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  • I love the changes to the headers and especially the new art print section. Great job as usual, Minted!!

  • agreed! i love the photos showing the art print sizes.

  • LOVE it!! Thanks for keeping MInted so functional and nicely designed. Nice modeling Annie!! :)

  • Love it. Must admit, I am going to have to get used to visiting the new design tab on the left rather than the right but since I am on here so much I don't think it will take me too long, hahaha. I am such a creature of habit.

  • So, I guess this is just like the drop shadow issue?  I cannot click on any sale category - I guess anyone with my type of computer/os cannot shop on Minted right now?

    I can access the menu choices above the shopping choices (obviously, or I wouldn't be here!), but cannot select any item under the sale categories, like art prints, etc.

  • and, if I go to VOTE (rate designs), the only options are 1 through 4...so anyone getting rated right now doesn't stand a chance at getting a 5...

  • The 1-5 ratings are still there if I go to rate designs through the old menus, though - old pull-down menus still exist on the forum page and some other pages.

    Does anyone else have these issues?

  • now, when I clicked on VOTE, the 5 appears, but it is below the 1-4...

  • yes, it looks fabulous, but i am having similar issues to Kim. I cant even click on the sub-options below each catagory to get in and shop. I mangaed to get in to the art prints from one screen, but i cant remeber where i was, so now i cant get back. i cant get to the forum from my design studio page which i have bookmarked because that top menu hasnt changed yet (but art isnt an option there;( )  

    See.. this is why we need a mac book;) Im guessing they are still fixing glitches, but from what i saw in my short time 'inside' it looked great!

  • and I apologize if my comments seem rude and abrupt...rough morning here at the Elam household (and it's only day 1 of spring break...)


  • it's so cool to see some of our art up there! it's displayed really well! thanks, minted! and nice job, annie!

  • On my computer, the rating option on the home page (where you rate one design at a time on the bottom right of the home page) only shows 1-4, no 5 to select.

  • Agreed, the site and new prints look awesome. I noticed some of the prints are not on there but I'm sure they're coming! :) Everyone's work looks beautiful. Great job Minties and Minted.

  • WOO! Very streamlined new look... and LOVING the new art prints! The groupings on the newest blog post are phenomenal. Minted is a full-on lifestyle! :)

  • Kim, I just went to the voting section and can vote 1-5.

    I just noticed when you go to vote, you can no longer see # of likes or even the artist's name/photo... interesting!!

  • I still only see 1-4 as options to vote on the home page (bottom right corner), and still cannot access anything for sale on the site through the  home page.  I have to click on "design" at the top of the home page to get into the forum and old drop down menus.  But the old menus do not include the art prints.

    I'm sure this is related to my older operating system/Internet Explorer, etc., just like with the implementation of the new drop shadows.  But it concerns me, b/c if I can'y access that stuff, I'm sure there are some Minted customers who cannot, as well...hopefully, Minted is now aware of this and can fix it quickly before if affects sales/voting too much. 

  • Everything looks awesome! If you go to your designer profile, you'll see all the normal links up top for rating designs. I think "VOTE" tab on the main page is for customers to go and vote for a few designs at a time. Everything seems to be working on my computer and iPad. Nice work Minted!!
  • LOVE all the new updates!!! :) so exciting and i LOVE the way the art prints look.  SO exciting :) Well done minted. well done.


  • Hi Kim,

    We're so sorry you're having trouble viewing some of the new features and updates. Would you please send a note to designers@minted.com with your operating system and browser information? This is really helpful for us in navigating bugs.

    Thanks so much!


    Alison Michael | Associate Manager, Community Relations | minted.

  • Just sent that email, Alison - hope it helps!  If you need anything else, let me know.  I can't wait to see the new site! :)

  • LOVE! Great updates! I especially like how the sizing is shown... nice work, Annie.
  • My voting badge hasn't been working properly since the switch. The badge shows up but the image of the most recent design is missing. (I'm using it on Wordpress.) Anyone else having this problem?

  • same problem with the voting badge.

  • I'm having the same issue on my tumblr blog. The badge is there, and it links to my most recently submitted design, but there is no image on the badge and the text portion refers to a design from almost a year ago that I submitted in the Birth announcement challenge.

    Also, since I'm posting I wanted to say that I love the new look as well! The art looks fantastic and the images showing the sizing are great :)

    I do have a suggestion for the Boards. While viewing all of the newly launched art prints and the different colorways offered, it occurred to me that it would be great to have the option of adding a specific colorway of an item to our boards. It currently just defaults to the first colorway, which really limits the options available when setting up a Board, from a consumer point of view. I was trying to set one up with ideas for decorating my office/studio but couldn't add the items in the colorways I really wanted to put together. Is this an option that is going to be available in the future?

  • Yes - I use Blogger, and neither my voting badge nor my "I've been Minted" badges are working.  The voting badge doesn't show the image, but has the name of a year-old design next to the "x" and the "I've been Minted" badge shows the correct birth announcement, but the link is broken.

  • Hi Designers,

    We are working on a fix for the voting badge. Thank you so much for alerting us to this problem. We're really glad you are liking the site updates!



    Alison Michael | Associate Manager, Community Relations | minted.

  • Today, I can finally view the new site in all it's glory - yay!!!  Thanks for fixing the bugs for me, Minted!  Still have an issue with the missing "5" in a couple of places...hopefully that will be fixed soon!

    I LOVE the new site organization - brilliant!

  • I really like all the new features, too, Minted. Thanks for the organized update!

    this isn't particular to site functionality, but if I could make one request...would it be possible to have a closing date and time for voting? The last two challenges, I was literally in the midst of casting a vote and the screen just went blank. I also think if I knew when voting would officially close, I would hop to it on getting all my voting completed.

    thanks again for all the new improvements!

  • Thanks for fixing the voting badge!