Skinny labels that make a big impression

If you haven’t gotten a hold of these labels yet, you’re in for a treat.

a fun little gift unto itself

Seriously convenient and irresistibly stylish

Our new skinny-wrap™ address labels merge functionality and elegance in a unique format that has everyone at Minted swooning.  I’m personally a sucker for anything that is both beautiful and functional, so I love how these labels convey information, while feeling unexpected, bold, and polished.

They’re versatile too. Use them to tie up goody bags or place one on the inside of your sketchbook or planner in case it’s ever misplaced. Pop one on your child’s calculator or ipod, or place one over your lunch box so your coworkers leave your sandwich alone. The options are endless.

How would you use your skinny-wrap™ label?

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  1. Donna

    I would use my skinny wrap label during the Holidaze… children snoop before Christmas, and these would allow me to wrap all of the gifts and attach a skinny wrap label underneath in an inconspicuous place on the package. Then, I would have an easier time figuring out what goes to who when I am getting ready for the big Holiday! I have had to unwrap and rewrap, just to find out what goes to who, before I arrange and finish the final package decor. Has this happened to you too?
    Have a Wonderful Holiday!