York is my all time favorite!

  202. lsdiskin

    Edenbridge Wedding Invitations
    by Dauphine How cute would these be for our “travel themed” wedding! Love them!

  203. maid of horror

    love the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations. so cute an original!

  204. staceyz

    the Summer Field suite would be PERFECT for my summer wedding at a sunflower farm. ADORE

  205. husband

    we really love the Vintage Picnic set… and I would love to surprise my future wife with the win!

  206. calibride

    so hard to choose! i think the parisian grammar school and bohemian sophisticate might be my favorites though! Great contest!

  207. hteeh

    I’ve been to the site before, but letterpress was always out of reach budget-wise! Too many beautiful designs to choose from, but since I have to, I like La Fete by Oscar & Emma Design (but I like the Faux Bois by Cheer Up Cherup, too.) Both would be awesome for a casual and vintage-y Colorado wedding :o) Great idea to offer beautiful designs to the budget-minded couple.

  208. cmartin

    Decorative Orientalia by CECI New York is my favorite!

  209. Jessica14720

    I love the Nest Wedding Invitations – it is simple and beautiful!

  210. Megan

    Midnight Vineyard is my favorite. It would be perfect for the feeling we are trying to capture at our wedding.

  211. Patti

    The Summer Field suite would be PERFECT for my daughters summer wedding at a sunflower farm. ADORABLE!

  212. liz

    Love the “smart conversation” design!

  213. ghamma

    I like Fireflies as a design.

  214. Jamie

    So many beautiful choices. My favorite — Decorative Orientalia, CECI New York.

  215. whatannaloves

    the fall carved and fireflies are my 2 favorites. I cannot decide. love love love!

  216. kellton

    How PERFECT for our outdoor, summer, evening wedding! fireflies Wedding Invitations by Paige Rothhaar! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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  218. rachelw

    my favorite is the SWEET LINEN — it’s awesome!

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  223. jsk8g

    i love so many! fireflies, sweet linen, floar + love lockdown and lovestruck…

  224. mrstexas

    My favorite is Fanfare and if I had to choose a second it would be Love Struck

  225. chocoloka

    I’m SO smitten with all these designs that it’s tough to pick one! I’m picking Winter Flourish as my favorite…followed closely by so many others! (Cocktail Hour, Summer Sun, La Fete, Fall Carving, Kyoto, Positano, Marie Antoinette, Garland, Midnight Vineyard…) Just beautiful work. πŸ™‚ *Stunning*

  226. tamikag

    I retweeted What are you waiting for?! Enter for your chance to win a free wedding invite suite of your dreams! to all of my followers.

  227. wxgddsss

    Loving the Stardust. But there were at least 12 others that caught my eye. Stunning. Just stunning.

  228. HeidiL

    Summer Sun!

  229. damiana

    Gotta love Classic Prep!!

  230. cribious

    I love the PARISIAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL Wedding Invitations.

  231. sandy

    My favorite two are Spanish Lace and Story book.

  232. lovemelauren

    I love love love Aquarelle and Manhattan Wedding Invitations.

  233. lovemelauren

    Could there be a better giveaway? I think NOT!

  234. hollyt

    I love the art on the ‘destination wedding invitations’

  235. chemekimmi

    I love headline!!

  236. chemekimmi

    tweeted the giveaway. my twitter name is @chemekimmi

  237. jrf7150

    I love the Alannah in light aqua!

  238. I love the YOU & ME invitation by Oscar+Emma Design. Really, I love a lot of the invitation designs, but that one, in saffron yellow, is my favorite. It would be an absolute dream to win a set of those invitations!

  239. farflungsguy

    My Fiancee loves the YOU & ME by Oscar+Emma Design. She loves browsing through hundreds of designs to find the one that will perfectly capture our special day together. I love whatever makes her happy. Saffron Yellow would be great! Please pick us!

  240. how can one pick? i love so many! paige’s firefly design stole my heart from the first sight of it! but, i’m also loving the Leyton from dauphine!

  241. ok, twitter…make this a win for team Giles/Kemper! tweeted @lke_jennifer

  242. Ahhh!! This is awesome.
    I love the Destination Isla set in sea/olive! =)

  243. elciszek

    We absolutely love the Fall Carving Wedding Invitations- they would be perfect for our September 2011 wedding in Maine…this would mean so much to us and would be a great way to communicate with our friends and family about our special day!!!

  244. lonelymartyr78

    I like the “formalities” style or “winter flourish.” And I’m definitely getting married! I proposed to my fiance on April 3rd, and we’re getting married on September 3rd of this year! We’re pretty excited. It’s been a few years in coming, but here we go!!!

  245. elissacampbell

    I love “Block Print Waves” in tropical blue.

  246. Kirsty

    I quite like “The Happy Couple”. Such an apt name as well!

  247. Kelsey

    Told my Tweeps about the Giveaway:

    Crossing my fingers to win Destination Wedding, Just Married or Better Together invites!

