Abby picks her favorite design

Right on the heels of announcing our Seasonal Save the Date Challenge winners, we wanted to know just how Abby Larson of famed wedding blog Style Me Pretty arrived at her tough decision—which also happened to be the very same design chosen by our community. Coincidence? We think not.

minted: What is the most important thing about a save the date to you?
abby: A save the date is the first opportunity you have to give your guests a taste for what’s to come. It’s a chance to let your personalities shine through and your charm to take center stage. I love save the dates that are all about the couple, that speak to the kind of people they are, and the kind of event that they are going to host. It should be a sneak peek of what’s to come!

minted: Seeing so many save the dates as a full-time wedding blogger, what stands out to you?
abby: Well, I am sucker for anything engraved on dark paper or letterpressed on to the thickest cotton money can buy. But, that isn’t always the most practical. So, those that stand out to me are Save the Dates that make me smile. Save the dates that give me a little window into the couple’s personality. Of course, a couple that has style and chooses a chic design is even more exciting, but all in all, I think that Save the Dates are the best when they come from the heart.

minted: Do you think it’s imperative that a save the date coordinate with the themes and motifs of the wedding to come? And how important is seasonality to you?
abby: I think that it’s moderately important. I do like to see designs that fit in with the greater theme of your wedding as a whole. For example, I wouldn’t want to see a really traditional save the date for a more modern couple hosting their wedding in an art gallery. Or a really modern save the date for a couple having their affair in a rose garden. Think of it this way…the save the date is the first chance you get to surprise and wow your guests. It’s the first chance for your wedding brand to really come out. Take the opportunity and run with it!

minted: How did you narrow down your final picks? Was there anything that they all had in common?
abby: Style. I usually put style above anything else. Then, I narrowed it down to those with charm and personality. It was incredibly hard, as there are SO many good ones. But in the end, I just chose three that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Those that I always looked at more than once.

minted: What were your three favorites and why?
abby: Fall Carving by Amanda O’Rourke . It’s ALL charm. It’s completely adorable and easy to love.

Fracas by Sarah Lenger. It’s simply awesome. I have this thing for bright graphic patterns and this one satisfies my new obsession.

Fracas Save the Date Cards

Winter Flourish by Annie Clark. It’s the perfect combination of the two. It’s charming and lovely, while still being incredible graphic and eye catching. Plus, it reminds me a little bit of the line of wedding invitations that I designed, Abby Jean. Which just makes me happy.


minted: How did you finally decide on your final choice?
abby: Well, it all came down to my own personal style. Style Me Pretty readers actually really loved Fall Carving, far and away the winner. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal style and taste. It’s what I preach on Style Me Pretty and it’s the method that I used to narrow down my many save the date loves. Winter Flourish is SO me. That was the kicker!

minted: What do you like about the design?
abby: It’s romantic, it’s style-savvy, it’s timeless. It’s modern in color and composition and yet it’s traditional at the same time, using a classic calligraphy font. It’s perfection!

minted: Do you think it could be formulated into a full wedding suite?
abby: Abso-stinkin-lutely! It would be spectacular as a complete wedding suite and would be even more impressive as a letterpress design. Totally in love with this one.


Minted on Style Me Pretty

Not sure if our talented designers have noticed, but Abby at Style Me Pretty featured several of her favorite designs in Minted’s Seasonal Save the Date Card challenge at and asked her readers for their opinion. She has exquisite taste – I love her choices, and it was interesting to see the comments her readers left. We’ll find out her top choice soon… can’t wait!

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Thoughts from our seasonal save the date couples

It’s always interesting to hear what the inspirations behind our competitions actually pick for their cards. Here are some real-time responses from our Style Me Pretty couples on what save the date cards they’re thinking about using for their upcoming nuptials.

Brittany: “We have loved watching the designs come in, some of them are GORGEOUS and all of them are fun!” My favorite is Green Butterfly by Pretty {much} Art.

I love the font, and the butterfly on the front…and I like that it is all one color. If I had to change one thing about it, I would hope that if it gets picked up to be sold by , that it could be possible to offer it in a variety of colors. Our wedding colors are in the purple family, and the original green color wouldn’t be my first choice.

(Not to worry, Brittany—all of our cards are always fully customizable and can be made in any color under the sun. All you have to do is get in touch with one of our customer associates by emailing or calling 1-888-828-MINT / 1-415-466-2090 )

Victoria: Our top choices were: Fields by Kerry Doyle. fields Save the Date Cards

Organic typography by Rachael Schendel. Organic Typography Save the Date Save the Date Cards

Penguins by Potts Design. a href=

Boardwalk Stencil by Alex Elko Design.

