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  • Hello Minties!

    I think I officially have a mint-addiction! My first challenge to enter was the baby shower one and have been having a blast checking out all of the incredible submissions for that and for the wedding party challenge. Soooo on to the Deck the Office challenge!

    Does anyone know if these submissions will only be made available for corporate purposes? What if someone liked a design and wanted to use it as a personal card? I'm just curious because that would probably have an effect on the way I design a few things. I've been trying to brainstorm this evening, but I must admit it's tough to think about the holidays when it is already 85 degrees here in Oklahoma!



  • Hi Rachel - welcome to Minted :).

    Although the intent of the challenge is corporate holiday cards, I'm sure if a customer wanted to use a design from that category as a personal card, Minted would be able to accomodate.  That said, I wouldn't necessarily change the way you design anything because of that possibility.  There will be another holiday card challenge at a later date that is not specifically for businesses (it hasn't been announced yet, but last year was in May).  For this one I would definitely focus on designing specifically for businesses and set your designs up accordingly. If a customer requests it for a personal card at some point then Minted can make any necessary adjustments at that time.

    Good luck and yes, it's definitely an addiction! :)

  • Thanks Melanie! There are already so many incredible submissions for this contest... scoping them out is putting me in the holiday spirit!