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  • Make Lemonade: I think the ratings are always lower than you expect (at least for me!) Even some of the winning designs get lots of ones and twos and I'm like, what? I looked at your design submissions. Here's my two cents. Work on your typography, possibly invest in a better script and another clean san serif if you don't already have one. Chopin Script is kinda bad. Pay attention to the kerning and overall spacing of the type. Sometimes you've used outlines on your illustrations, it would be cleaner and more modern without them. Believe me, if I felt like you were WAY off, I wouldn't give you any suggestions. I don't think you need a major overhaul of your aesthetic, just some tweaking.

  • MANY thanks Jill!! I appreciate your feedback and time :)

  • @Make Lemonade: In addition to what Jill said, keep submitting. I submitted for TWO years on and off before I ever got a score above a three! When I look back at my work now it's very clear how far my designing has come. If you look back through some of the "established" Minted designers you'll see incredible progress in their work too. It's not about changing your style, it's about learning typography (I need major work in this department still), composition and the subtleties of good design. I follow blogs and websites of designers I admire and try to learn from what they do. When I see a design that is really compelling I try to break down it's parts and find out why it's so successful. Tutorials and books are also a great resource.

  • Well said, Ashley. I just thought of something else.... Just being brave enough to ask, "what's not working" shows you are a true designer. It takes some tough love sometimes from other designers and especially yourself. So give yourself major props for that!

  • @Make Lemonade: Just wanted to let you know you are not alone! There were a couple designs in the last challenge that I thought I nailed, and would have personally bought to send out to my family and friends, and they scored REALLY low. It is a heart sinking feeling because it really makes you question whether you fit with what Minted is looking for, or whether your designs are even good from any standpoint. Looking back I have noticed one major area that I could make some major improvements on which is Typography- I'd say that is the biggest issue with designs submitted in these challenges.  Somewhere on this forum someone had said you can have great design elements and art on the card, but if the typography is even slightly off it will cause the whole design to fail to inspire. For me what I see when I view Minted is the majority of winning designs are modern, clean with minimal texture and excess elements, and focus on typography with clever ways to display the text. I'd imagine a lot of the best designs follow the same rules of fashion - once your outfit is complete look in the mirror and take off the last accessory added as there is most likely one to many elements taking away from the overall look.

    I would also recommend using this forum's critique threads to post designs you'd like to get some feedback on. Every single time I've posted a design I've received critques and suggestions that have helped me really step back from my design and see it from a new perspective. I directly credit the feedback and suggestions I've received for any improvement in my designs over the last couple challenges. :-)

  • I truly appreciate all the comments. I'm inspired by this design community and hope to continue to improve. Thank you Jill, 2birdstone and Jenifer. I value the points you made and the time you took to share them with me. I plan to continue submitting and know I will improve!

  • Hi,

    I just missed the deadline to submit to the Chronicle book challenge by mere seconds.. I am so bumbed, is there any possible way to sneak it in : (


  • Hi all,

    I am a newbie and am desperately needing help on how to update a design submission. Not sure where or how to upload so it gets to the same place if that makes sense!

    any help is much appreciated!

    thanks in advance


  • go to 'my design studio'

    below the badge section - on the right, select 'manage your collection'

    then filter by 'editable'

    below each design you should see - delete and edit.

    select 'edit' and you can change any info and update your design file there.

    good luck

  • Thanks Palm Papers! Great directions and so easy!

  •  Anyone else having trouble voting only on the 'unrated designs'.   I keep trying to vote on as many chronicle designs as possible, I will sort by 'unrated' but when it pulls up the individual designs to scroll through and vote, then it pulls the rated designs back in and it is so frustrating.  I hope this gets fixed before the holiday designs are up, it will be so much more difficult to vote quickly if designs you already voted on keep popping up.

    Minted, please help!

  • I have been having the same problem voting for the Chronicle challenge

  • Did anyone else receive the email notifying that we have until tomorrow to submit revisions for the Sending Good Cheer Challenge? It mentions that the selections moving on to the voting round have been selected...HAS ANYONE BEEN NOTIFIED IF THEIR DESIGNS WERE SELECTED? I'm a bit confused with this!!

  • i got the email.. not sure about the editing nor have i been notified not sure whats going on either.. i tried to edit but it wont let me..

  • I'm confused about this too. Doesn't say congrats your designs have made it to the voting round but it doesn't say they haven't either.  Anyone have any idea about this?

  • I think that tomorrow at 10 AM is when we will all see if our designs are in the voting ring or not...we will just have to see.

  • u have to go into manage your collection and then under locked for voting to edit your designs just a fyi

  • fyi...I was just informed that we will all find out if we made it to the voting round tomorrow morning...

  • Hi Designers,


    Voting launches at 10AM tomorrow, and you have the ability to make revisions until then.  We are still in the process of reviewing designs all evening and will continue to keep doing this until tomorrow at 10AM, as there are many submissions to go through from the challenge.  You will be able to see which designs made it into voting at 10AM tomorrow when it launches. You can edit your submissions on your designer profile, click on "manage your collection" on the right side near your designs, and edit them.



    Neha Gupta


  • Thanks Neha!

  • How do I unsubscribe from the forum post email updates? The number of emails is driving me crazy and makes me not want to post in the forum. Thanks!

  • So I already have a voting badge up on my website, but it links to a design that wasn't chosen to advance in the Sending Good Cheer Challenge.  How do I get a voting badge that links to my design that WAS chosen?  Any help would be great!!  Thanks minties and congrats to everyone on this latest challenge!!  One word:  WOW!!! :o)

  • i had that same exact question, Peaceable Designs...I tried searching for the answer in the FAQ but couldn't see how to change it. It says it shows the design you submitted last.

