The Real Simple Reader Etiquette Poll

7,000 of Real Simple‘s readers voted in their October issue’s Etiquette Poll, which did a great job of getting at the fact that, like everything in life, etiquette evolves over time. We find sticky social situations really stressful, so these findings were extremely reassuring. Lots of the questions involved stationery and invitations. And some of the results were relevant to our current celebration design challenge with Real Simple, as well as other recent challenges. Here are a few of our favorite, stationery-related, emerging-social norms (linked to corresponding Minted products):

If You Receive a Birth Announcement, Do You Have to Send a Gift?
No, only if you’re good friends with the couple: 73.9%
Yes, every time: 21%
Never: 5.1%

Do You Always Have to Bring a Hostess Gift When You’re Invited to Someone’s House for Dinner?
Of course: 49.7%
No, just follow up with a thank-you note: 33%
Only if it’s a fancy dinner: 17.3%

If You’re Invited to a Birthday Dinner With a Large Group, Do You Expect the Organizer to Pick Up the Check?
The whole group should split the bill: 78.6%
He or she should, of course: 21.4%

Your Significant Other Is Left Off a Wedding Invitation. What Do You Do?
Bring it up directly with the bride: 46.6%
Say nothing and attend the wedding solo: 44.3%
Return the RSVP with your significant other’s name written in: 9.2%

Do You Need to Write a Thank-you Note if You Opened the Gift in Front of the Giver?
Of course. Every gift deserves a note: 59.7% **We couldn’t agree more!**
No. A heartfelt “Thank you” in person is fine: 36.2%
It depends on how nice the gift is: 4.0%

How Should You Seat Guests at a Dinner Party?
Let them pick their own seats: 54.6%
Boy, girl, boy, girl: 28.8%
No married couples together: 16.6%

Bottom line: In all of the above situations, you can never go wrong with a hand-written note… and luckily Minted has some great new personalized stationery.

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