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  • I read a post about Karen's computer and budget concerns when switching from PC to Mac. The Creative Suite is one of our essential tools, but a full version for commercial use typically costs more than a new computer. Since I am a firm believer in purchasing legitimate software, I did some research and this is something I found out last year when upgrading to CS4 about the Student Version, and still applies to the new CS5:

    * * *

    Who may purchase and use Adobe Student and Teacher Editions?
    The following individuals are eligible to purchase Adobe Student and Teacher Editions:

    University and college students — students enrolled at a higher education institution defined as an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study
    Primary and secondary school students — students enrolled at an accredited public or private primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction
    Faculty and staff — teachers and staff employed by an accredited primary or secondary school or public or private university or college

    * * *

    Can I use my Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software for commercial use?
    Yes. You may purchase a Student and Teacher Edition for personal as well as commercial use.

    Can I upgrade my Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software?
    Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software can be upgraded to a commercial version when the user is no longer a student or teacher.

    Can a student or teacher continue to use Student and Teacher Edition software after graduation or upon completion of training?
    Yes. After graduation or upon completion of training, an individual may continue to use Student and Teacher Edition software.

    * * *

    SOURCE: http://www.adobe.com/education/students/studentteacheredition/faq.html

    * * *

    P.S. From now until September, the Apple Store is running their student/teacher promo:
  • @frooteddesign

    It's wasn't always Adobe's policy to allow the educational version of Creative Suite to upgrade to the commercial version or 'allow' the educational version for professional use.
    I think this is great news and a good shift in thinking for Adobe.

    Thanks for sharing...
  • My brother is taking some courses through a community college, and we found that through Academic Superstore, the attendees of quite a few colleges can get a volume discount on top of the standard student and teacher price. What this means is that he can get the CS5 Master Edition for around $600. Plus if he buys an Adobe or Wacom product, they were offering Painter 11 for $49.
  • I also found out last night, that if you switch from a mac to a pc or vice versa, and you have recently purchased adobe software, they will give you the new version (operating system version, not an upgrade or anything) if you fill out paperwork saying that you will destroy the version you have. Hopefully that made sense...
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