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  • Hi all,

    I wanted to gain insight from you all as to whether you outsource your printing, particularly through online printing companies. I do both my flat printing and letterpress, however I'm interested to try out an online printing company for my larger orders. Does anyone have a preferred one that they like? Based off my search I feel as though some require a minimum order of 250 cards, or have odd sizing. Any insight is appreciated!
  • We talked a bit about this a few weeks ago here (http://www.minted.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=332&page=1#Item_7). Maybe that thread will give you some ideas. :)
  • Thanks Meg! I should have dug a little deeper before I started my post :)
  • I just got some samples back from Catprint...they were perfect! I am hooked! Has anyone used a letterpress company that they love... or anyone interested in doing some letterpress for me?
  • I can print some letterpress work for you! :) Email me at meggleaso@gmail.com and we can discuss your project.
  • I recently had a Catprint disaster - however the customer service is so good that I've already placed another order with them.
  • ooh meg that would be awesome. I will email you!
  • I have had some catprint issues, but i think i had the corrected order in less than 24 hours. Their customer service is top notch.
  • Anyone else wish minted could be our printer??? (Obviously work with us directly to print non-minted designs just for us designers...random thought/wish...)
  • Really happy with quality and speed of whcc.com. Just ordered some baby shower invites in the pearlized cardstock and they were shimmery and beautiful.
  • I use whcc.com too and have been happy with the results.
  • I'd be happy with samples of our chosen Minted designs. (hint, hint!) :-)
  • Hey Kathleen! I've used gotprint.com for several client projects and I'm very happy with the tight print quality, paper stock and cheap price! They only offer uncoated, dull(satin finish) and high gloss, but if you are looking for an affordable, nice 4C printer, they are great and reliable.
  • Thought i would jump back in here... i did try Catprint and have more several jobs that rocked but also more than one disaster I am hoping for a bit more consistency. I have gotten by WHCC folder but havent tried them yet. Thoughts? WHCC?
  • Use them frequently, never had a problem although know that their linen stock is very cool white if you're doing any cream.
  • Ann I completely agree with you on the samples from Minted. I think it would be great to get samples of our winning designs to showcase in our portfolios rather than just taking an image from Minted's site.
  • I have used WHCC with great results, but they are a little expensive unless you are doing a tri-fold card or want the pearlized paper.
  • I had trouble finding this on the whcc site. What is the weight of their non-pearlized paper?
  • I just wanted to chime in on the comments about getting samples from Minted. It would be really nice if they would do that!
  • Hi everyone,

    I love the idea of sending you samples - let me check into the costs of doing so, and I will respond here.

    By the way, for all of you who entered the Business Card challenge, great job!  Your designs were spectacular.


  • Hi all! A little late to the thread, but wanted to include 2 companies I've used.



    Blockbuster had a great product & fast turn around. I had a small problem with them & they fixed it quickly (much like the reviews of CatPrint I'm reading).

    At UPrinting, I printed a matte postcard for a client's moving announcement & she loved them. No problems & they delivered quickly.

    Will try Catprint for some greeting cards I have ready to print! Great suggestions!


  • I have recently discovered a new printer and I wanted to share. they have 130# 100% PCW cardstock and prints matte, plus some other options. Ordering was really easy. Great customer service thus far too.


  • Hey everyone. I've heard lots of you talking about whcc. I use Miller's Lab for all of my high-end orders. Their selection is very similar to whcc, but I've found them to be a bit cheaper. I've been very pleased with everything I've ordered from Miller's, and I especially love the free next day shipping that they provide with EVERY order!

  • Thanks for recommending Miller's, I'm interested in checking them out.  I haven't been super happy with WHCC's customer service the last couple times I've had issues.  I just got a bday invite for a client last night that had a mis-cut border making it uneven and they wouldn't replace it, only give me 25% off a new order.  Not cool.  McKenna Pro has awesome customer service, but they don't offer a recycled/smooth stock unfortunately.

  • No problem, Sara. Hope Miller's turns out to be a good option for you. Just saw that you're from the Nashville area. I call Franklin home, so it's nice to see one of my people on here :)

  • I just wanted to mention if you do want to try StationeryHQ for printing, go ahead and email Jack, he is so nice and quick with responses. He'll set up an account for you (which is free) and anyways - i'd like him to benefit from my referrals, b/c he is so helpful.

    Jack Tanowitz
    408.200.2717 (Direct)

  • Hi Lauren-

    Thanks so much for this referral. I contacted Jack and he was super helpful!

  • Does any one know of a good online print company in canada. I contact catprint and they informed me it will be a min of $45 for shipping thats just silly

  • I just got set up with jack (he contacted me via my blog) and I look forward to making some orders. LOVE the 10 minimum.

  • Oba, I don't know of a good one in Canada, but one to avoid is Green Printer.  They screwed up a job for me not once, but twice and then no one would return my calls no matter who I called.  My customer had me turn them in to the BBB!

  • Hi Lauren,

    I just contacted stationeryHQ to get set up, thank you so much for the contact info!

