Holiday Party Invitations

Holiday Party Invitations for Every Kind of Party

Are you the host of this year’s Christmas party? If so, you’ll need a location, decorations, food… and of course, festive Christmas party invitations. Invite friends and family to your holiday party in style with one of our unique and customizable invitations. And don’t forget, holiday parties aren’t only for October through December – there are holidays all year round. Throw a Valentine’s Day party in February, a St. Patrick’s Day party in March, an Easter party in April, or an Independence Day party in July. Whether you’re planning a chill kickback, an elegant soirée, or a bar night, we have luxe party invitations to match your event.

Holiday Party Ideas

If you’ve taken on the role of host, you have to start brainstorming your holiday party. Keep in mind that some holidays come with certain expectations while others are more flexible. For example, for a Thanksgiving party guests will be expecting a large Thanksgiving dinner (with desserts!). On the other hand, a Valentine’s Day party could be anything from a kickback at a bowling alley to a large cocktail party. For inspiration, here is a list of some of our favorite party ideas, all especially relevant to Christmas and the winter holiday season.

  • Have a fun karaoke night with small bites and drinks, and let your guests sing their hearts out.
  • Throw a crafting party. This could entail making gingerbread houses, decorating ornaments, or baking cookies. This kind of party is especially good if young children will be attending.
  • Do a gift exchange party. This might entail a gift exchange game such as Secret Santa, Secret Snowflake, or White Elephant.
  • Set up a bar in your kitchen or actually go to a bar.
  • Go on an adventure – go ice skating, rollerblading, or walk down a street where the houses have Christmas lights or Halloween decorations.
  • Have a game night. Bring out your favorite board and card games while playing music or a movie in the background.
  • Have a great dinner or lunch. Decide if you want to cook, order a catering service, or reserve a big table at a restaurant.

Designing Your Holiday Party Invitations

Now that you’ve decided to host a holiday party, it’s time to pick out and customize invitation cards. Luckily, Minted has hundreds of invitations with different personalizable options to choose from.