Victoria: We agreed on all of these.  The main colors for our wedding are black and white so it is hard to find a save the date in those colors that isn’t too serious/harsh.  We actually like the idea of a total departure from the wedding colors for the save the dates. Seasonality wasn’t super important to us but we liked the subtle play on winter some of the designers came up with like the Penguins and the smitten save the date by sweet street gals.
smitten Save the Date Cards

Nicole: Baroque Save the Dates by Amy Fontes Graphic Design.

Baroque Save the Date Cards

We both like the detailed designs and texture that she included. We also really liked Falling Leaves by Pottsdesign.Under a Canopy of Falling Leaves Save the Date Cards

I thought the artistry is excellent. I would actually prefer something a little more light colored. I also like Simply Save the Date by lehan, but haven’t asked Thomas about it yet… But once again the understated detail, artistry and light colors really caught my eye.

Hannah: MY personal favorite pick for our wedding is the Blossom Save the Date by Kerry Doyle.

blossom Save the Date Cards

Our colors are (as of now) black & white with spring green accents, and I absolutely love the contrast of the bright green against the bright white. I also love the fonts she chose, I think they are perfect for our level of formality and our personalities!

My fiance disagrees! He thinks it’s way too floral and feminine for his tastes. 🙁  Our runner-up (that we can both agree on) is the English Garden by Push Papers.

Although I also love the Flourishing by Susan Schneider. Flourishing Save the Date Cards

(Hannah, you can always pick a super girly invite for  your shower! We can easily make any of these save the dates into bridal shower invitations.)


Minted Launches Personal Stationery Design Challenge With Celebrity Interior Designers

Minted Launches Personal Stationery Design Challenge With Celebrity Interior Designers. Minted recruits three of the country’s most renowned interior designers­ Martha Angus, Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, and Jay Jeffers ­ as inspiration for and judges in their first-ever personalized stationery design challenge.

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Minted Unveils Winners From the 2009 Holiday Photo Card Design Challenge

Minted Unveils Winners From the 2009 Holiday Photo Card Design Challenge Minted has announced the winners of its 2009 Holiday Photo Card Design Challenge, its biggest design competition yet. 651 designs were entered, 50,000 votes were cast, and over $8,000 was awarded in prizes. The winning holiday photo cards are now available on Minted.

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Moving Announcements now for sale

25 innovative moving announcements from The Home Sweet Home Moving Announcement Challenge have just gone up for sale! Here are some of the ones we can’t stop gushing about.

Mariam: I love the architectural line drawing feel of Lot by marabou designs, plus it looks a bit like my neighborhood.

Ellen: When I move into my dream home with a huge yard I’m going to order The Grass is Greener by sweet tree studio.

The Grass is Greener

Kim: I love Float Paperie‘s Float + Modkey. It’s simple, clean, eye-catching, and retro all at once!

Float + Modkey

Allison: I always adore Float Paperie‘s use of typography, and it’s showcased well in float + taking off.

float + taking off

Annie: I love the vintage rustic feeling of Mandy Gordon‘s home tweet home. Her pattern work is fantastic.

Home Tweet Home Moving Announcements

Natasha: I actually just signed the lease on a new apartment with my fiance so I am going to order Tied by marabou design, but I’m going to take advantage of Minted’s fully customizable options and do it in a sage green to match the walls of the dining room in our new place. I’ll make the caption “we tied the knot.” Then I’ll have a bridesmaid drop them all in the mail when we leave on our honeymoon. It’s a wedding and moving announcement in one!

Tied Moving Announcements


Cheree Berry in Martha Stewart Weddings

We couldn’t take our eyes off the pages of Minted brand Cheree Berry’s red and aqua wedding featured in Martha Stewart’s Summer 2009 edition. Cheree nicely gave Minted a shout-out today in Martha Stewart’s “The Bride’s Guide” blog. I just love the idea of Minted personalized wedding stationery for a bridesmaid gift–so much in fact I may have to steal it for my own upcoming wedding! Pair it with an engraved letter opener and it’s a worthy gesture of thanks for any bend over backwards attendant. Thank you Cheree and a million congratulations on your letter-perfect wedding!

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Help Abby at Style Me Pretty decide!

Our Seasonal Save the Date guest judge Abby Larson is trying to pick her favorite entry. Help her narrow down her list of favorites by weighing in on her infamous Style Me Pretty blog.

And make sure, if you haven’t already, to vote before it’s too late in our seasonal save the date challenge.


Holiday Challenge winners announced!

