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  • I was lucky enough to get an ipad for christmas but haven't had a chance to play with it much yet. Can anyone suggest some good apps for it. I was kind of hoping to find an Illustrator type program. Is there anything sort of similar? Any other programs that are design-oriented??

  • Hi Stacey,

    I don't know if you've gotten any apps yet, but thought I'd mention some of what I've got.

    Adobe Ideas is kind of a vector sketching program—you draw with a pencil and the lines are translated into vector outlines.

    Inkpad actually has a pen tool so you can place anchor points, as well as a brush that will draw vector strokes in varying line widths and colors, even has options for the dashed lines, corners and ends of lines like Illustrator. It also has shape tools for rectangles, circles, and more.

    SketchBook, Brushes and ArtStudio are all painting programs with varying features.

    I haven't played with any of them much, but really should try to incorporate them into my workflow.

    I use a Boxwave stylus for these apps, but just ordered a Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad. It's gotten very good reviews.

    Hope this helps! Enjoy the iPad! I just received my iPad 3 last week! And, let me know if you find any other apps to try.


  • Thanks Laura! I'll check those out. I'm really interested in the stylus - didn't realize you could get one for the ipad. That might be really useful.

  • Steve Jobs considered a stylus sacrilege, but it does feel more intuitive for drawing than using your finger. :-)

    I ordered mine from B and H photo. Good price, service, etc....


  • Hi Stacey,


    I have used sketchbook pro on my ipad and I just email myseld the layered psd files and live trace in ai. It's worked really well. I have the bamboo stylus. I really liked It until it tore within a week so keep it away from hubbies and kids. I have to get it replaced this week. Hope they will return it.



  • I like ArtStudio app for sketching and painting.

    The best stylus I've found is the Jot Pro
    I love it because you can get finer lines + details compared to other styli.


    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a good illustrator-like program. I wish there was a mini illustrator for the iPad  where you could lay out type. It would be amazing! If anyone knows of such an app, let me know!