Abby picks her favorite design

Right on the heels of announcing our Seasonal Save the Date Challenge winners, we wanted to know just how Abby Larson of famed wedding blog Style Me Pretty arrived at her tough decision—which also happened to be the very same design chosen by our community. Coincidence? We think not.

minted: What is the most important thing about a save the date to you?
abby: A save the date is the first opportunity you have to give your guests a taste for what’s to come. It’s a chance to let your personalities shine through and your charm to take center stage. I love save the dates that are all about the couple, that speak to the kind of people they are, and the kind of event that they are going to host. It should be a sneak peek of what’s to come!

minted: Seeing so many save the dates as a full-time wedding blogger, what stands out to you?
abby: Well, I am sucker for anything engraved on dark paper or letterpressed on to the thickest cotton money can buy. But, that isn’t always the most practical. So, those that stand out to me are Save the Dates that make me smile. Save the dates that give me a little window into the couple’s personality. Of course, a couple that has style and chooses a chic design is even more exciting, but all in all, I think that Save the Dates are the best when they come from the heart.

minted: Do you think it’s imperative that a save the date coordinate with the themes and motifs of the wedding to come? And how important is seasonality to you?
abby: I think that it’s moderately important. I do like to see designs that fit in with the greater theme of your wedding as a whole. For example, I wouldn’t want to see a really traditional save the date for a more modern couple hosting their wedding in an art gallery. Or a really modern save the date for a couple having their affair in a rose garden. Think of it this way…the save the date is the first chance you get to surprise and wow your guests. It’s the first chance for your wedding brand to really come out. Take the opportunity and run with it!

minted: How did you narrow down your final picks? Was there anything that they all had in common?
abby: Style. I usually put style above anything else. Then, I narrowed it down to those with charm and personality. It was incredibly hard, as there are SO many good ones. But in the end, I just chose three that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Those that I always looked at more than once.

minted: What were your three favorites and why?
abby: Fall Carving by Amanda O’Rourke . It’s ALL charm. It’s completely adorable and easy to love.

Fracas by Sarah Lenger. It’s simply awesome. I have this thing for bright graphic patterns and this one satisfies my new obsession.

Fracas Save the Date Cards

Winter Flourish by Annie Clark. It’s the perfect combination of the two. It’s charming and lovely, while still being incredible graphic and eye catching. Plus, it reminds me a little bit of the line of wedding invitations that I designed, Abby Jean. Which just makes me happy.


minted: How did you finally decide on your final choice?
abby: Well, it all came down to my own personal style. Style Me Pretty readers actually really loved Fall Carving, far and away the winner. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal style and taste. It’s what I preach on Style Me Pretty and it’s the method that I used to narrow down my many save the date loves. Winter Flourish is SO me. That was the kicker!

minted: What do you like about the design?
abby: It’s romantic, it’s style-savvy, it’s timeless. It’s modern in color and composition and yet it’s traditional at the same time, using a classic calligraphy font. It’s perfection!

minted: Do you think it could be formulated into a full wedding suite?
abby: Abso-stinkin-lutely! It would be spectacular as a complete wedding suite and would be even more impressive as a letterpress design. Totally in love with this one.

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