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  • I know this has been brought up before but Minted has made a lot of changes and the older threads and thoughts have become a bit stale (and lengthy). Minted genuinely wants to help out the design community in every way possible. So, let's make a new wishlist of things we would like to see. Ann brought up the option of being able to zoom in to see the details of designs during the voting stage (an excellent suggestion).

    What else would you guys like to see/have access to? What can Minted do to make your experience as a designer better- whether it be as a designer in general or as a designer for Minted, specifically?
  • Improving rating system is up there for me...
    I still think we need a larger scale of 1 to 10. So you can get a REAL idea of where you are in the pack. When designs are separated by less that a tenth of a point it's really hard to gauge where you stand.
  • I'd still like to have a list of the Minted approved fonts typed up IN the actual fonts, so I easily see what they all look like. This would allow me to know when I can substitute without compromising the design. :)
  • Karen - I can see a few of us teaming up to knock that project out in no time...
  • I would like to be able to click a designer's name from the forum and have it take me to their designer page. By the way, love that you can now view designs for sale in the "most popular" order.
  • Sorry I brought up an old topic but I didn't realize that a zoom feature was discussed earlier. Would love to see one though.
    Like most everyone else, I can't get enough fonts. Additional modern and informal fonts would be on my list.
    Based on the latest challenge, new formats would be fantastic but I know that entails a lot on Minted's end.
  • I would like to improve the manageability of the forum. I think we are all confused as to why some categories are posted publicly and some are only viewable if you are signed in. I don't want newbies to miss out on anything!!
  • Hey Amy--I only have a fraction of the fonts on Minted's list, so I don't know how much help I would be. We could try and see how many of them we have combined between the active forum members.
  • Yes yes yes! This an awesome thread. I love the idea of increasing the rating system to ten and being able to zoom in on designs. I hate missing out on those great details that minties spend hours executing.
  • Maybe we should create our own challenge for the people at Minted: We're looking for a modern and clean way to display our font list on an 8.5x11 letter size piece of paper. Minties are known for their expert design skills and innovative ways to use space. We are counting on you to deliver a font list reflective of these qualities. The contest starts today and ends tomorrow. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!
  • Uh...I know Minted likes to give us some quickfire challenges, but one day?! Sydney, you must be out of your mind! At least give us two. ;-)
  • Ann!! This challenge is not FOR Minties, it is BY Minties, for the Minted Employees (hence the one-day deadline)!!!
  • Well on second thought...I think it's TOTALLY doable! ;-)
  • Sorry, I couldn't resist the chance to see what it was like on the other side (how'd I do?). But it would be fun for the minties to have some kind of challenge for you guys, something just the design community could vote on. You know, when none of us have anything better to do . . . ha!!
  • Fonts I'd wish for:
    Avenir (If I recall correctly, a few other Minties have mentioned this font too.)

    Also, "You Work for Them" has a bunch of fonts at reasonable prices and they're fresh looking and fun. http://www.youworkforthem.com/fonts/
    Three of their fonts I like are Lodgecode, Marlowe, and Bouclé.
  • I like Aphrodite Slim Pro as a fun script with alternates, but it's probably expensive.
  • Oh, and Tungsten for tall san-serif
  • I'm still cracking up over Sydney's post. :) I literally LOL.
  • After receiving that WONDERFUl new font list, I almost feel bad for asking for something else so soon! lol But it's just an idea, not really a request. :)

    I was wondering if Minted ever considered rewarding winning designs or editors picks with font credits or something similar.
    Veer for example has a credit system but I don't know if you can "gift" credits. Or maybe a font company could partner with Minted in rewards. After all, Minted is doing the font world a favor. I've purchased fonts in the past few months only because they were on your list! I'm sure the same goes for many other designers too.

    Again, not sure of the logistics but just an idea!
  • Paige, I think this is definitely something they are considering. Veer credits would be wonderful . . . and something everyone could use!
  • Great idea, Paige--I know I for one would LOVE more fonts!
  • wow. that's a pretty great idea, Paige. Since I've become apart of this community, I've actually started purchasing a lot more fonts....because it seems like I have more exposure to great typography. You can never have enough typefaces! :)
  • Agreed- that would make a great prize! I was just organizing my font wish list and trying to prioritize- so hard when you want to buy a million at once!
  • great idea! my parents gave me font credits to veer last year for christmas - best stocking stuff ever :)
  • it's pretty amazing that your parents know what veer actually is, annie. :)
  • Yes, well Annie's Dad also listens to Tom Waits so I'm not too terribly surprised :)
  • I wish when someone uploaded a new version of their design, it would bump it up as a recently submitted design. Sometimes I (and other designers) give suggestions about a design and I'd like to notice if they made changes... to see how the new version looks. But, I don't want to search through a sea of entries to check to see if changes have been made to existing designs. I love to see the process of making improvements and refining a design, it's fascinating to me. Is that weird?
  • Not weird at all- that would be a great feature Jill! I noticed that today too- when I went scrolling down to some of the earlier submissions a lot of them had changed very significantly and it would be nice to see them bumped up to the top.
  • I've thought about that as well, Jill. Good one to add to the list!
  • agreed! Great idea!
  • love all the suggestions!

