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  • For those who have submitted final art print files to minted before, if you are using Illustrator, do you usually make 3 different color folders and within each of those, 6 different files for the different sizes or do you make 1 file with 6 different artboards within that file? Hopefully my explanation even makes sense!

  • Just in case anyone else is wondering about this, Alison answered my question. Set up all as separate files, not as part of the same file. Thanks Alison!
  • Hi,


    How do I get illustrator ? I am a painter and new to this process of scanning or photographing the art work for submission and production.





  • Hi Sarah, if you go to adobe.com, you can purchase individual programs, or you can buy the adobe suite which includes photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc. You can also subscribe to 'the cloud' - which allows you to use any of the adobe programs for a small fee each month. There are also a ton of tutorials available - on adobe, lynda.com and youtube - to help you learn how to use the programs.

    Good luck!!