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  • Hi Designers,

    We have an amazing team of Minted Mentors; Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus, Sydney Newsom, Ann Gardner, Hailey Myziuk of Hello Hailey and Jennifer Wick. The Minted Mentors will be kicking off fun, interesting and informative threads right here in the forum, connecting designers with the resources they need to participate in design challenges, and making sure that Minted receives the feedback we need to constantly improve the community and customer experience. These helpful designers will be checking in on this thread often. Ask your questions and leave your feedback here!



    Alison Michael | Community Relations | minted.

  • OK Mentors... please can you sum up the call today? I was at Parent-Teacher conferences and had to miss it! Or is it recorded somewhere?

  • Oh!! I wish I took notes ;)

    Main topics of discussion:

    1. Very cool new feature being launched for designers — soon. Mariam mentioned she was hoping it would roll out during the Wedding Challenge. Namrata has been working on this project for a while now - and I can tell she's bursting at the seems to share it! They call it, "The Leaderboard"... dun dun dun. Everyone on the call got a sneak peek of it in action - I'm not sure if they want the url posted anywhere just yet, even though I'm itching to type it out for you.

    2. Designer badges — I don't remember as much about this part, Ann? It was brought up as a question, I believe it was about badge customization for our sites.

    3. Consumer Insights Poll widget — some people are having difficulty getting it to work on their sites - particularly Wordpress users. Mariam is working on a fix for those people who are affected.

    4. Design Critiques — we had a really great discussion about giving/receiving constructive feedback. There are concerns among designers about which designs receive comments - and that designs that really need that constructive criticism are being passed over. I think the consensus was that designers can be shy sometimes when it comes to giving constructive feedback, but that it would likely be hard to find a designer that wouldn't appreciate receiving those comments. The idea of adding a check box to the design submission page, that would place a note on a submitted design: "Comments welcome", etc., was introduced — encouraging both the submission designer and community of designers to feel a little more comfortable giving and receiving feedback. Just opening up the topic for discussion seemed to reinforce the idea that Minties are very receptive and open to constructive feedback on their designs — which is encouraging for those who want to leave comments, but aren't sure if they would be welcomed. And although it is a very vulnerable place to be as a designer, putting your work out for the world to critique, there are MANY designers in this community who are eager to support, encourage and help their fellow Minties.

    6. Fonts — some designers still have old lists of Minted's approved fonts. Some of the fonts on that list have actually been removed, and of course some have been added. The pdf in the latest submission kit is up to date.

    7. Announcement of more challenge results — new years/minibook challenge will be announced soon! Mariam wants to be sure the winners of the Holiday challenge have some well-deserved time in the spotlight. Stationery results will follow.

    That's all I can remember - but I'm sure other Minties can help fill in the blanks :)


  • Boo I am so sad I missed this again :(

    Thanks for the recap Hailey! This "Leaderboard" thing sounds intriguing...can you tell us just a smidge more about it ?! I know you can't share the url yet but maybe you could describe what it does...now I must know :)


  • Thanks, Hailey. Really excited about the new features!

  • Great recap, Hailey! One thing to add - I asked about the possibility of ever being able to remove old designs from your designer page. The process to remove a design is very maunal now, and Minted would like to keep all the designs submitted under the previous Challenge listing (at the bottom of the Winners page), so people can see everything that has been submitted for any given challenge. Minted customers have been known to request non-winning designs for purchase, so Minted doesn't want the designers to miss out on that opportunity! Of course, there are some designs that we, as designers, may feel that are embarrassing and really don't want people to see (I have a few of those!!) - so, Minted may (at some time in the future) look at an option where the design stays under the Challenge, but could be hidden on the Designer's page, so that your page (where you sent your personal contacts and customers) would not show the designs you would rather hide! I, of course, am 100% behind this idea!!! So, hopefully, one day, it will be a reality!

    It was a great call - happy to have heard so many Minted staff and Minties voices for the first time!


  • One more thing, they also talked about creating a resource page, where among other things there would be a library of photos from all of the previous challenges, available for download. That way, Minties would have a better chance of finding the right photos for their designs and wouldn't have to hang on to old photos from previous submission packets. Great idea!

  • @ Kristin - sorry to be such a tease! Now that I think about it, I hope it was ok to mention it! I'm not sure exactly when it will be launched, but I think very soon. I figure since all of us on the call were able to see it for the first time, it can't be too guarded of a secret to tell you atleast the name ;) I think the name itself could make you think of a lot of possibilities as to what it is though... so I'll just say, it's 'fun with statistics'!

  • Thanks for the recap! This leaderboard thing has me all tingly with excitement! haha

  • Psst...the Leaderboard (beta) is live on the Design Challenge drop down now! Pretty cool!