  • Holidays: Minted has party invitations for a wide variety of different holidays:
    • Christmas: What better way to celebrate the holidays than by surrounding yourself with friends and family? December is a great time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while or dedicate special time to those you see every week. We know that Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes, from formal and intimate Christmas Eve dinners to casual and wild Christmas karaoke. If you haven’t picked a theme for your party yet, here are some party theme ideas: The Night Before Christmas, Christmas Movie Dress-up, Christmas Cocktail Celebration, Christmas Carol Karaoke, and Christmas Sweater Party.
      What do you think of when you hear the word “Christmas?” Your mind might jump to anything from Christmas botanicals such as holly and mistletoe to winter attire like sweaters and scarves. That’s one of the beauties of Christmas – it has so many different themes. For all of these reasons, we offer Christmas party invitations of all kinds. Pick Christmas party invitations that feature ornaments, wreaths, gingerbread houses, and more. Choose anything from classic and elegant invitations to chic Christmas Eve cocktail party invitations.
    • New Year: The New Year holiday has many themes: rebirth, renewal, fresh starts, goal setting, self-improvement, time – the list goes on and on. This means there’s also a wide variety of party themes. Ask your guests to wear their best attire to a Bubbles & Bowties nighttime party, wear something colorful and sparkly to a Fireworks themed party, or go back in time with a Masquerade Ball. No matter what you choose, we have the invitations to match. Our invitations feature classic and tasteful New Year colors such as navy, gold, plum, and champagne pink. Upgrade your style into 2020 with a luxurious New Year party invitation. Choose a beautiful party invitation to start off 2020 right!
    • Winter: Filter by Winter holiday party cards to see invitations for all kinds of parties in the holiday season. Whether you’re planning a Christmas housewarming party, a gingerbread house making party, or a festive soirée, we have invitation cards that will set your party up for success.
    • Easter: From classy brunches to lively Easter egg hunts, Minted has Easter party invitations in lovely pastel spring colors.
    • Halloween: Set the tone for the spookiest holiday of the year with the perfect Halloween party invitation. Coming in a variety of Silhouette™ Shapes and styles, we have Halloween invitations that feature pumpkins, black cats, mummies, and more.
    • Lunar New Year: In 2020, Lunar New Year – also known as Chinese New Year – will be on Saturday, January 25th. It will be the year of the rat. Prepare for the Lunar New Year by picking out graceful invitations for your party.
    • St. Patrick’s Day: Many people know St. Patrick’s Day specifically as a day to party. If you decide to take on the responsibility of hosting this year, send a St. Patrick’s Day party invitation a couple weeks in advance so all your friends know where the excitement will be!
    • Thanksgiving: Many people get together with friends and family every year to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, present day Thanksgiving planning usually happens over text and email. Show your guests how much you care by sending physical Thanksgiving invitations this year. Choose from a mixture of invitations in warm autumn colors.
    • Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your significant other! Celebrate the holiday with all of your friends for a fun Valentine’s Day get together. There’s no better way to announce your party than with one of our elegant Valentine’s Day party invitations.
  • Printing Type: Our holiday party invitations come in two different printing types: flat and foil-pressed. Flat holiday party invitations are simple and classic. They allow the beautiful designs, created by our global independent artists, to speak for themselves. While they can work well for any sort of party, flat invitations pair well with less formal parties or parties outside of the holiday season. Foil-pressed holiday party invitations have an extra touch of elegance. Perfect for Christmas parties, New Year parties, or fancy parties, foil-pressed invitations are sure to get your guests excited for your party. We use five luxe foil colors for our foil-pressed invitations: gold, silver, rose gold, glittery gold, and glittery silver.
  • Style: Our holiday party invitation cards come in many styles: Bohemian, Bold Typographic, Chalkboard, Classical, Elegant, Floral & Botanical, Formal, Funny, Hand Draw, Minimalist, Modern, Preppy, Rustic, Rustic/Craft, Simple, Traditional, Vintage, and Whimsical & Funny. Think about what kind of party you’re going to throw and what kind of tone you’re trying to set. Then, choose invitations that will pair well with the style and level of formality of your upcoming party.
  • Matching Decor: Still in the early stages of planning your party, and looking for party decor? Filter by Matching Party Decor to find holiday party invitations with this special feature. Accomplish two things at once by finding coordinated invitations and decorations all in one go.
  • Express Service: Many of our holiday invitations can be ordered with Express Shipping Service in case you waited a little bit too long to place your order. Without receiving a digital proof, your cards will be sent straight to the printer. This service is two days faster and costs $5 less.

What to Write

Choosing what to write on your holiday party invitations may be just as difficult as actually choosing the invitations. The good news is, most of our holiday invitations have set layouts on the front. After looking at the pictured example, you’ll know where you’re going to fill in your party’s date, time, location, etc. Of course, this means you’ll have to have already decided upon all of these factors before completing your invitations. You should also consider these things before ordering your invitations:

  • How many people do you want to invite?
  • How many people might be unavailable?
  • What date do you want everyone to RSVP by?
  • Will your guests need to bring anything specific?
  • What is you party’s dress code, if any?
  • Are guests allowed to bring a +1?

If you have a strict idea of what you want your party to look like, there’s no harm in specifying these details on your invitations. Be clear and succinct to eliminate confusion from your guests.

If you don’t think you’ll have enough space to fit this all on the front of your invitation, don’t worry. Our holiday invitations come with personalizable backers. The backs of your invitations can have photos, text, photos and text, patterns, or just solid colors. Add any additional information to the backs of your invitations to keep the fronts minimal and clean.

Most of the time when you choose a holiday invitation, it will already have some sort of opening. For instance, on a Christmas party invitation the line, “Let’s make it merry: join us for a holiday party!” might be part of the card’s design. However, you might be looking to add a unique line to your invitations. It’s very important to consider your audience and the tone of your party in order to choose an appropriate line. Here are some suggestions based on audience and tone:

  • For a formal dinner party: “You are cordially invited to…”
  • For a cocktail party: “Get ready to mix and mingle…” or “Come toast the holidays…”
  • For any party: “Please join us for…” or “Come celebrate the holiday season…”
  • For a fun get together with friends: “Whether you’ve been naughty or nice…”

After you’ve straightened out the details of your party and decided what to write, you’re ready to go! Customize your holiday party invitations, place your order, and await the arrival of your beautiful invitations.