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  • I know this question has been asked and so I did a little research. I found some great articles including one on Wiley Valentine.
    stationery tales - how they got their start
  • Thanks for sharing your post! I love reading about how other entrepreneurs got started. I'm currently looking into selling my 5-year old retail website (penandparchment.net) for various personal and professional reasons. My business started with a lot of trial and error, much like those of the ladies you just profiled. Anyway, I saw that you took a design hiatus while you were pregnant with your second. I was the same way! Just looking at a computer screen made me nauseous! I wanted nothing to do with stationery for several months!

  • Starting a business of any kind requires a lot of hard work,time, and commitment. My friends ask me how I do it with three young kids and find the time to illustrate and design on the side, I tell them if you have the passion and motivation you can do it. But I have to say to Carrie- juggling a full time stationery business venture, still have the time to design and being a mom of two young kids is a Supermom! I wish i can do it but after reading the articles, I think I will wait when the kids are older and when the resources are more available. Thanks Amy for sharing the posts- it really helps us understand what it takes to get where you want it.
  • Thanks for the kind words, Nam! I wouldn't say I'm Supermom, though, maybe Super-restless. That's part of the reason I'm selling my retail business. I'm a bit overextended now. Several of your designs should have won the Valentine's contest, by the way!
  • thank you so much for this post!
  • Check out the new minted blog about fellow mintie Marabou's Brandy Brown.