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  • Are you all changing your document size prior to saving the JPG image for submitting to Minted?

    I used to take out the bleed area for my submissions when using the Photoshop template because it was just one more little step among several, and I thought the submission should look like it would in print...but, I figured, now, since we only have to save a JPG from our Illustrator file, that no one would do this, so I have not been taking it out.

    Should I be saving a JPG representive of the printed product (without bleed), or just save a JPG of my 5.2x7.2 (or whatever) file?  Thanks!

  • I think what you submit to Minted should represent the final printed product. If you are in illustrator, when saving just check "Use Artboards" and it won't include your bleed area.

  • Thanks, Meg!

  • So, I am updating my JPG images (and scaling things down in my Illustrator files proportionally, so that my printed final product and JPG images appear as they previously did on-sceen when I had included the bleed)...

    I noticed that I had actually been clipping to the artboard when saving for web and devices; but my artboards include the bleed.  The files that I have been using from the Minted templates are set-up as 5.2x7.2 artboards...so, I am adjusting the artboard to 5x7 before saving JPG so the JPG reflects the final printed product.

    Are everyone's files not set-up this way?

  • now that i think about it, i'm not sure if mine include the bleed area when i export them to jpg. i'm on an older version of illustrator so instead of selecting 'use artboards' i set the crop area on the artboard. i *think* it is cropping to 5x7.

  • I usually don't add my bleed until it's time to send and I set up my art boards as 5x7. Not saying that's right, but that's what I do!

  • i went back and re-exported all mine. i found that i was cropping it to the 5.2x7.2 size and not the actual 5x7 size!