  248. woodlf

    There are many designs that I would be very happy with. My favorite is the Hitched design

  249. meganmettee

    Hard to choose, they are all fabulous! I like the Midnight Vineyard Wedding invites =)

  250. Jerry

    I really love Journey Together. It’s so fitting for my fiancee and me!

  251. ginak

    Oh, and I tweeted and facebooked this, so please enter me again! Thanks.

  252. ChippyBride

    Can you fall in love with an invite? Yes! I would say “I Do” to the Courtney invite by Wiley Valentine. It’s the perfect marriage of traditional (for my MIL) and a simple modern monogram that toasts me and my police officer to be groom!

  253. peachydee

    I’m a sucker for paisley, so the “Paisley” invites by Elum are like heaven to me (and they match the groom’s tie!)

  254. xmradio2320

    I adore Midnight Vineyard and it matches my wedding colors and design perfectly!! It’s like they designed it with me in mind.

  255. xmradio2320

    I posted the link on Facebook for what it’s worth.

  256. Pearl

    Fell for fall carving!

  257. ParisGirl

    I am swooning over the β€œUnder The Stars Wedding Invitations” We are getting married outside under the stars and the vintage romantic feel is perfect for us! So excited at this opportunity, they are soooo lovely.

  258. ParisGirl

    I just re-tweeted! Still in Love with the “Under the Stars Wedding Invitations” perfect for an outdoor vintage inspired wedding

  259. swimette

    Too many designs to choose from. I love the simplicity of Modern Tweed

  260. SKeenan76

    UM WOW! This is amazing!!!! AND way too hard to pick just one right now! πŸ˜‰
    French Vintage by annie clark, Sloane by Dauphine, Grace by WIley Valentine, and Summer’s Eve by pottsdesign are just a few that I saw…
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  261. seattlemeg

    I love the Manele Wedding Invitations the green with the black border would match our colors perfectly. Amazing give away, thanks!

  262. seattlemeg

    and I tweeted: Comment with your fave for a chance to win the wedding invite suite of your dreams {via Minted}

  263. hippyjenny

    I love the Barcelona invites!

  264. clsmith

    I *love* the Fireflies set in Lobelia. We are marrying in a vineyard and the fireflies after sunset are amazing !

  265. sarah

    Barcelona is my fav. It’s bold in a classy way.

  266. Kudos

    I’m blown away by the Botanical English Garden, Botanical Bijoux, Garland and Fireflies invites. It’s a hard call, since we’re getting married in a beautiful garden with lots of twinkle lights. I think my favorite is Fireflies, though, since I love the mason jar design.

  267. cbrehob

    I love the Regatta Wedding Invitiations! It would fit perfectly with my wedding in the Bahamas. I also love all of the accessories-envelope liners, backers, etc! Great work!

  268. jrhamma

    I like the Fireflies set best.

  269. Mandy

    I just love the Headline Wedding Invitations by Elum. The invitation design is simply perfect for our wedding.

  270. Jason

    I like the style of the Headline Invitations by Elum in the black and seamist color combination.

  271. Mandy

    Just posted a thread about the giveaway on the Project Wedding Forum so here is my second entry. I still adore the Headline Invitations designed by Elum!

  272. NIKKInicolee

    I looove the COCKTAIL HOUR Wedding Invitations
    by Ariel Rutland! πŸ™‚ The purple would be perfect for our wedding!

  273. krisi14

    Although 99.99% (all 411) of these invitations are awesome in some way or another, I must admit…I fell in love with the Cocktail Hour invitation set. I have been looking at other invitations for ideas and nothing seemed to catch my eye but as soon as I saw the Cocktail Hour invitation, I knew it would be perfect for our wedding!!! It would be great to win the contest but if we don’t, we will still seriously consider purchasing these. Great job and keep the awesome ideas coming!! xoxoxox

  274. Rachel

    Oh my gosh, I totally can’t decide on a favorite AT ALL, but I guess at this point if I had to choose one it would be Classic Prep. I love so many of the others though!!!

  275. bugandbean

    cocktail hour! thank you!

  276. LeahBeth1

    My fiance and I agree that our favorite design is the “Alannah” invitation by Dauphine. The color combinations work excellently (particularly the warm buttercream/black) and it effortlessly melds the modern with the traditional. It would be perfect for our wedding next May! Thank you so much Minted, and good luck ladies/gents!

  277. shelly2011

    journey together

  278. I love Elegant Flourish by guess what?. It is simple, but elegant and classy. The perfect match for my Paris themed wedding.

  279. Natasha

    The Incredible Minted Invitation Giveaway is now closed and we have one lucky winner: Anastasia Kralovec!! A million congratulations!

  280. jlibersky

    I love the Destination Jet Set. It would be perfect for my upcoming wedding in Old San Juan, PR! If only I had the budget to include these beautiful invitations in my celebration …

  281. Linda Augustin

    I love the smart conversation card with the “I do, me too”. Very cute!

  282. Courtney Lassetter

    I love the dogwood invitations! They are especially good since our family lives in the country and our wedding is outside! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these!