    Maybe we can have our fav design in 'saved design' ?? So, by the time we have to vote, we make sure the ones that we love the most get the ratings! And maybe there's a group rating.. So, after we collect all the designs, we can just press (one time) rating 5/4/3 etc...

    Also, I would love to see the scale 1 to 5 (if its possible) in the 'group preview designs' so we don't have to click each of the design (since most of the time we know which one we love already)

    hope that will help.. cheers!
  • How about sorting the designs submitted section of each designer's profile by most recent rather than alphabetical? I cringe every time I see my newbie entries next to my more recent ones ...
  • @Ashley - From now on, start naming all your new files with the letter "A". lol Sooner or later those other ones will move to the back. How's that for a quick fix! :)
  • That's brilliant, Paige!! I might have to go back and rename some of mine words that begins with "z".
  • @Paige: You smarty, you!
  • WISH #1
    If I remember correctly, Minted used to have a little "about us" section with little bios for each staff member. I don't see that anymore, and I was wondering if it could make a comeback, not necessarily on the official site.

    It would be really nice to meet everyone who makes all the magic happen, and for logistical purposes, it would be nice to know who does what.

    WISH #2
    In addition to being able to write comments, a simple facebook-ish "like" feature would be really nice just so we can acknowledge someone's well-done work. This could work in both the critique phase and/or a first cut voting.

    WISH #3
    For minties with winning designs, it might be really cool if we could get a printed sample of the winning design. I know I can print it out on my own, but it would be nice to get exactly what the customer receives, especially if they order the whole suite (liners, labels, etc.). Just a thought, I know it would be difficult to implement.
  • Oh! Wish #3 is something I would LOVE. I am so curious about what the design looks like when they order. I haven't really ever seen a sample of anything from Minted. I need to order some stationery:)
  • Absolutely agree with the wish of winning designs receiving at least one sample of their design printed from Minted!
  • As someone who hasn't won a challenge, I still think wish three is super-dee-dooper. A real life sample would rule.
    Would also "like" the facebook "like" option and it would be even cooler if we could "sort by Likes"
  • What I would really love is to have the opportunity to chat with the administrators for say 15 minutes in order to solve problems and exchange ideas more easily. So I think it should be possible to get yourself an appointment with one of the administrators to exchange via skype or even a special chat that is only installed here?
  • I haven't read through all of the comments, so this might have been mentioned....or maybe I am the only one this crazily obsessed...but how could would a Minted App be for our cell phones?!
  • @Jackie- a Minted App would rock!
  • I think the upgrades that Minted made to the forum are wonderful. Thanks so much!
  • My request would be to make the highlight color when there are new posts/comments a little more noticeable.
  • I also love the new updates. I loved the feature before that highlighted the discussions that I viewed/commented in when new comments were made. I know I can look to see if there are "new comments" but the highlighting was very helpful
  • i really love all the new features added to the forum. it looks awesome, and the area to enter comments with all the tools is PERFECT! .....but is there a way to turn off emailing each time someone else makes a comment on a post after you have commented on it?

  • Woops!   Nevermind on this post.  I’ve deleted my comments...not sure what I was thinking!  ha-ha.

    can we delete a comment or just edit it?

  • Agree with having a "like" option.

    Another thought - I'm always wondering how my colors look printed. They can be so different on screen than in real life. Perhaps a Minted swatch palette for InDesign and Illustrator? Maybe minties could order a printed version of the palette so that they could see what colors look like in print. This might also allow Minted to offer colored envelopes when designers use specific colors (although that might open up a whole can of worms.)

    I'm not saying we should be limited to a specific swatch list, but having some standardized colors might be good.


  • Sorting the display of designs.

    It would be great if there was the option to sort designs by newest added, in addition to the current sorting options of "most popular" and prices. Sorting by prices also doesn't seem to really help much since a lot (if not all?) of the cards are priced the same.

  • Even if Minted could tell us how to reset our screen settings to view printing accuracy, I'd like that.

    Anther thing I'd love: In the photographer affiliate storefront, I would like a drop down screen so my clients could sort the type of announcement they want then it filters my design selections.


  • I would love to have the option to delete old submissions. my first few entries (from three years ago) were baaad, and I hate looking at them.

  • This may be too complicated to implement, but I would LOVE to be able to vote designs during the critique phase. If someone changes the design (uploads a new version) it would kick the vote off. That way we could be voting all along. As new designs are submitted, I could vote on them right away. By the end of the submission period, I'd really only have to vote on the designs that had been modified. The amount of submissions is really getting overwhelming, but I still want to vote on all of them.

