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  • Anyone in the Socal area interested in having a mintie meetup? I live in OC, which just happens to be in the middle ... Laughing

    Please respond if you're interested and let's start throwing around some ideas for where, when, and what we could do!

  • I am interested! I am in OC too! Glad you started this thread... I've been thinking about this too but wasn't sure how the meet ups typically work. :)

  • I'd be down to meet up too! I live in LA, but can drive to wherever is most convenient. :)

  • Sweet Ollie / Monica ~ there are official meetups that Minted hosts, and unofficial ones like these where we just decide to get together! :)

    I live in Irvine. Do you guys have any ideas on what you'd like to do?

  • Thanks Tanya. I'm in Costa Mesa & work in Irvine. I know there are other Minties out there  - besides the 3 of us - in LA, SD, OC that would probably like to meet up... want to wait a bit to see if this catches anyone else's attention?

  • let's wait, i think i'll also post something on FB

  • Hey, I just saw this! I haven't been trolling around on the forum as much since we started the Facebook group... I'm in Santa Monica, anyone feel like driving closer to here, I could host at our house :-) I think we should post this on the Facebook group. I know Pasty Henspetter is in Glendale, maybe we can get her to join as well. Where in LA are you Eric?

  • I live in Culver City and work in Santa Monica. I'd be down to go wherever. I think Tanya (Frooted Design) did post this on the Facebook page, but no one responded to it. There's got to be some more So Cal people out there.
  • Oh perfect Eric, maybe we can swing the meeting to the Westside then :-) I didn't see Tanya's post on FB and I'm usually pretty 'on' it, must have slipped through the cracks... Maybe one of us should post it again?

  • I commented on the Facebook post so it should hop up to the top of list.
  • Just saw this post! I'm in Santa Monica and would love to meet up :) I'm going to be out of the country during the month of May, but can get together in June or anytime after that!

  • p.s. Hi Eric! I'm friends with Becky (you guys used to work together) - I've met you + J a couple of times. Loving your designs on Minted :)

  • Oh, hey Kelly! I had no idea you were on here! Awesome! You have amazing illustrations!

    I'll friend you on facebook and add you to the minted facebook group if you aren't already part of it. :)

  • Thanks, Eric! Looking forward to getting more involved with the Minted community :)

  • hi Minties -

    Just thought I'd follow up on this and post again in case there are other Minties out there that are interested.

    Thoughts on when and where to meet up?




  • Hi Monica,

    Yes, Simone posted few days ago that actually there will be an Oficial Mintie meeting very soon. We don't know the date ye, but hopefully Minted will let us know the details. :)


  • There is a possibility that it's going to happen at the beginning of October cause I told Mariam that I could host and this was thrown out as a possible time. Nothing confirmed, but it's going to happen soon :-)

  • Ohh I thought it was going to be sometime in August...I hope I can make it :)

  • Yay! Looking forward to it. Thanks for filling me in. :)