Modern Baby Shower Invitations Design Challenge Winners

We asked for a new spin on an age old party and we saw designers raise the bar on creativity in the category. Clean, bold typography and delightful illustrations have, again, produced more designs that would look as at home hanging in a frame as they will on your fridge.

sweet tree studio and kelli hall continued to dominate with their strong aesthetic, attention to detail, and whimsical take on classic themes. Jennifer Postorino mints her first win with an artistic type-based illustration. Emily Potts continues to catch the eyes of our users, this time leveraging the mighty cupcake with her knack for clean type, great color choice, and fun illustration.

The runners up were not far behind our winners and their designs were unsurprisingly popular. Katie Beth Shirley, underthewire, Maddy Susser, and the sweetstreetgals entertained us with their twist on the challenge and filled out the top ten.

The editors, just like in every challenge before it, were overwhelmed with the submissions and had a difficult time trying to pick designs for the minted collection. You’ll notice a few familiar faces Emily Ranneby, Annie Clark, Andres Montaño, and Lori James of Guess What?. They continue to lead our community with great design work and commentary to nurture our new designers. Congratulations to one of our most prolific designers, b. brown, all that hard work has paid off, welcome and congratulations on getting minted!

To the rest of the designers, there is opportunity around every corner. Our Party of the Year Invitation Design Challenge is still open for submissions until this Sunday April 26, 2009, make sure you get your designs in for voting and good luck!

The 2009 Modern Baby Shower Invitation Design Challenge Winners

onsie whimsy

Cheery Frock

baby giraffe



Whale Tale

Some Bunny's Having a Baby!

citrus celebration

Whooo's Invited

little muffin

Editors Pick’s

Addition – B. Brown
Conveyance – B. Brown
Hail – B. Brown
Soon – B. Brown
Baby Bib – Mandy Gordon
Baby Rock – Andres Montano
Baby’s Love Design – Andres Montano
Baby Silhouette – pottsdesign
Classic Stripes and Sprouts – Emily Ranneby
Spring Sprouts and the Birdie – Emily Ranneby
Ducky – Kerry Doyle
Elegant Rattle – Pen + Parchment
Floral Wreath – Annie Clark
Just Dotty – Andrea S.
Marrakesh – Beth Perry Design
Mod Mobile – Sweet Tree Studio
Nifty Nursery – Sweet Tree Studio
Mod Nursery – Guess What?
Party at My Crib – Sweet Street Gals
Punctuation – Jody Wody
Showering Baby Icons – Maddy Susser
Simply Mobile – Asa Ranneby
Soft Blocks – Kelli Hall
Stitched Flowers – Kelli Hall

Congratulations on getting minted.

Find more of Jonathan on her blog.

  1. Cindy

    ooh, love these designs! so adorable. especially the Cheery Frock and the Cupcakes cards!!