What Mrs. are you?

Have you checked out Mrs. Lilien yet? She does fabulous composites of beautifully designed items.

Are you Mrs. Do Good? Or maybe you’re Mrs. White Hot? I suppose, from time to time, we all wish we were a Mrs. of Leisure. Or if you’re based in our nation’s capital, you’ve faux shore recently been caught up in snow flurries. Or maybe you’re a Mrs. Kitchen gourmande. I’ve always been a bit bookish, so my personal favorite: a Literary Mrs.

The Pictorial Webster--What a great design inspiration resource!

Bonjour Mon Coussin ABC pillow

A gift for a typography lover? Bonjour Mon Coussin's ABC pillow

Penguin Classics new gorgeous covers

The covers of the new Penguin Classics are just stunning

What Mrs. catches your eye and why?

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  1. annie

    i know the sf muni system like the back of my hand, and didn’t get lost once on a recent jaunt to new york – mrs. downtown for me!

  2. Natasha

    Oh my goodness Annie! I can totally see you in that gray dress with a bright colored flat. It’s so you.

  3. Amy E.

    I looked and looked but could not find ‘Mrs Suburbia’. Go figure? So I spoofed it on by blog. Go check out Mrs the Real World. =P

  4. Tori

    Oh I can’t pick just one Mrs- I LOVE THE ALL! And really don’t we all need a little Mrs. Bathtastic, Mrs. ChaCha or Mrs. McNaughty in our lives. 🙂