Thank you to each and every designer who participated in Minted’s 2009 Holiday Card Competition – we were awed by the collective talent displayed in this challenge. Over 50,000 votes were tallied to decide on the winners – in the end, these 3 designs prevailed by a close margin to win in their respective categories:

a white christmas by day design – 1st prize, $1000, Full Bleed Photo
Candy Tree by Gleaux – 1st prize, $1000, Fresh Take on a Classic
bold reflection by kelli hall – 1st prize, $1000, Mulitple Photo category

Also placing in the top 10 designs overall were:
joy by Carrie Eckhert
organic ornament by kelli hall
Sweet Snow by Candice Leigh
Feliz Navidad by Sarah Lenger
sweet memories by pottsdesign
Red Ribbon Happiness by Cococello
footsteps in the snow by Oscar+Emma design

Congratulations to these designers for their vision and hard work. We wanted to add that the Minted staff had a very difficult time deciding on our ‘editors’ picks’ and will likely be adding more editors’ picks to those already selected. As this—our biggest competition yet—wraps, we sit down with a few members of Minted’s staff to hear their perspective on the designs submitted..

1. What card do you think will be most popular this holiday season and why?

Allison: White christmas by day design.

It’s eye catching, yet has subtle type and design qualities. It will let almost any photo shine.

Mariam: I second White Christmas. I think that photography aficionados will enjoy displaying a large photograph on the front of their card, while the snowflakes add an elegant but modern touch to the card.  This design that epitomizes the Minted customer.

Annie: Sweet Memories by PottsDesign.

Emily’s design doesn’t over power the photograph, which I think is the most important factor in a successful holiday card. The design has just enough winter spirit without being too over-the-top to have mass appeal.

Natasha: Snowflake Music Holiday Photo Cards by Koshi.

Why not just let the photo and the beautiful font do all the work? This design feels very luxe to me.

Koshi: Oh Christmas Stripes by Stacey Day:

I’m not one for the typical Christmas symbols, but her tree evokes an architectural quality fit for any Frank Lloyd Wright mantle.

2. Of the hundreds of cards submitted, what is your favorite holiday card and why?

Allison: Organic ornament, by kelli hall.

I love the simplicity of the illustration and her color palette is right up my alley! It’s a fresh design, and that’s what Minted is all about!

Annie: So many to choose from! It’s a tie between Kelli Hall’s Winter Chic and Alex Elko’s Peace Love and Bop.

At first the designs seems so effortless, but then you realize the care and attention to detail that goes into creating such flawless compositions.

Natasha: Sweet Tooth by Oscar+Emma Design

It strikes the perfect balance between cute and classy. The colors are very current and I like mixing a bright holiday red with a winter blue.

Mariam: I love Citrus Snowflakes by Gleaux.

This artist’s vision is very unique and very detail obsessed.  She communicates both vintage and modern clearly and successfully in this design, which I think is hard to do, and the vintage elements add appropriate seasonal warmth.

Koshi: This is like asking me which pair of sneakers I like most (I own an obscene number of sneakers). It’s nearly impossible to pick just a single one, but I’m partial to Emily Potts’ Sweet Memories:

It’s a simple design with intricate details and great typography. It’s also not red and green, yet it still evokes the season

3. What card is leading your list to send out personally this year and why?

Mariam: Classic Ribbon Stripes by Emily Ranneby.

I love the restrained, modern classical style of Emily’s designs.  What I love about this design is that it incorporates holiday red, but allows a photograph to really take center stage.

Koshi: I like Precious Bugarin Design’s Modern Geometric because it’s so starkly modern it could easily be an announcement for a gallery opening:

Reminiscent of Design Within Reach’s iconic logo, this design not only uses one of my favorite typefaces, News Gothic, but it’s also so clean it almost impossible for me not to love. It’s almost as if I had designed this one for myself.

Allison: I would first send my own Peace, Love and Presents.

However, if I were to send out any other photo card I would chose either organic ornament, or simple bulbs by kelli hall.

Natasha: I’m a little biased because Erika did my wedding invites, but I love the sophistication of Warm Berries by Gleaux:

Annie: If I wasn’t going to send out one of my own designs, I’d use Retro Holiday Holiday Photo Card by Baumbirdy.

I’m a sucker for anything mid-century modern inspired, and I have a perfect old family photo (ugly Christmas sweaters and all) that would look great with this retro holiday card.


Congrats to the Minted 2009 Holiday Photo Card Design Challenge Winners

Natasha’s posting more about this on Monday, but after a flurry of activity and excitement at Minted yesterday we are excited to announce the winners of the Minted 2009 Holiday Photo Card challenge at  This was a very tough design challenge in which we received over 650 entries and 50,000 votes.  There were many designs that came close to winning, and I’m just sorry we can’t give more designs a ‘top 10’ recognition.  In the meantime, congratulations to the 3 first prize winners – Day Design, Gleaux, and Kelli Hall  – for their unique and winning vision!

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