  • I was thinking it would be nice to see on each designer's page under the winner/judges pick designation what designs won...or maybe a banner on the winning/judges pick design in the "submitted designs"...just a thought.

    I know that we can see what designs are being sold…so obviously they were winners, but more often that not, a designer has more “win/picks” listed than what is actually being sold.  

  • I'm with you Cheer Up. I'd love to erase a couple of mine!

  • It would also be nice to see how our designs scored as soon as the voting period was over. It just seems like such a long wait between the end of the voting period and the announcement of the winners, and I'm impatient like that :)

    I wouldn't necessarily need to see how everyone scored. I'm not sure what level of secrecy is needed before revealing the winners, but I'm assuming the winners are not chosen based on score alone, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to show everyone's scores.

  • It would be great if we could impose a limit to the number of designs a Mintie can submit in one challenge. You should not be allowed to submit 20, 30, or even 40 designs... that is ridiculous! This is what is turning people off from the voting process!

    Sorry, but I had to rant...

  • jill i agree would love to vote during critique phase i think designers would get more input and tips from others to learn more... paper dahlia i also agree.. i think a cut off point would be great there would be more concentrated designs people would think more about what designs they are submitting.. cheer up i wish there was an option to delete as well.. but i did send an email to minted and they deleted them for me.. just send them a list of the design and what challenge it was in and ur name and profile name... they did it pretty fast..

  • Here's a wish - that I could skip to a letter in the sort by designer view...so I don't have to scoll through all to find the designer name for which I am looking!

  • I second that wish!

  • That's a great idea, Kim!

  • I absolutely agree on impossing a limit on the number of designs submitted per designer, per challenge. @ Kerry, 40 subissions is ridiculous and unfortunantly not an exaggeration. I just counted a total of 67 designs submitted by a single designer for this spreading the holiday cheer challenge!!!
  • 67 r u kidding me thats crazy!

  • That's why the cut will be so nice. If Minted cuts it down to 600 or whatever, then that doesn't really matter as much, because I'm guessing that 67 designs from a single designer won't make it. Yay Minted! But an imposed limit would actually help some of those designers with large numbers to focus and self-edit. They would also receive more concentrated feedback and get better faster at least that would be my theory.

  • it would be nice for a limit.. the focus and self edit is so important too i did alot of that this time and i think my designs are so much better for it!!

  • Hey, I just noticed while rating designs that the designer's identity is now hidden from view. I love it. I think that will definitely help curb any bias or favoritism in the voting round. Thanks Minted!

  • was checking if some of the wishes we have were already mentioned (like being able to sort our own submissions, remove them, etc :)  ...noticed the mention of a limit on submissions. wanted to place a dorky apology to you all, whoever is reading, etc. about how many we submitted!

    our "studio" is the four sisters from our family -- due to the number of us, and how excited we were being our 1st holiday challenge) we netted out at 66 between us... some of our ideas being series-oriented pushed it up there too, hoping one would make it thru from each series. we had no idea anyone would think us over-the-top in a bad way. we were just **that excited** to have an opportunity to make things together as sisters as we had talked about growing up, that our enthusiasm carried it away!! :)  speaking for all of us at campbell and co., we want to offer a big "our bad" to anyone who has issue with how many submissions we made. we'll def curtail our excitement more next time and edit further down, or remove before the cutoff if it gets to be too many. thanks so much for your patience with our learning curve. xo!

  • I'm new here, but I don't think you need to apologize...

    You never know what others may like - I think you should submit away!  And, if there are too many, apparently, Minted will take care of that.  And, there are 4 of you, after all!  I wish I could come up with 16 or 17 (66/4) ideas on my own that I liked enough to submit during one competition!  Good luck to all 4 of you.

  • thx kim, you're so sweet to say all of the above (and we so appreciated your helpful feedback and encouragement this challenge!)

    that was the toughest part in narrowing down (and believe it or not we did edit a lot of ideas out :)  is that we are new... we love the great work on minted, and a lot of things, and hope to bring something new to minted instead of focusing on competing head-to-head with what it already being done well in spades.

    but being new, and doing something new is a double whammy... you are going into the unknown and can learn the most, most quickly, by putting your ideas out there and seeing what gets the reaction. even the non-reaction or low vote tells you something you can use to educate you next batch of ideas.

    so that is the trick... knowing where that line is b/t enthusiasm and wanting to experiment and learn in this amazing community and ending up writing an apology b/c you're not sure if you have outworn your creative welcome...

    hope we will never will. we heart minties, minted and our future customers. thx for listening, xo.

  • campbell and co.. i did look and see after the fact that there were four of u.. i thought it was one person i was wondering how the heck one person could do that many...lol..

  • thx dreaming!  :)  we are four & far apart, yet somehow able to collab in our spare time on a pile of ideas thx to google docs, dropbox.com, skype, e.mail & texting. we are in recovery mode now tho, make no mistake  :)