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  • I need some help, Minties : ) Is there a certain file format (jpg, tif, eps, psd) that an image needs to be saved so that I can embed the file in Illustrator?  I've tried saving the image as a jpg, tif and psd, but the "embed image" is greyed out on the Links menu. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I don't think the file format matters. You can embed the image through the links palette. There's a small arrow in the upper corner that gives you the option to embed the selected image. I'm not in front of my computer, but if you can't figure it out, let me know and I'll get the particulars.
  • Hey Jennifer! In your links pallette if it shows a small icon of a square and a triangle next to the image you're wanting to embed, it means that image is already embedded. When you go to place an image theres an option at the bottom of the dialogue box that says "link". If that isn't checked, when you place the image it will be automatically embedded. Hope that makes sense! And if that icon isn't there and "embed" is still greyed out then something else might be up.

  • How strange - I've never had a problem with jpegs or tiffs and never tried a psd. It sounds like Illustrator is just being buggy. Have you tried restarting the program or your computer? You can also sometimes cheat and open the file in photoshop, copy it, then paste it into illustrator. I've done that in the past when it was being stubborn and haven't had any printing problems with the method.

  • Thanks so much, Ann, Eric and Dawn : ) It does show the square/triangle icon next to the link, so I guess it's embedded. I've always sent the image with my files, because the greyed out "embed image" made me think it wasn't working. I knew you guys would know! Thanks : )