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  • Hi all -
    I was wondering if there is a trick in Ai to fill live text (not outlined) with a texture or image? I've seen winning submissions in the past have this but I wasn't sure how they kept it editable, but maybe it's not. And if not, do you have to supply every letter created as such, with your submission files? Just curious how that works.

    I've always outlined the letters then turned them into clipping masks or outlined them and "Placed" an image inside the box.

    Anyone have any tricks they could share? Thanks!
  • Hi Paige -- what version of Illustrator are you using?

    I use CS5 and have been able to use live type with no fill/stroke as a clipping mask with no problem. With my "Zig/Zag" submission, I created my type with no fill/stroke, placed it over my background, then used the Clipping Mask command (Command+7) -- worked like a charm and my text is still editable.

    Or, if that's not working, I found this tutorial about creating text masks in an object as well:

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Alana! (I feel like such an idiot...) I was originally taught the way I explained above (in Illustrator 8) and thought that was that.
    I work in CS3 now and just doing a simple clipping mask while the text was still editable worked! I guess I should have tried before posting this question. :) No judging please. lol

    Thanks again!
  • Glad it worked! No worries at all and never judging :) . Always so hard to keep track of all the changes between versions as well, even 6 months in CS5 still has me learning on the littlest things. Have a great weekend!
  • I didn't know either Paige, thanks for teaching me something!
  • I'll have to try that, too. Didn't know you could type like that.
    I'm still trying to work with seamless patterns...there's soooo much to learn in these programs!
  • Nope, didn't know that either! Thanks ladies!
  • I've never tried that with editable type either... so cool. Thanks for asking the question Paige and Alana for explaining.
  • So glad I wasn't the only one! :) Yay for learning something new!
  • That was a great question and thanks so much Alaina for explaining how it can be done.  I love learning new things too Paige!

  • So happy I stumbled upon this thread. I am designing a poster for work and have been trying to do this for the past few days. Thank you!

  • This is a general texture question but I would love to experiment with that really worn texture that the background can show thru, not an overlay and I am wondering if there is a tip or trick for creating this. Here's an image of what I am talking about in Alaina's winning holiday design...




    Thanks in advance for any input.


  • Stacey, did you ever get a response to your question about see-through texture?

  • I did Heather and I experimented with some success but I've yet to master the technique by any means.