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  • I'm curious, does anyone have any ideas for a future design challenge that Minted should hold?
  • Maybe a calling card challenge.
  • One of my favorite Christmas cards this year had a postcard format. I loved it because not only was it so cute but it was so green! Less paper waste because there is no envelope. So how about a stationery challenge using a postcard format where designers get to design the front and the back?
  • I like the postcard idea, Roxanne! I've seen postcards in destination wedding invitations like Paris, London, NYC, San Francisco, Hawaii - it would be perfect for the next challenge. I love the minted mini-book so why not expand the design challenge for contemporary notebook, calendar or memo pad.
  • I would love to see a Halloween card contest....it could be a lot of fun and very popular with consumers.

    This be a long shot...and I'm not sure I even would know to execute it...but what about a card for parents to send out at the end of the school year or once a year that highlights their child's (or children's) accomplishments, activities, milestones, etc. It would be a fun way to update family and friends who live far away...and include a cute photo or two. It could also end up being a great addition to any memento box or scrapbook.
  • How about personalized recipe cards or book plates.
  • How about photo mother's or father's day card, special occasion invites such as easter, halloween or fourth of july.
  • I love all of these ideas! I especially like the idea for a postcard. Does minted do wedding programs? I know they can be a lot of work, but I just wondered if brides ever request a program that matches their invitation?
  • Jess --- I don't know if they specifically do programs. But you could easily modify the invitation design to be the "cover" of the program ordering extra blank paper for the back. And then a simple accordion style program. It's a bit of a DIY project, but my friend did something similar with her wedding (though she didn't order her invites through minted).
  • What if we try a desk calendar design challenge? It would be interesting to do a notepad/post-it design challenge also. Oh what about a holiday/theme party design challenge like: Superbowl, Tailgate, Mardi Gras, Tropical, 80's, etc?
  • These are such great ideas! I'm already thinking of what I could do for each if they became challenges! I like the idea of holiday themed cards - what about a "Happy Thanksgiving" card for people who want to get their holiday season cards done early? Another thought goes along with the wedding program idea - what about placecards for the reception or rehearsal dinner that match the menu and invites. Or also wedding info cards - not sure if this is what they should be called - but I get asked to do these all the time for guests to receive upon hotel check-in. They typically give information about wedding weekend activities, times of various events, parking/shuttle info, etc. Sometimes they are a single card or could also work great in the minibook format. I love Amy's idea about calling cards. Along with that I'm thinking about business cards, gift cards (i.e., "Merry Christmas from the Browns") I really liked the idea about bookplates too. Another idea is simple "happy birthday" greeting cards that could be ordered in packs so the buyer could have a stash at the ready to mail out to friends and family throughout the year.
  • I love the greeting cards idea. How about something along the same lines of small packs of "occasion" cards that didn't need to be personalized.
  • I would like to see a 5.25 inch diecut circle added as a template. It would something really unique to Minted, and loads of fun to design for, especially as part of a wedding suite.
  • I like the idea of multiples - something that would come in a set of 4, like personal stationery cards that had four different variations of theme. Another idea: cards aimed at pet owners (who are almost as crazy as new parents).
  • My vote is for the postcard :)
  • Recently spotted customized coasters for birthdays, weddings and anniversary, love to see this in the next challenge.
  • How about a Sweet Sixteen/Suite Sixteen challenge? I've heard of some over the top parties.

    The event would be celebrated as a coordinated designed suite.
    Invitation, envelope, envelope liner, seal to close the envelope and maybe even the stamp. Could also include the thank you card.

    This challenge could also include bar & bat mitzvah's.

    I also think this "suite" idea would be a lovely way to expand on the design coordination of your existing products.
  • I would dearly love to participate in a letterpress design challenge...
  • How about a 2 color design challenge? Designers can pick any two color combination aside from white to design with. They can adjust the shade(k value) and transparency of those 2 colors as well.
  • love the idea of a postcard!
  • I love Alex's idea about cards for pets! I know so many people who would love cards like that!
  • Spring, summer, fall and winter stationery sets. Same basic design - just slightly adjust to fit each season.
  • Judging from past winners... Flowers always do well. How about a floral challenge?
    Or along the same lines... A nature themed challenge called - Birds, Bees & Trees!
  • Milestone Anniversary cards that you send to the couple, not that the couple sends out. I know something that's big with the real estate agents I work with is time change cards reminding of the time change in the spring and fall.