  • That is the coolest! Oh how I love stats.

  • That is super cool!  And one more thing for me to obsessively check every day, haha ;)

  • I completely agree to k notes LLC, can edit and delete the old designs. That's what I am looking always on my Manage Collection Tab.

  • i have a question and thought I'd start here, as I'm sure the Minted crew is busy with holiday cards.  For the Wedding enclosure cards. As far as text and wording go, is it completely up to the designer or is there some sort of place holder text minted uses?  This is my first win so I'm unsure of how things go. Thanks ladies!

  • I've always made up my own wording for the invitation inserts.

    If you need ideas of what wording to use, you could check out some of the invitations for sale on Minted now.

  • Hi,

    Was wondering what's the size for the RSVP cards, this is the first time I'm preparing a wedding suite for Minted and the templates don't specify, I think it's the same size as Thank You cards, but just want to be on the safe side.


  • @ Lulu, use the templates provided by Minted. There's a link in the email you received asking for files. (It's an A2 size.) Congrats on your win!

  • Thanx Ann! I had a brain glitch, I'm holding responsible the fold on the Thank You card template. Which threw me off. Hehehe :)

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if I could use the same motif/design, in different challenges. I have a design I used for " 'tis the season" that, I think, would also work for the "oh what fun" challenge. Thanx.


  • Lulu - Yes!  The design may do better as a photo card, you never know!  If the past challenge had already been announced, and your design had won, then, I believe that Minted would prefer that you submit a request to them to re-purpose the design into the new category.

    Here is the answer given by Minted under Designer FAQ:


    Good luck! :)

  • Great News! Thanx Kim. Good luck to you too :D

  • Thanks! :)

  • I'm not sure I'm even in the right forum, but I'd love to know how to get some feedback on my designs. I'm posting for the 'Oh What Fun' competition, asking for feedback, starting polls. I vote, I comment on other designs, but I don't get anything back. What am I doing wrong? Also, is anyone out there good at writing descriptions of their designs. I am simply awful with words and would love some helpful tips :)

  • This is the right Forum!  And, if you aren't getting the feedback you want, you are doing the right things to get it (everything you mentioned above), so just keep doing it!  I find that it also helps to specifically request advice from some other designers - write a note on their designer page soliciting their input on a particular design.  Good luck!

  • Hi all!  I am a total Minted newbie, with the Holiday challenge being my very first :)  I am a licensed artist in the home decor & gift industry but stationary is all new to me as is illustrator and photoshop which have proven to be a challenge to put it lightly! Lol

    I see that a lot of artist's designs got tons and tons of 'likes' where the people that are new to Minted, ahem,  got like 2 and one of them is probably their mom. haha.  Does that kind of indicate that the voting will go the same and is that because those artists have built up a following?  I would randomly see two designs that I thought were equally aesthetically appealing and one would have ZERO likes and one would have like 98 or something crazy like that! Lol  Can you offer some insight?

    THANKS ! :)

    Sherri Ohler

  • Hi, Sherri!  Welcome to Minted!!!  The likes are NOT necessarily an indication of how voting will go.  There are designs that have received 60+ likes and not been picked, and, conversely, there are designs that have had 0-10 likes that do get picked.  I think there are not many customers who use the "like" feature (at least not that I've noticed with my designs), but mostly designers using it.  There are, however, many customers who vote.  It's always fun to get a "like," especially from other designers who you admire, but these do not necessarily translate into a voted win or an Editor's Pick.  Hope that answers your question!  Best of luck to you! :)

  • Kim!!! THANK YOUUUU :)  That does help so much! My thought was-if all designers are chosen by voting and people only vote for designers who are established, then how does a new designer ever break through?   You totally cleared that up, I appreciate it so much!



  • Is Minted Mentors a program where new designers at Minted are paired with Successful designers...or is it simple a thread where newbies can ask questions?

  • Hi Heather, why not both? I think some new designers will want more help than others and like working with a mentor. As a new Minted designer myself, I prefer just to be able to ask questions and receive guidance when needed. I have very much enjoyed when experienced Minted designers have reached out to me with advice and guidance, I am not really the type of person to ask for help and the outreach has been appreciated. Also, I have benefitted by the threads with suggestions and helping tips such as where to find free fonts. Best, Robin

  • Hi, Heather!

    The Minted Mentors Program was set up to recognize Minted Designers who were prolific at providing helpful comments to other designers.  I believe this thread was set up so that designers could pose a question to Minted or those Mentors, or request feedback.  It was not set up to pair designers with mentors.  But, you can reach out to the Mentors here, or to any Minted designer by commenting on their designer page, if you have a question or would like feedback on a design, as Robin suggested above. If I am not getting the feedback I need on a particular design, I usually seek out a designer who is successful at the style I am attempting and personally request their feedback.  Good luck!

