Graduation Announcements


Graduations are a huge milestone. Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten, high school, or completing their 3rd master’s degree, family and friends will be excited to share in this achievement. Minted is honored to be a part of this special moment by offering the best graduation announcements and invitations in a range of options to match every taste.

It is nice to recognize the sweetness of this moment by reflecting and doing something special. We recommend you think about the graduate’s personality and story as you peruse graduation templates – we are sure that you will quickly find a number that match. Our top two words of guidance: Be Yourself. Graduation announcement cards don’t have to be tied to the school’s colors and emblems. Consider doing something fun, stylish, and creative and make more of a personal statement.

The same can be said for announcement wording. While it is important to include key information, you can make it fun by adding wording that reflects your own personality.

Graduation announcements can also serve double duty as graduation invitations to the ceremony. If you are inviting guests to a personal celebration and want to send a party invitation only, or separately, Minted has specifically designed beautiful graduation party invitations.

Sending grad announcements to those who are unable to attend the ceremony can give them a sense of inclusion in the achievement. And whether your recipients attended or not, our announcements are of exceptional quality and can be kept as a keepsake too.


  • Show off the tassel, the high school senior pictures or both. Customizing your high school graduation announcements with a photo turns your card into a keepsake. If you prefer an announcement without a photo, Minted has dozens of stunning designs that will equally impress.
  • Include key information. It is fun to customize a graduation announcement, but there are a few important pieces of information recipients will be expecting to see. Always include: your full name, the name of the school or program from which you are graduating, the year of the graduation and the date of the graduation. Make sure they are in a place where they will read it, such as the front of the card.
  • Graduation announcements are a great place to share a favorite quote or poem, or even thank those that helped you achieve this milestone. Since key info is often on the front of the card, these details can help fill out the back of the graduation card but it doesn’t have to be this way. Look at the design and use your judgment.
  • Use FREE recipient addressing services. Minted's matching envelope addressing will give you an announcement that's fun to open. Custom graduation announcements, and the matching envelopes, lend an artistic flair to celebrate this milestone for your graduate.
  • Consider creating custom stamps to elevate your graduation announcement or graduation invitation cards. A custom stamp alongside Minted’s FREE recipient addressing will make your announcement a standout.
  • If you are planning to invite guests to celebrate the occasion, make an all in one graduation invitation and announcement! Simply invite your intended guests, and share the details as a part of your announcement.
  • Give gifting options. If you prefer not to receive any, it’s okay to say "please, no gifts" on your graduation announcement cards!