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  • Winners will be announced VERY soon, me thinks, because the score matrix is up on tag designs!

  • I noticed that a couple days ago and got super excited, but let it go after several hours of obsessive checking. ;) Still, I think it can't be long now....

  • I hope so, I am dying to know and the holidays are quickly approaching. Can't believe it's practically November already. Good luck you two.

  • I noticed that over the weekend, too. And have been obsessively checking the blog ever since! If the email goes out, would one of you mind posting it here?

  • Gosh, ever since I saw this I'm obsessed with checking my email and the site... I hope they are posted this week! :)

  • Yes, I noticed this too!  I hope the results are posted soon... Good luck everyone :)

  • I can't wait for the announcement! I am hoping to order some tags for holiday gifts at our party on the 2nd. I also want to give the minted notebooks as the gifts so hopefully they're both for sale in time! :-)

  • christmas music on the radio = christmas tags on minted, right? ;)

  • ok, I am dying now.

  • They are up but i don't know about editor's picks - maybe someone can post

  • Out of the Box Holiday Gift Tag Challenge Editor’s Picks
    4 Photo Peppermint, Janelle Otsuki
    8 Wishes, Lauren Elisabeth
    Awesomeness Inside, GeekInk Design
    Bells for the Holidays, Phoebe Wong-Oliveros
    Big Bang, Betta
    Big Hello, Susie Allen
    Bold Gallery, Precious Bugarin Design
    Carolina, Kimberly Nicole
    Cherry & Slate, Susie Allen
    Chevron, Linda and Harriett
    Christmas Wreath, Amber Barkley
    Cube It, Precious Bugarin Design
    Eat Drink and Be Merry, Gakemi Art+Design
    Enjoy!, Melanie Severin
    Especially For, b.wise papers
    Evergreens & Berries, Aspacia Henspetter
    First Christmas, Susan Asbill
    Greetings from the North Pole, Katie Dirksen
    Holiday Letters, Katherine Moynagh
    Ivy Bright, Griffinbell Studio
    Joyeux Misletoe, Studio Blixa 6
    Joyful Wishes, Gakemi Art+Design
    Merry Label, Sarah Brown
    Merry Merry, Linda and Harriett
    Mini Polaroid, VOSS
    Misletoe, marabou design
    Modern Elegance, Gakemi Art+Design
    No Peeking Woodgrain, Christiana Hudson
    North Pole Approved, Kristen Smith
    Organic Swag, Melanie Severin
    peaceful tidings, guess what?
    petite otarie, Cecile Paper Lounge
    Pricket, marabou design
    Purrfection, Design Lotus
    Red Paw, Pink Hippo Prints
    reindeer express, Kimberly Nicole
    Reindeer Surprise, Kristen Smith
    Retro Holiday, Gakemi Art+Design
    Rudolph, Ann Gardner
    Rustic Hanukkah Gretting, jenincmyk
    Rustic Wishes, Palm Papers
    Santa is Coming to Town, Please Reply Designs
    Script & Stripes, Palm Papers
    Snowflake Chic, Kylie Holmes
    Snowy Ornaments, Kristen Smith
    Sweet Snowman, Jenifer Martino
    Sweet Treats, Carrie ONeal
    Swiss Alps 1978, toast & laurel
    The Belle Jar, Maddy Nye
    Trees and More Trees, Sharon Rowan
    Trust Me, The Occasional Hello
    Twig Monogram, Carolyn MacLaren
    Vintage Label, Stacey Meacham
    Vintage Subway, Please Reply Designs
    Winter Branches, b.wise papers
    With Love From Angels, Tereza Sasinkova Lukasova
    xin nian kuai le, Cecile Paper Lounge

  • CONGRATS everyone !! Beautiful designs !

  • yay! I can't wait to buy some! Does anyone know when they are suppose to be for sale?

  • Congrats everyone on their win, great designs!

  • Did I miss the special awards for the holiday tags? Haven't seen anything come through on those...

    Just curious :)

  • Haven't seen either! I think I deleted my overview for this challenge... could anyone remind me what the special award categories are, please? Thank you!