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  • Feel free to post your options here. You can use tinypic.com to upload your photos and ask if you need help. Amy and I, among others are constantly popping in and out of here :)
  • I would love a critique if someone is up for it :-) http://www.minted.com/design-rating/16584 . thanks in advance!
  • I think the origami illustration is a little overpowering but I really like the background. You might consider taking away everything except the basic text and background so that you end up with a really clean design. I think you have a little too much going on in one space at the moment. Welcome to Minted!!
  • Thanks Sydney! I took your advice and created a clean version without the sembazuru theme :-) thanks again, I appreciate it!
  • Love your changes!
  • I would love some critiques if a veteran has some time, I know its a bit plain and missing that "wow" but I'm stuck! Thanks in advance! http://www.minted.com/design-rating/16269
  • Alana, The illustration and colors in your design are very nice. I'm not so sure about the typography. I might go with something more traditional that better echoes the illustration. Lastly, the black seems to be a little harsh with the soft colors. You might consider making the text grey or making the background a little darker and using the same cream color for the text. Hope that helps!
  • Thanks Sydney!
  • Thank you for starting this thread, Sydney. I have a few designs with no comments, here is one: http://www.minted.com/design-rating/16509
    If any one has time to critique I'd much appreciate it!
  • I'm new to Minted and would love a critique if anyone has time. I'm trying to get better and better each challenge. Thanks for considering! http://www.minted.com/design-rating/15811
  • try simplifying your pattern either by eliminating some of the colors or some of the details. Also consider giving more space around your type... it seems a little tight in that box.
  • Thanks to jillmeans and everyone who left be such great feedback on my design. It was so helpful (and interesting) to read. I am editing as we speak. Thanks again!
  • Ah- I could use some help with this one I'm working on. I could use some help with type...

    Version 1
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Version 2
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Version 3
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • v2 would do all the text in that grayish blue for readability and nix the one random star under location. love the glowing lights.
  • I would greatly appreciate anyone's opinion on the layout and the text of my last submission. http://www.minted.com/design-rating/17007

  • I would really like to see what the body text in #2 and the Sloop script in #1 looks like together. I also agree with Amy on readability. Overall, this is a fantastic idea!
  • Thank you both! Sometimes I think my biggest struggle with challenges is trying to get what I'm seeing in Illustrator to appear correctly when turned into a .jpeg or .gif. It always comes out so much lighter on Minted..hmm..anyway, how about this?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Feel free to offer up an opinion if you have time. I like the background but I also tend to lean that way a lot.
    The type is slightly different in Option B as well. Thanks in advance!

    Option A:

    Option B:
  • I like the bg too. I would scale down the tree illustration and maybe keep all the text the same color?
  • I agree with Amy!
  • Thank you for starting this! What a great idea and I can definitely use the help.


    I just saw a few other designs with similar color schemes and wanted some feedback. Do you think the color block with the text should be larger and the color block with the names smaller (essentially the reverse of what it is now)? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Anne
  • I think I better go back to the drawing board.....

    zero comments even on the forum cannot be good ;)
  • wait, don't go back to the drawing board :). i think this design is so nice! it's weird. i actually just got the new jcrew catalogue in the mail today, and it reminds me of this. before i even saw your design, i was thinking, "maybe i should design something with camel and grey and beige and do a crosshatching like the chair fabric on this cover." then, i saw yours and said, "darnit, guess i won't be doing that."

    i really like your design! all i would suggest is to tweak your typography a little. it does not seem as "cool" as your design....if that makes sense :). maybe make it a little more mid-century-"ish".
  • Actually I liked a lot about that one when I first saw it posted Anne!
    My take: I think the leading needs work on the main text. Also, I'd play with the proportions a bit- the heart seems a smidge big, the rounded corners are really standing out to me (maybe scale down the radius slightly or try without rounded corners?) and it seems just a bit crowded overall. I love the colors, the layout, and the pattern though- I think it has really good potential!
  • Thank you Stacey and Laura! I totally agree with typography! I also agree about the heart and the corners. Sometimes things look better late at night (when I get to do any work) and in the light of day I see it for what it is. I really appreciate the feedback and help though and will work on it!

    This is why I LOVE minted!!!!!
  • Ann - I think you have a decent concept and layout. I do think you need to reverse out the text.
  • Hi Anne - so glad you didn't trash this design either! Had to run some errands so I didn't see your post!
    I agree with the ladies above. I'm seeing two different styles colliding right now. The heart and fonts are cutesy while the colors and textures are much richer.

    @Amy & Sydney - thanks for the above feedback. Done & done!
  • Thanks ladies for the feedback! I have some work to do tonight!
  • Ann, I don't think you need a condensed font for the info text. I think I would stick with either all caps or all lowercase letters :) Can't wait to see where it goes!
  • Thanks for all your feedback. Looking back at the original compared to what it is now, it did really need work. Typography is tricky but hopefully with these challenges I'll get the hang of it :)
  • Hi Mintie Mentors, I'd love some feedback if anyone has time: http://www.minted.com/design-rating/17346

    I really want to use this apple illustration but worry I'm just missing the mark with this one.
  • Dividing line or no dividing line?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • how about the drop shadow on the first one? I'm tempted to say the thin border looks nice but the drop shadow is a big deal here because of you white border...
  • oops. I chose the wrong file...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • @ pretty in paper - i've got several idea 1} keep the divider but have the grey box bleed off the paper (no white border on the bottom, just on the top) 2} maybe make the heart bigger and put a '&' sign in there 3} maybe put the last names in a script font underneath the first names (in the grey box)...