  • Lauren, Sandy or Hannah how is the paper and print quality for StationeryHQ - I'm all set up and excited to place my order, but noticed they have a 10 min. order. Just wanted to know your thoughts first before I order,


  • I have seen their printing on the textured, 110# and 130# and it looks great. Digital printing is digital printing, but it's definitely good quality.

  • Hi Rachel-I registered with HQ but haven't sent them a job yet. Would love a report if you do. Thanks!

  • My orders have all been photo cards which I have been happy with - but Jill Means sent me some samples of colored and white invites on the textured and smooth papers and I was actually really impressed - sometimes text on the white in digital printing can not look so great - but everything was so bright and clear for digital printing

  • I think the quality is amazing (StationeryHQ), best digital printer I've ever worked with. The colors print ever-so-slightly darker than my screen or pantone book.

  • thanks ladies!

    Thats good news, I'm going to go ahead and send a test order !

    Also, for another source, does any know of any companies that offer thermography or letterpress printing? - I'd be interested in that as well

  • Meg Gleason of Moglea does letterpress printing.
    I just tried out Spark letterpress and while i have nothing to compare they were perfect. and I love them.

  • Jill (and anyone else),

    I'm fairly new to the design world - what do you use the pantone book for?  I've heard that come up in other forums, and I'm just curious if I'm missing out on something awesome.  I know it's a color guide, but nothing past that.

    Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for the info Lauren!

  • I've used Stationery HQ a ton in the last few months. They are GREAT. The quality has never let me down. Most of the projects I've printed have all been stationery or invitations. The folded cards come pre-scored. I have not had any problems with trimming or colors coming out strangely.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi All!!

    I'm making the switch from Catprint to Stationery HQ (so far, Catprint has messed up nearly 85% of my orders, definitely time to move on!). I could use some help figuring out which paper to use for a tri-fold photo thank you card. The options are 110 uncoated, 130 recycled, 110 felt, and 110 ecru...Catprint had a great choice of papers, and I especially loved that they also had a description of each paper and what it should be used for.

    Can anybody suggest which paper would be best for my tri-fold photo project? I was going to go with the Ecru, but I'm not sure it's the best option for something that needs to be folded.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I love the paper from Stationery HQ.  Yes, they have fewer choices than Catprints, but so far I am much happier with the quality.  I believe their ecru option is felted too.  It has sort of a pebbled texture to it, almost like watercolor paper.  Since you're printing photos you may want to go with the 110 uncoated

    • Mae
    • Nov 16th 2012

    Hi Lauren!

    Thanks for the referral.  I'm excited to be setting up a new account with Jack today.

    We recently moved into our dream home; a log cabin in the mountains.  Lovely for me, but -in doing so- I sacrificed the relationship I had with a small press shop in Annapolis, MD. {Boo}

    Love this MINTED community.  All of you ladies are so gracious to share tips like this!


  • I used Catprint for our save the dates and they turned out great. I was also looking at printrunner.com, which has a large selection of products and decent prices. Some items have high minimums, which is why I went with Catprint. I guess Catprint is kind of hit or miss, from the sound of it, but I've had no problems with my single order. I plan on getting our invitations and reply cards printed there, too, so we'll see how that goes!

    Also, as for the samples of our winning designs, I've received a sample of both of my designs shortly after they launched. Do they not do that anymore? It was a nice touch! :)

  • Great tips!

  • Great tips!

  • Has anyone had any problems with Stationery HQ quality recently? 2 of my orders were on poor stock, off centered, and the coloring was terrible. The first time I thought it was just a bad print run, but with the second time now I'm afraid to use them again.  Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this same problem?

  • Hi everyone,

    I just received my first order with StationeryHQ and I was very happy with the quality and VERY happy with the customer service.

    However, I'm working on a wedding suite for a client who wants inner and outer envelopes—something StationeryHQ doesn't offer.

    Can anyone recommend a company that does offer this? Perhaps someone here has designed wedding stationery before and can send me in the right direction. All advice is appreciated!


  • Caroline - I don't know if any printing companies sell the inner/outer envelopes.  I have gotten them at Paper Source in the past, but they are pricey.  I think Invitation Outlet has less expensive inner/outer envelopes.  Good luck!

  • I get mine at Paper Presentation usually

  • I know people who like to use cards & pockets. I have seen the quality and they have nice stuff.


  • I know people who like to use cards & pockets. I have seen the quality and they have nice stuff.


  • Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I was thinking I could order the invites and envelopes (possibly with liners) from one company and then try to buy outer envelopes that will fit everything from elsewhere. I'm not sure what kind of trouble I may run into with dimensions though, and also the paper wouldn't match.

    I will definitely look at these options and hopefully find something that will work!

  • Hi Caroline! If it were me, I'd have the invitations printed one place and order the envelopes/liners from another source. So-Ho paper has inner and outer envelopes and liners. If you have a wholesale account with them, the prices are very reasonable.


  • Leslie,

    Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will definitely look into that.

  • FYI Paper Presentation and Soho are the same company.  PP is if you don't have a wholesale account.