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  • I was zipping along trying to do a better job of voting in the challenge, and after I gave a design a 2, I realized it was MY design! Obviously, it wasn't one of my better designs, but still! Has anyone else done this? Anyone... ? ; )

  • OMG, that is SO funny, Jennifer.  I haven't done that (considering I haven't submitted many designs I pretty much know what every single one of them looks like), but looking at them now, I'd probably even give some of the 1s!

    Another name for this post could be "You know you've submitted a lot of designs to Minted when..."

  • I watched my husband give me a two...


  • That is so funny Jen Smile I'm going to try and remember to vote nice and slow!

  • Allison, that is a much better title... wish I could edit that too! ; )  And Kim, awhhhh! I get that with my sister since she's also a creative type. She called me after she rated my wedding designs and proceeded to give me a thorough critique of which ones she liked and didn't like and why. I didn't even want to know what she rated the ones she didn't like... ah, family!

    I made last minute changes to the one, and forgot how much I changed it's color. But hey, at least I was objective even with my own designs! ; )

  • He didn't realize it was mine, he was just voting and it came up, and before I could say anything, he rated it a "2" and it was gone...and then I pointed out that it was mine he just rated a "2"...it was pretty funny.  It probably deserved a "1." Smile

  • I feel your pain, Kim. My husband is my toughest critic by far. But he does make my designs better most of the time. After I stop cursing him and work on changes, that is. :)

  • Actually my husband barely looks at something and says it's fine, and can't tell what I've changed if I update something.  I believe his ratings are completely random...may be the source of some of those errant 1s and 2s...except he only voted a couple of times and not for many designs.  After that "incident," I told him not to bother!   Maybe there are others like him...

    I wish he were a tough critic - that would be helpful! :-)

  • Funny thread, Jen! I feel your pain about having tough critics "in the business." My husband is a professional photographer and is very detailed and critical too. His work is very technical and he sees things completely differently than I do, such as me: on an angle vs. him: crooked. Sometimes we have the goofiest knock down drag outs [whaddya mean you hate that color?] and if anyone heard us they would think we were completely crazy. But Ellis, I agree, he often gives me good advice, and probably lots of ones and twos!

  • @ Kim, my husband, and actually most of my family are similar in that they are not really into design, but that's ok Smile I pretty much only to talk about design to other designers!

  • I'm often surprised by how my husband rates designs. Mine included! Our tastes are really different I guess. Or maybe we have different criteria on what should receive a high score.
  • I am impressed with all of the husbands that rate designs! Keepers!

  • So funny, Jennifer. That's pretty harsh on yourself! I don't think I've ever given one of your designs less than a 4. I usually vote by designer, so I pretty much know when mine are coming up.

    Was anyone else blown away by the pure number of submissions in this challenge - and lots of new designers! Many were alike (or alike to existing minted baby shower designs). If something came up that was different, or outside the box, it definitely got my attention!

  • I've never done that Jennifer, BUT every once in a while I do catch myself just hitting the same number over and over again while simultaneoulsy sleeping.

  • @ Jill, thanks! I am very hard on myself, but I did go back to change that score : ). I did notice the ton of entries, especially in the last two days. And Alaina, that's really funny! as long as you didn't sleep vote with our designs ; )
  • Oh gosh Jennifer, that's too funny! Glad that you went back and changed it, can't imagine that even when being hard on yourself, any of your designs would ever deserve a 2!

    I wasn't able to participate in this challenge but I am really enjoying looking through all of the entries, there are some really gorgeous ones! Good work Minties!

  • Too funny Jennifer! I can relate though. I have given myself a 2 before and judging by the number of other people who did as well it obviously deserved it! This challenge I am fully expecting to see quite a number of them again. I've been so busy I threw most of mine up willy nilly and ALL of them have the wrong drop shadows...talk about asleep at the wheel ;(