  • Hi Kim, thanks for answering Heather's question, I missed the point regarding this tread. Robin


  • Thanks for clarifying how the program works, Kim. Robin, I appreciate your comments and insight as well. Now that I understand how it works, I can make better use of it!

  • Hello! One of my designs was recently chosen as a jury pick - hooray! Now I am going through how to submit files, and I have a question I thought a Mintie Mentor may be able to help with!

    I use Adobe CC (Creative Cloud), and I do not have the earlier version (CS6) or earlier. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you submit artwork? I am using Illustrator.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Ashley! You can save your files in a earlier version of Illustrator CC - Under file - save as - hit save and click yes to replace the file - At the top of the save window you'll see the version. Select under Legacy formats CS6. Hope that helps!

  • You can simply save the file down to an earlier version. Simply choose CS6 from the drop down menu in the Illustrator Options dialog box when saving your AI files.

    Hope that helps!



  • Jennifer & Laura - thank you so much for your quick and helpful response! Smile

  • Hello Mentors!

    I just submitted my first design and I have some questions! I submitted a square version (moonlight and mason jars), and I was wondering if I can also submit a similar one in a A7 format? I read in the submission guidelines that we couldn't submit the same entry with small tweaks such as font and colorway, but I was wondering if switching the template was also a small tweak that wasn't allowed!

    Thank you for your help!


  • Hi Nina! Welcome! Basically you're talking about the same design, just a different format, so I'd say no to submitting them both as separate entries. If you can't decide which one to enter, why not do a poll? You'll get feedback from other designers to help you decide.

  • Hi Ann! Thanks for the comment! That's what I was leaning towards! I'll put up a poll soon. Thanks!

  • Another Quick Question!

    How do you do the "kraft paper background" in Illustrator/ Indesign? I feel like I should be able to figure this out, but I have no idea! Can anyone give me some tips?

    Thanks for your help!

  • @nina

    Under files in the Minted Community facebook page Katy posted a file - Faux Kraft that you can download to use in illustrator/indesign.  Hope that helps.

  • Awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Hi @design Lotus-- I couldn't find it. Would you mind sending me the link?

  • Hey Nina! Are you in the Minted Community Facebook group? If not, here's instructions for how to join, then once you're in - you should be able to view all of the uploaded files.


  • HI just submited some files. I had to make them really small. Unfortunately when I put one on my pin wall, the resolution is terrible. Can you help?

    I also would like to post them on FB in my designer?artist fan page


    Can I have more than 1 fb page as destinatary of my posts?





  • Hello, I am totally new to all of this. I have submitted 5 designs, all of them perfect examples of just how rusty my creative cap is!!! I haven't used Illustrator in a million years, and just got back on the wagon with the Creative Cloud. What do I most need to know about Illutrator CC, The Minted Community, life as a designer in general?

    Lindsey (aka PaperNoten)

  • Welcome Lindsey!
    Here are some things I've found helpful on my Minted design journey: 1) practice, practice, practice. The more designing you do the quicker you'll discover your style, your strengths, and hone your skills. 2) give feedback to get feedback and don't be afraid to ask for opinions by doing polls on your submissions. 3) try something new. I think fresh, original designs do well in the challenges and resonate with customers. And 4) have fun!
    Good luck!
  • Hello Mentors, need a bit of help here.

    Trying to do all the right things and fill out my designer profile page. I fill in the boxes and hit submit. If I go back in however, it's all disappeared except for the original Thank You Note I filled out when I first joined. Is it actually be sent in, or is the information getting deleted each time? I have no way of confirming that I can tell. Thanks for help, I'm finding it very confusing.



  • Hi Sabrina,

    That sounds like it might be a glitch. I'd recommend sending an email to designers@minted.com and letting them know what kind of problems you're encountering.

  • Thanks, Ann! Looking forward to the next challenge!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to the world of minted designs and had a question regarding embedded images. In the collage challenge they have asked us to embed the images, but for some reason AI is not allowing me to do so. If we used the photos Minted provided, do we still have to embed them or can we just save it as a linked file considering they already have them?



  • Did you try just copying and pasting the image from photoshop? It's not going to really matter unless you win or get an editor's pick, so you can always see what happens and try to fix the final file upon submission. Welcome to Minted!

  • Is it okay to use the names that are on the tags yes or no for the photo collage.




  • Is anyone else having issues getting to the voting for photo collage challenge. I can only vote one by one, IF I chose to give feedback. It's really slow and painful.



  • Also if you choose to vote, it defaults to the Milestone Challenge