I’ve been out in Park City for the ALTitude Design Summit and for Sundance so I have great design and movies on the mind. I just happened across an incredible website that is in my mind a virtual goldmine of inspiration for font and composition ideas… not to mention a great resource for your Netflix queue.

Even the films “Ends” have a lot to teach us!

Find more of Natasha on her blog.

  1. Amy E.

    LOL. You just had throw in the one with the rear end. What font and composition ideas am I suppose to get from that. Hmm..

  2. Karen Glenn

    Hey Natasha–you’re in my neck of the woods! Are you going to get in any skiing?

    • Natasha

      Hi Karen! Next time I’m in Park City, we absolutely have to meet up! I did get in two days of skiing… the powder was glorious on Jupiter (Park City Moutain Resort) on Saturday. xoxo