    I hope these ideas help/inspire... I really like this one!
  • yeah what erin said... =D
  • Trying to upload a photo for review my you lovely ladies...how do you attach a photo? Sorry....
  • Carrie: Go to Tinypic.com and upload your image there. Then, Copy and Paste your HTML code (they give this to you after you successfully upload) here. Make sure you format comments as HTML, and it helps to preview your post first.
  • I know these are small images...but any advice on color selection? (Thanks for your help Meg!)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • the lavender... guess you have your colorways ready... ;D
  • Thanks Amy!
  • another vote for lavender
  • Lavender . . . does that seal the deal?
  • Definitely the lavender! Love the blues & mauves in it too. Can't wait to see full size! :)
  • Yep- lavender! I'm with Paige- looking forward to seeing it full size!
  • wow i like it carrie! I'm really torn....either the lavender or green/yellow. :)
  • I am so new to this, I could really use the help. I've only been designing for a few months. It's quite intimidating with all the awesome talent. I am really not expecting to really win (but hey, that'd be nice!). Just some honest to goodness feedback :)

  • @ preppypaperie

    for the map one - with the colors reversed out like that the water looks like land and vice versa. i like the idea of the route lines forming the names but I would try to find a font that can replace the hand written for easy production.

    for the tree lanterns - I would focus on the typography more and possible simplifying by removing the tree and a couple lanterns. I think the lanterns are very cute.

    Hopes that helps...
  • Thanks for everyone's feedback!

    How about now?? I split the trees and lanterns apart. I loved both, but it was hard to decide how to showcase both...so I divorced them :)

  • I like the lanterns one. you could probably nix a couple more or space the out more across the top. The type is still needs attention, especially the name spacing.
  • I keep going back and forth between these two versions- I'd love a second opinion if anyone has a minute!
    Version 1:
    Version 2:
  • I really love the background! I'm not sure if it would be too much if you used it for the entire card. Having the grid pattern at the top seems to keep the card from feeling integrated and like one design. There are a ton of things I really love about this design but they're coming together like they should. Okay, you've stumped me. I'm going to have to think about this and in the meantime hopefully someone will come in with the answer!!
  • I'd be curious to see it with the grid background on the entire card...
  • Here it is with the pattern on the whole card
    Version 3:
  • I like the grid background! For the typography....i might suggest an italic or script font with less swashes. (Just Meg's preference) You already have tons of cool ornaments around the type, I don't think you need all of the extra script in the body copy. Make sense? Just like sydney said somewhere in this forum....try to keep it simple when you are mixing lots of typefaces. (This is really lovely by the way! Keep working! :) )
  • Love the grid!
  • Thanks for the feedback, ladies! I'll keep working on it!
  • Hi everyone! I've been staring at one version or another of this design for way, way too long. Feedback appreciated. The pattern is inspired by the lace/netting material that's sometimes used in bridal accessories. Also, the fonts are much easier to read in Illustrator. I don't know why they're so hard to read here. Are they just plain too small maybe? I'm pretty new to design, so I appreciate all your help. Thanks! :)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Was out of town this weekend...but wanted to thank all you amazing ladies for your feedback. You're the best!!
  • I think the readability is going to be a problem. I think the colors are more the issue than the size.
  • Thanks, jillmeans! I'll work on the colors to improve readability. I think I need to recalibrate my screen too....
  • I like the layout! I might emphasize the lace a little more....so I know that it's lace and not a grid. (I love that you're using lace as a texture.) I agree with jill on the colors too.
  • A few updates based on feedback and comments I received here in the forum. Any thoughts? I really wanted to use something different for the last names, but my fonts are in short supply....

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • *deleted post*

    I slept on the design and decided I did not like it, not one bit!
  • Hi all, I’ve been lurking on this forum for ages now and figured that, oh gee, you all seem so lovely and helpful, I decided to emerge from the flowered wallpaper and am asking for some advice.

    I know this hasn't been active for a few days, so hopefully someone out there is checking this. I really do love the way business penmanship gives this a bit of a softer look. Some of you already recommended a more modern font for this design...can I have your thoughts? I actually quite like the looks of both, but am drawn back to business penmanship, blinded by my ‘new font crush’.

    version 1
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    version 2
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Also if anything else besides the font that can improve, feel free to share.

    Thanks! -Megan
  • Hi Megan, and elcome to Minted! Your illustration is adorable :)

    I am not by any stretch a typography expert, but I'm wondering about a mix of the two. All of the type in business penmanship is a little too much for me and the other is just a little plain. How about keeping the Business for the names and possibly the bottom line, and having the rest in the sans serif? Just a thought.
  • i agree with karen - your illustration is so super-cute. i was admiring it the other day. i think a mix of the two would be nice also. the date is always a good one to pop with a script and definitely the names.

    welcome to minted! and oh, i like that you said you were "lurking" :).
  • Yes, love this one! Post a 3rd version with a mix of the two fonts! I kind of like the names in the sans serif :)
  • Funny you should both say that. I actually had this already done, but I am not a huge fan...but maybe it is because I’ve been staring at this design and versions of it for about a week now...ugh.

    Version 3
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Hi Megan! Have you thought about trying uppercase for the sans-serif font? How about having your illustration at the top instead of the middle and maybe making the names a bit larger? (You've probably tried all of that already...)