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  • Just noticed the "Advanced" forum search option - thanks, Minted!

  • Can I suggest to Minted that they close off the forum to the public? I don't know if it's possible but I think it would be great to go private.
  • Once the submissions are closed it would be great to still sort by 'most recently submitted' that way for those of us that are keeping track of our 'likes' don't miss out on any of the last minute submissions. Thanks!

  • ditto that, Inkbot!

  • It would be good to be able to "hide" old designs you don't like in your portfolio, if you can't remove them.

  • I agree with Kate. I've been trying to figure out how to remove some of my submissions from past competitions. They were some of my very first designs when I was just practicing and starting to figure out the whole Minted thing. I'd love to show a portfolio I am 100% happy with.

  • How about announcing all of the "special awards" that are still outstanding?

  • Hi designers, thanks for all the feedback -- keep it coming! I'm sorry about the delay in special prizes, but the wheels are turning over here, so we will be announcing a whole slew of them soon! And keep in mind that if you ever need submissions removed, just shoot us an email with the submission names and the contest they were submitted to and we'll be happy to help.


  • wishing that we could pin, share, etc. designs straight from the thumbnails on the designs submitted page of our My Design Studio

  • on the pinterest topic... noticing that all the link backs to minted for pins we made during the holiday challenge are broken (not sure if that's to do with holiday being taken down before it launched, or if it's always the case) but either way it seems a missed opportunity since so many of us pinned our faves to get the word out... not even winning designs link back to their minted challenge or sell page. maybe it's something the developers could look into. thanks in advance for the consideration! Wink

  • I would love it if Minted would consider offering their square cards in a 6 1/4" size - either in addition to the 5 1/4" size or in place of it.  Anyone else?

  • Just noticed that I can now sort my designs by "best selling" and "comments" under "Manage Your Collection" (previously the images would not load) - thanks for working out the bugs! :)

  • Hi, I'm new, so I apologize if this has been addressed before, but one item on my wishlist would be a partnership with Veer, or another supplier for a discount on the approved font list. Or if Minted became an authorized reseller and sold the fonts to members at cost. :-)

  • Can we have a feature that after the scores of a challenge are posted, we can see how we ranked? So in addition to seeing the score, we'd also see something like "135 out of 3,348."

  • This is an interesting thread, I'll have to think it over and come up with some suggestions.

  • This suggestion is for the site UX itself: it would be nice to have a "scroll to top" button in the bottom right of the product/design submission pages/forum posts as you scroll down. I typically click "view all" because I prefer to scroll over clicking the tiny next button (especially when viewing on a smaller device) but then when I get to the bottom, I have to re-scroll all the way back up, which I wish I didn't have to do. So yeah, that would be a nice-to-have =)