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  • Hey Everyone Smile

    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on 3D effects, like drop-shadows and gradients, in stationery and print design. I could be wrong, but it seems to me like they are few and far between on stationery sites such as Minted, and I wonder if that's because of consumer and designer trends or because of printing limitations. When done badly, or over-done, I know they can look pretty dated and corny, but I've seen some examples by well known designers and illustrators such as:



    which look beautiful. I guess I am wondering if anyone thinks this technique will make a come back in stationery design, like the way texture and organic shapes has, and if it's worth exploring or still best to be avoided.

  • interesting... I see what you mean Jessica. Those are really beautiful examples. I say it's totally worth exploring - you'll never know until someone tries.... I figure - if you're really interested in exploring a new style - it's worth investigating... I think your interest will really show in the final result. I would love to see what you do with this style - knowing you, it would be really unique and well-done. :)

  • Totally agree with hailey give it a shot and see how it works out!!

  • i agree. it can be done very well as your examples above. but it can totally be done very, very wrong as well :) i say do it!

  • I actually think drop shadows do wonders for illustrations especially. I'm all for it if done right, which I have no doubt you will do. As for gradients, same thing. Go for it Jessica :)

  • Thanks so much ladies for your thoughts and encouragement Smile I was wondering whether this was at all a no-no, or worth pursuing, especially since it is kind of tricky, but you are all right, I'll never know until I try! I think at some point, I will try this type of style/technique and also some of the styles I've done in the past. At the very least, it's worth exploring just out of personal interest/curiosity. (A little off topic, but Hailey, I am buying your Dandy Lions when it comes out! And Stephanie, congrats. on the new job - hope it is going well!)

  • That totally makes my day Jessica :) I'm sitting here in a coffee shop, smiling like an idiot at my computer, lol. What's funny was I really didn't know what to think of the Dandy Lions style I was playing with... just like your questioning of the 3-d effects, I figured I'd play with something I had been wanting to try but wasn't sure of, and just see what happens. The feedback from the community on that design was so encouraging - I'm really glad I submitted it.

    Another thing that has really been catching my eye with the way drop shadows are being used/explored lately - is using colored drop shadows, as sort of a subtle effect... like Kelli Hall's 'Cloudy with a chance of fun'. I'm sure you'll come up with all sorts of ways to use 3-d effects... who knows, maybe you'll start a new trend!

  • Ha ha, it's true - I can't wait to buy it Smile

    Thanks for bringing up Kelli's beautiful design - love that one too. The drop shadow there is a great example - nice and subtle , and not too drastic at all!

  • jessica, these are awesome examples! i like to add super subtle drop shadows to my illustrations, but it can look cheesy when done poorly. however your work is always fantastic, so you should embrace it!

  • Hi Jessica!

    great thread. I totally agree with all the previous comments on drop shadows, and how well I think you could pull it off with your amazing style!

    one thing I noticed on the last image I thing would be fun to try (and marry well with print) is it looks like they actually have a texture as the shadow. awesome!


  • Thanks guys - one day I will try it out, but I'll be careful not to overdo it, hopefully! Heather, I was thinking the same thing too - it's a neat technique!

  • I love this! I think it's super fun and fresh for our purposes... it's always nice to see variation. I think we as designers can get a little too concerned with "pigeonholing" when it comes to stylistic choices and various media -- there are so many different ways to approach these projects that I think the most important part is your concept and layout... not specific trappings. There are so many people in the world with different style preferences and I know lots of people gravitate toward "3d" illustrations. I think there is a certain playful sentiment about this style when executed well (as you have here!) but maybe that has something to do with my fondness of Pixar films... ;)

  • Totally agree with hailey give it a shot and see how it works out!!



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