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  • I had a dream last night that everyone was entering holiday themed thank-you card designs for this latest challenge...

    Does anyone else have minted-inspired dreams? Ha - one time I had a dream I got to work with Jennifer Wick on a really big freelance project! How creepy is that Jen? : P

  • You crack me up, Hailey!  Funny you mentioned this topic - I did have a dream a few weeks ago where Allison wrote to me and said that they were unhappy with my profile photo and asked if I would upload a more professional picture! It felt so real when I woke up that I checked my e-mails just to make sure it was a dream.  Are you getting anxious for the big Holiday challenge, Hailey? ; )

  • ahahahaha - I love it Jen. I do that all the time too - it's so funny how a dream feels like a memory sometimes. I have to ask my boyfriend all the time... 'did this happen?'

    Oh boy... between NSS and the Holiday Challenge - I feel like a kid waiting for Santa!!! Are you starting to think up designs - or waiting for the official launch? I almost want to get a head start on some ideas so I don't end up submitting at the last minute. This is my FAV challenge!!!

  • I totally dream about Minted. During the business holiday card challenge, I dreamed of ideas that I had absolutely no time to implement. I knew I was spending too much time obsessing over my designs when they infiltrated my dreams!

  • In my dreams, I'm back in college, it's finals week and I've not gone to class all semester. I have to use the restroom, but it's extremely dirty inside. I fly on planes that have "bendy" middles like double-long buses.

  • haha.. all of these are so funny! I haven't had dream about minted yet... but jen.. your dream about the pic is hilllarious!

  • Tyler, I have that exact same college dream. Or the one where I go to take the final but realize I'm there on the wrong day and the final was yesterday.

  • I actually slept through a final in college. I'd been up late studying the night before and slept right through the TWO alarms I had set. Could have killed my roommates for not getting me up when they heard the alarms going off. It was awful. Thankfully, I had taken two or three classes from that professor, and he  knew how out of character it was. He showed me some grace and let me take it later.

  • Ha - I wonder why we all dream about school so much? In my dreams - I'm almost finished with 'High School 2' - the four years of high school you have to go to AFTER you finish college. In the dream I'm always really annoyed that no one told me about 'High School 2' - and pretty much skip all my classes.

    Leslie - I missed an exam b/c I overslept too! I was up all night studying and flipped when I realized I missed it. Like you I was lucky to have an understanding prof. What a horrible feeling!

  • The other one I have is where I have ONE class that I needed to pass in order to graduate, but of course I fail it, so I have to go back for an extra semester, and then I fail it again and again and again. I think it's always a math class. Shows you how much I like math!

  • It's the math class dream for me, too. I attend the first week or two of the semester and then panick at the end when I realize I've missed most of the classes and assignments and have a gazillion tons to somehow make up.

  • I had a Minted dream recently too! I dreamed that when they announced the winners for Baby Shower challenge, I won 7 or 8 awards, which was interesting since I only submitted 6. When I asked them about it, I was told they were preemptive wins because they knew I'd do such great, award-winning work in the future. Ha! That's a pregnancy dream for ya!

  • These are so fun to read :)

    This is not a dream, but sometimes when I am doing "real life" things (as opposed to designing on the computer) and I mess something up (like adding too much flour to a recipe, or spelling a word wrong in a handwritten note) my mind instantly signals that I should hit <command> Z. If only life were that simple!

  • Oh my gosh, these are all too funny. They made me laugh out loud. I haven't had a minted dream yet but have a recurring school dream as well. I dream that it is mid-semester and I'm stressing because I haven't been to any of my classes yet. I am vaguely aware of the classes I'm taking but don't know where they are or what time.

  • So last night I had a dream that I'd classify as a nightmare....

    In my dream, it was the last day of NSS and also the Minitie Meet up. I volunteered my home to be a meeting spot for anybody that wanted to carpool/travel together to get to NSS. We needed to be there at 2pm, but people didn't start showing up to my place until 1:45, and then one of the people decided they needed to take a shower (???) so I let them use my shower, but by the time they got out it was already 2:30, and the train wasn't leaving until 3:00 and by the time we would have gotten into the city it would have been 4:00 and the show would already have ended. So, ultimately, in my dream, because we were running so late, we ended up missing NSS. I was so upset (in my dream) that I missed my one opportunity to meet everybody, that I decided to take the train into the city anyway (by myself) just so that I could sit, crying, outside of the locked NSS doors, just in case a Mintie was still there.

    I've officially lost my mind.

  • Ha! Jackie, that made me laugh out loud. :)

  • that is so funny Jackie - maybe it's a sign... don't let any Minties shower at your house before NSS...

  • As NSS gets closer - Minted is popping up in my dreams EVERY night. Last night was by far the weirdest. All of the Minties were sitting around tables in this big dining room... introducing themselves and waiting for the last few people to show up. So I went downstairs - which happened to be my apartment, and made sure the bathroom was clean in case anyone needed to use it. (must ave been channeling your dream Jackie). But about twenty minutes later, a Mintie came down and told me a giant, alien cabbage had destroyed the entire dining room and Minties were fleeing in every direction. It was so scary - I was afraid that the massive cabbage might have eaten some of you in the path of his destruction. Needless to say - NSS was over :(

  • BAHAHAHAHA! Not the giant cabbage!!!

    If I dream about cabbage tonight, I know who to blame :) That's hilarious!

  • Hailey! That's hillarious! Were you so inspired by Harry Potter?? LOL

  • hahaha - I can't say it was, I haven't read/watched any harry potter :/