What font are you?

Hi Minties, What font are you? Try this test from Pentagram (password: character) to find out.

The application was researched by a team of 23 academics over seven years. The four key character questions yield 16 typefaces.

And does your font fit you? I am a Pistilli Roman, which surprised me at first because it’s a touch loud, but it’s really grown on me.

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Amy E.

    Cooper Black Italics for me. Apparently I’m happy with my love handles… Thanks! That was entertaining.

  2. new alphabet – as long as a statement makes sense to me it is immaterial if it doesn’t make sense anyone else!

  3. annie

    so much fun – im archer hairline!

  4. I’m a Pistilli Roman, too. This video cracked me up – genius!

  5. Lesley

    Courier, is my type. Very much enjoyed this, thank you for posting it!

  6. Maria Estigoy

    I’m Archer Hairline just like Annie. This was a great way to take a quick break. Thanks for posting Natasha. I’m loving the interactive blog posts lately.

  7. katherine

    Annie you are soo archer hairline.

    I’m also a new alphabet -\an uncompromising dutch font…exceptionally striking while being totally illegible.\ oy vey!

  8. katherine

    I’ve done some research and discovered that a version of new alphabet was used on an album cover for one of my favorite bands, so now it’s really grown on me. yay typography!

  9. Andrea

    I’m Pistilli Roman too! And I like it 🙂 thanks for sharing, that was a fun resource to use!

  10. stacey

    i am “van doesburg” (very linear with no curves). wish i could’ve been cool enough to get archer hairline. what a fun test! thanks for sharing it.

  11. Amy E.

    now now it’s not what font you are but how you use that font that REALLY matters…

  12. Mariam

    OK, I had to do it too.. I am New Alphabet like Katherine. Apparently, it’s a font that was originally meant for computer screens.

  13. Archer Hairline, and lovin’ it. Did anyone else notice the wooden hand model in the background, and how they had posed its fingers? 😉

  14. Amy E.

    Watch what happens when you make him wait for each answer…

  15. Kerry

    I’m Plastica…love it!

  16. Leila

    I’m Corbusier Stencil, which is funny because I do not like Corbusier at all, but I kind of do like that stencil font!
    Thanks for the link!