    I noticed lots of bird designs in the Valentine challenge...wow Minties love birds! :)
  • Alexelko-I love your idea of creating multiples.
    Ditto for Kelly's idea of recipe cards and bookplates
  • How about a competition for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc., using vintage photographs? I've done several 50th Anniversary and even a 100th Birthday party invitation/s lately. Even though working with the old photographs that you are given can be a challenge at times, this could be part of the competition. Although I'm not sure that Minted wants to add "photo restoration" to their list of services . . .
  • Love the idea of multiples...often I have a design where I tweak it here and there, and can't decide which design layout is better. Would be fun to have a "theme" of cards. Also like the idea of pet cards...I've been asked to do those too.
  • I know this post is really old and it's not like you guys need more to do. :) But I had an idea I wanted to share that was derived from the little project we're doing at our Ohio meet-up.

    A character/drop-cap competition to compose an alphabet poster:

    Designers could submit original character designs that would become part of a collaborative alphabet poster to garner publicity for your new art print launch. A designer, no matter how many letters were submitted, would only have one letter (their highest rated) used in the end. This way 26 designers (or more if you use numerals, etc.) will be represented from the Minted community.

    The 6% commission made from sales could go to charity. Maybe even the highest rated design gets to choose the charity? And the rest of the winners I'm sure would just be happy with receiving an art print to keep and the honor of being part of this project.

    Just an idea! Take it or leave it. :)

  • I like that idea cadence! that would be so fun!


  • Cadence, I love that idea! I'm also jealous of your Ohio meet-up... it sounds like a blast.


  • I love the idea of die cut circle or perhaps a scallop option. I did Christmas postcards for a client this year and the post office just hacked them up with marks, bends, and a zip code label along the bottom. Paper was heavy  cotton too. Has anyone else experienced that? I subsequently assumed that postcard designs are probably put in envelops?

  • Holiday card challenge where you get to see the front AND a backer idea (even if the back is not customizable like the business card challenge). Sometimes when you see the backer you fall in love with the front even more, especially when it's a really fun pattern or relates to the front in a creative way! Maybe Minted would sell more backer upgrades too, they wouldn't be able to resist!

    Sydney: The milestone birthday/anniversary is a great idea. Just designed and printed 150 invitations for my grandpa's 90th birthday!

    Paige: I LOVE the letter challenge!

  • ooo - so many good ideas! I especially like the postcard, die-cut circle, multi-sets, and Paige's alphabet idea.

    @Amy - the idea of a flower challenge is hilarious - maybe that would help us all get them out of our systems. Or not. I love florals... they're my automatic doodle shape... I can't get enough of them!

    What about a single page calendar design. I am obsessed right now with 'special date' calendars, that give space for you to write annual events next to a day of the year - like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I made a bunch for my family last year for Christmas - my grandma loves it for keeping track of her huge family - kids, grandkids, great grand kids, etc.

  • I LOVE the idea of some sort of type/font/alphabet challenge.


  • Another option for a charitable design - 2013 calendar postcards or monthly wall caelndars (as suggested above).  One design for each month - the highest rated design for that month, so up to 12 designers would be featured.  Donate the proceeds.

  • But, I also LOVE the collaborative alphabet print idea, too!

  • I guess you could also use the single letters for custom name prints. i.e. "A is for Andrew" and so on. Designers could recoup their commission on these I guess.

    Customers may also like to see full names spelled out too. The possibilities are endless... Just throwing it out there! I hope minted isn't cursing me for opening this discussion again. :)

  • I love Paige's Alphabet idea!

    Here are some ideas I thought would be nice;

    Card Sets for:

    Thinking of You





  • Love all your ideas regarding the letter designs, Paige!

  • How about something fun/silly like taking your very first Minted entry and re-vamping it (for some of us old balls, this would be extreme) for a new "most improved challenge" kind of thing? Maybe more work than profit but would be really fun to see.

  • I am fully on-board with a color-limited letterpress or desk calendar contest. What about tea towels or wrapping paper sheets? Non-holiday gift tags?

  • Love all of these ideas!

    Stickers for birthday presents, holiday presents etc could be interesting too.

    ~ Tracey

  • Great ideas everyone - I personally love the wrapping paper idea and the gift tag stickers. I remember this coming up with the holiday gift tag challenge - so many great "from the kitchen of" tag ideas - would be fun to see them as stickers for jam jars and baked good boxes etc....

  • 2birdstone.. I LOVE THE IDEA ABOUT REDESIGNING OUR FIRST EVER MINTED ENTRY! love it!! and when u submit u have to post the original with it.. we need to do this minted!!


  • Love Paige's idea of an alpahabet challenge! How about a rubber address stamp challenge as an alternative to skinny wraps? Or, for moms who love to throw parties, maybe a children's party kit challenge, which could include some or all of the following: invites, matching seals for goodie bags, matching paper goodie bags, hats and thank you cards?

  • I LOVE theme party invites... I had so much fun trying to wrap my head around kids' party themes that I think adults would love some fun party invites, too!