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  • Hi Designers,

    Often times the very best feedback we receive as a company comes from you, the Minted Community. We'd love to open up the Forum with discussions on how you feel we can better direct our consumers to your incredible products.

    Topic number one is cross-category merchandising.

    If you were to suggest a design that is currently in one Minted category but should also be sold or repurposed for another category and page, what would it be?

    We can't wait to hear what you have in mind!

  • Great topic, Alison!

    I think it would be great if all the skinny wrap labels (that have stand-alone value - I recognize that some do not make sense independent of their accompanying design) would be listed for sale in the skinny wrap category - unless there is not a market for that level of effort, which I would understand!

    Also, when I submitted files for the birth announcement challenge, a thank you card design was requested - but, I do not see the thank you cards listed with the birth announcement designs.  Why?  I would bet some of these would be appropriate as stand-alone designs in the thank you card category, also.  And, of course, any wedding thank yous that would be appropriate in a stand-alone capacity.

    I think there are many kids' stationery designs that would be great for men and/or women, as well, but I only see a select few that have been shown in all three categories. 

  • The first think that comes to mind for me is gender neutral designs. In flat stationery and birth related categories there's a further subdivision for men/boys and women/girls, but I think many designs could overlap. For example, Mod Stacks and Greetings From are under women's flat stationery but I could also see them appropriate for men. Perhaps a slight color tweak to several designs to make them more gender neutral?

  • I like Kim's idea for thank you cards... maybe even just a category that you could navigate to for thank you cards...

    Ann's gender-neutral idea is pretty genius too. I think more stationery in general - maybe even some mixed sets would be awesome. It would be really nice to be able to buy a pack featuring a few different designs.

    This thread almost goes hand-in-hand with the 'what challenge should we do next' thread... the ideas for recipe cards and tea towels would make a fun addition to what's offered.

  • I agree. Most thank you cards that were created for birthdays and weddings would make cute personal stationery, or regular thank you cards. There are bundles of cute skinny wraps that could use a new home in the skinny wrap label category.

    Were you asking for specific examples?

  • Hi, Alison!  I just discovered that newest birth announcements for twins and multiples for sale (from the Summer is Born Challenge) do not show up if you filter for "twins and multiples," which leaves me wondering how many of those filters are very accurate?

    I think it would benefit Minted and all the designers, if someone would go through and properly filter all of the designs for sale...if a customer was looking for something specific and filtered for it, they would be missing out on the whole selection that is actually available at Minted (and might not find what they had been looking for...)

  • I agree, Kim/k notes. I've found that the filters are really inaccurate and many filters do not include a lot of designs that I would expect to be found under a filter category.

  • Thanks for bringing this up Alison (we miss you! :)

    In addition to the improvements on filters and repurposing thank you cards as personal stationery, there seems to be a lot of untapped potential between save the dates and wedding invitations that could appear in both categories, not just one.

    A great example is Hello Hailey's Tandem wedding invite that would make an amaaazing save the date... and her Retro Florals save the date would make a sweet photo wedding invite (something Minted said their customer is asking for more of).

    One UI improvement to help customers find more of what they like would be to allow more than one box to be checked in the filter column on a designer's "more by ____" category page. As it is now, clicking one choice (ex. save the dates) collapses the list and requires it to be unchecked to view another category by that designer. Customers could more likely discover (without Minted even doing any relaunch of products in other categories) that they might use a thank you as personal stationery or a wedding invite as a save the date if they could see them together in one search.

    Minted's one at a time category filters are not currently enabling this search serendipity. Searching zappos.com or any common retail site allows the customer to choose from the "brand" or "category" list. Were there only one brand or category available at a time and you had to back up to uncheck and reselect the next brand each time, customers would quickly lose their enthusiasm -- as they must for mining their favorite designers' category pages, when it's that time consuming to see the relevant designs to the event they are planning to buy cards for.

    Thanks again Alison, and Minted for listening to our suggestions!