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  • Hi Designers,

    Often times the very best feedback we receive as a company comes from you, the Minted Community. We'd love to open up the Forum with discussions on how you feel we can better direct our consumers to your incredible products.

    Topic number two is designs missing from the assortment.

    Do you have any advice on our assortment or specific kinds of designs you think are missing from one of our categories?

    We can't wait to hear what you have in mind!

  • Hi Alison!

    First off, I think you guys are doing a fabulous job marketing the product. I was really impressed by holiday sales.

    Regarding topic number two - I would love to see letterpress added to the wedding assortment.
  • I think you could use a few more religous event designs - more bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, baptism, etc.  The volume of selection for these does not match the rest of your categories.

  • @susan letterpress for sure...

    sweet sixteen and quinceanera invites and more address labels

  • I think you did a great job marketing for the holidays- I was seeing Minted everywhere!

    As far as design categories: how about more non-holiday party invitations- like for cocktail parties and adult birthday parties? And I second more baptism and bar/bat mitzvah designs.

    I'd love to see letterpress too! (I might be wrong, but didn't Minted offer letterpress wedding invitations before?)

  • I agree with more adult party invitations - including milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

  • I agree more adult party invitations would be a great addition. I also would LOVE to see letterpress!

  • Over the holidays I had people asking me if Minted would start doing calendars. Also, people wanted to be able to order address labels separately from their matched items, so they could mix and match one address label design with another card design.


  • Letterpress sounds great and I agree that some categories could use a fresh batch of designs.

    I had a gift certificate from the trunk show and I was looking around to buy something for myself last month, so I noticed a couple of things:

    The business cards are all very cute and everything but a lot of them were way too specific for a certain type of job. I would love to see more 'generic' designs that could work for people who have a variety of different jobs.

    I was looking at all the cute note cards, but the loose cards are not really a great gift item or something that I would order for myself unless they come with a container. I think it would be great to offer a cute box/container for those.

  • Something else. This may be a little off-topic, but I would like it if we could 'flag' certain designers or submissions and that these designers or submissions would be disqualified if necessary.

    I noticed a new designer who submitted designs to the art challenge that were for sale in her etsy store, which is against the rules. I notified minted before voting, it was acknowledged, but the designs were still there when voting started.

    Same thing with another new designer who very obviously stole a design from eric/geekink and was ballsy enough to submit it in the same category. She also stole a design from a notebook that's for sale. Again, minted told me to please tell them of anything else that I notice, but, once voting started, the designs were still on the site...

    And can someone please explain to me why this has not been taken down or disqualified:  http://www.minted.com/designer/yakshitgoel

  • Hi Simone, I noticed the same things you did and understand your position but just last night I commented to my husband that it's refreshing that minted doesn't edit but let's the community weed out trouble. I think it's a trust thing as I don't want to think of them as the police: at what point should minted start removing submissions (aside from offensive ones)? I also assume once they've been alerted corrective action is taken at some point. Perhaps there will come a time when they need to step in but for now I'm OK with it.

  • Ditto for the addition of letterpress.

  • I think there is a general need for some classy bachelorette party invites. The ones out there all seem so tacky! It's hard to find ones that aren't hot pink with zebra print. If anyone can counter that, it would be the Minties. :)

    Also, wedding anniversary invites are hard to come by too.

  • As Lea mentioned I think wedding anniversary invites would be great and along similar lines - invitations for renewing of vows.


    Like journals, but even more useful. I would soooooo buy this, and a personalized dayplanner for the new year would be the ultimate Christmas gift for every person on your list. BONUS: Customers have to buy a new one every year! Hooray!

  • Maybe more themed invites......

    In my area wine nights and spa parties have become very popular. Maybe these types of invites could be useful to someone.

  • Also not sure.........

    Does minted ever offer any gift boxes or gift bags. Maybe a birthday party, shower or wedding could use a favor box or bag. Or maybe just a sticker label for the box or bag. Just another idea that came to mind that I have made or needed in the past.