“You know you’re addicted to Minted when…”

The other day, I kicked off my morning with a steaming cup of coffee and a leisurely browse through the Minted design forums. For the uninitiated, the forums are pretty bare bones message boards with all sorts of design-y discussions about what fonts to use in upcoming design challenges, stories of how stationery entrepreneurs got their start, and ideas for upcoming design challenges. For the initiated — that is, the designers who participate in Minted Design Challenges and have grown to become fans and friends of Minted and each other — the forums have evolved into a sounding board for ideas, inspirations, constructive feedback, and wry confessions. This fact hit home especially hard when I stumbled across a touchingly sweet and hilarious forum discussion, started by mom and designer extraordinaire Nam Bourassa, also known as Gakemi Art + Design. Designers, we <3 you. And Nam, a big thanks for starting this discussion and graciously allowing us to re-post it here:

Minted design moms, you know you’re addicted to Minted when…

1. During the challenge, you check the critique design page every hour to see what designers have submitted.

2. You spend hours looking through design magazines, bookstores, the library and the internet for ideas.

3. You can’t wait to get your kids to sleep, and when you finally get the chance, you will design ’til dawn.

4. You get so excited when you get an e-mail from Minted notifying you that “a new comment has been left for you.”

5. The house is a mess, with toys everywhere and dirty dishes.

6. You breastfeed your infant while working on your laptop/computer.

7. The TV and DVD Player are your best friends.

8. An hour before the hubby gets home from work, you quickly jump up to do dishes, prep dinner, tidy up the toys, vacuum and do laundry — just to make it look like you’ve been slaving away all day instead of creating designs for Minted.

9. When the design submission period is over, you make last minute changes right before it goes into voting.

10. Your blood pressure rises when the scores go public.

11. When the winners and Editor’s picks are announced, and designs that you think are not so great get picked, you wonder “Why? How? What???” and go through Minted withdrawal.

12. When you do get picked, you dread giving Minted the originals because you have spent hours editing the design until it’s perfect.

13. You’re back to the same routine until the next challenge is launched.

Design Moms and non-moms alike — please feel free to add to the list. You can see the original discussion and check out the forums here.

Find more of Katherine on her blog.

  1. Erin

    hahahah!!! That is so me! I was totally laughing and I am so glad that I am not alone…

  2. Kellie

    I must say it’s great to not feel alone! Phew! 😉

  3. Brandy

    I’ve definately shared in many of those experiences & feelings. I found this forum piece to be both uplifting & hilarious! Viva la Minted competitions!

  4. Kellie

    Hilarious and sadly, so true. I also have a compulsion to checking “submit design” to see if a new challenge has been posted and I just missed the email.

  5. Amy E.

    What email? Tell me. Did I miss something!?

  6. Katherine

    I think Kellie means the community email-blast we send out to announce the launch of a new challenge.

  7. Erin

    it’s funny because it’s true!

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