A Few of my Favorite (Type-Related) Things

My love for typography is no secret. I like to impress (torture) my friends and loved ones by identifying fonts in movie credits, billboards and print ads. Did you know Woody Allen always uses EF Windsor for his film credits and that the new Tonight Show With Conan O’brien opted for Neutra Face for their logo? Admit it, you’re pretty impressed. I know I’m not alone here so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite type things:
The Rather Difficult Font Game

The Rather Difficult Font Game

Some people play solitaire on their computer, I play the Rather Difficult Font Game on ilovetypography.com. And they’re not lying — it’s really hard. Can you name a typeface by only an ampersand? I’ve challenged Koshi several times to a font identification challenge but he has yet to accept.


This documentary is a typophile’s dream. Massimo Vignelli, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher are all in this film – what more could a design obsessed gal want? It more than a movie about a font, it’s about the history of graphic design.


Ampersand T-Shirt by House Industries
Not only does the team at House Industries produce amazing typefaces (who isn’t obsessed with Neutra Face right now?) but they make t-shirts to outfit every type obsessed boy and girl.


Upper Case “R” in Hellenic Wide

Favorite font? Pssshhh, true connoisseurs of type have favorite letters. For me the R in Hellenic Wide does it for me. The slab serif, the perfect curve in the leg. This letter makes me wish my name started with an R.

I know the Minted community is equally type obsessed. What are your favorite letters, any current font crushes, and Koshi if you’re ever up for a font identification challenge, well you know where I sit.

  1. Koshi

    OH, It’s on.

  2. I’m the same way! We watched that cheesy movie “Obsessed” last weekend (with Beyonce) and the only thing I can tell you about the entire movie was the beginning & ending credits were all in Mrs. Eaves (small caps & italics), my all time favorite font. Freaky, I know.

  3. BethP

    Love this, Annie! I just knew that was some Neutraface on Conan! I go through fonts like music – for a while I’m obsessed with one song and then get a little sick of it because I play it over and over. Some fonts can get a little overplayed too, but there are a few that I always go back to. Engravers is one of my favorites.

  4. Chipotle

    My lust for Comic Sans has no bounds.

  5. annie

    So glad to see I’m not alone with my crazy font love – I knew my fellow Minters would be just as obsessed!

  6. Tracey

    Great post Annie! I am always on the hunt for some great looking, well-designed type faces. Does anyone have any favorite blogs or sites that you can recommend?

  7. AndresM

    Good post annie! I think typography love should be shared by more people. Whenever I think of Hellenic Wide, I think of Annie Clark! I agree with Beth P. Thanks to Koshi, Lubalin Graph is my current fav song.

  8. Kelli

    Great post Annie! you are a masterful artist with Hellenic Wide. I particularly love the way you’ve used it in your ‘hip new year’. The gotham text below the year…it takes on a whole new quality as a result of being paired with such a wide font.

    for me, my favorite font character: (sigh)… is the ampersand in Big Caslon (the one in the glyph palette). I always look for reasons to use this bad boy.

    my most ego squashing font game: http://cheeseorfont.mogrify.org/play