  • Just wondering - This is my first voting round and is there an etiquette to it? Do you comment on the designs or just rank each one on the 1-5 scale? Do people generally vote on every submission and skip their own designs?

  • you can do as you wish, Egg City Arts. You can comment on the ones you like - if you'd like - or you can just vote. And YES, you can vote on yours!!!

  • Thanks LizzyB! It seems overwhelming but FUN!

  • Yes, somewhat overwhelming, but if you take it one day at a time, you can vote on many designs.

    I start off by selecting the designs I absolutely LOVE and vote for them. Then when I get a chance day by day I vote for the rest. Just enjoy the process! :)

  • hi everyone,

    this is my first time entering and voting - I was just curious approximately how long does the voting go on?

  • Wendy: it varies, but Minted indicated in their email that this challenge will be open for voting for 5 days.

  • Lots of fun voting but I'm noticing lots of cards are using fonts not on the list included with the submission kit. Is the font list writ in stone or open to suggestion?

  • thanks Jill- here's another question that has probably been answered somewhere- I think I saw in the comments that they don't announce the winners for 3 months? Is that right? seems like a long time!

  • If you use fonts that aren't on Minted's list, you risk them having to switch it out for something close if your design is chosen. If you use "fonts" that you've created yourself as part of your illustration that's ok as long as any personalized info uses something on the approved list. It's all about licensing.

    As far as announcing winners, that time frame varies from challenge to challenge. The holiday challenge is a bit different. It doesn't usually take months to announce winners but because of the size and seasonality of this one, Minted won't announce until the end of summer.
  • Thanks Ann. That helps and gives me more leeway fontwise. Kiss


  • Hello!

    I think i successfully entered into the "sending cheer" challenge. Before voting began my designs were in the roster, now they are gone! They are still in my portfolio and it looks like I can vote for them but there are no numbers on the side. Can anyone help me?

    Any thoughts are appreciated!

  • Frances - I am forwarding you the email regarding the cut for the holiday challenge.

  • Hey Minted webmasters, the PSD submission template for page for the Quickfire Minibook is too large (550 x 675 pixels) for the online submission form. :)

  • Hello minties! Has anyone recieved the chronicles books file request? Usually minted sends an email requesting the files right after they announce the winners. I haven't been on top of things lately, so I was wondering if I missed it.

    thanks! :)

  • Aspacia - I haven't received a file request for the Chronicles designs either (hoping I didn't miss it?).

  • Thanks for letting me know Melanie. At least I'm not alone.. Hopefully we didn't miss it. I also sent an email asking minted but not luck yet. If I know something I'll let you know :)


  • I'm a newbie so apologies if this has been answered already - I have a Jury's award badge on my profile this morning but can't see which design it's been assigned to. Do this mean a design will be for sale or is it kind of a "morale " boost !!!!

  • @minted

    I'm wondering if it's possible in our designer profiles were the little awards badges are if you click on them that they show which designs you have one in that category.

  • I second that, Samantha! I was actually going to ask the same thing - a link or a little badge on the design submission that was a winner. Some you can tell because, obviously, they're for sale, but that's not always the case.

  • Has the deadline for the notebook challenge changed?
  • Hi,

    I wanted to use some textures I created in Photoshop. Do I have to save them as bitmap tiffs in order to be ok with the guidelines I read for submissions. Or can you use high res jpgs or tiffs as placed images. I want to use a grayscale tiff and colorize it in Indesign. When I bitmap it, it just doesn't have that same real quaility I am looking for. I am still a little unclear on the rules for submitting final files if chosen. Thanks for any info on this!

  • You can do your textures in Photoshop and import them into Illustrator or InDesign. Just make sure they're high resolution and cmyk! I generally save those kind of files as .tiffs--I think those work best.

  • Hi everyone! I just discovered minted at the end of last week, wish I'd had more time to ponder over and update my designs for the children's stationary challenge, there were so many cute designs submitted!

    So, even though I'm expecting my scores to be on the lower end, I hope everyone at least votes. I know it takes a while to get through all the submissions but it's only fair to vote for all the other designs as well, especially when you're new and you don't have any 'fans' on here or a bunch of people who are willing to sign up as a user on minted.com to vote for you. I noticed some new designers who submitted work who only had 1 vote on their profile, obviously for their own submission... My suggestion to minted would be to make it mandatory for everyone who submits a design to rate all the other designs in order to be eligible to win anything. What do you guys think?

    As far as rating/critiquing is concerned, I would love to get constructive criticism in order to better myself. I'm a little scared to deal out criticism to others though cause a lot of people have a very low tolerance for it and I certainly don't want to offend anyone...

    I also have a question regarding profitability, maybe some of the 'veterans/winners' around here have a good answer :-) Since you have to put some time into your design and then give up the rights to that design if chosen as a winner/for sale, has the prize $ + 6% commission been worth it?


  • I try to vote as much as possible, and I don't solicit voting from others, but everyone does their own thing. I don't always have time to vote on every single design in every challenge, so I don't think it should be mandatory. Most designers vote a lot though!

    Most Minties happily receive criticism and rarely does it offend anyone as long as you are doing it in a spirit of helpfulness, it is welcomed and appreciated. If you give advice, it encourages others to give advice to you too.

    I can't speak for everyone, but generally I have been satisfied with the prize money and commission. The commission is on the lower end (in my opinion), but the customer reach is really good, so sales do add up. The intangible benefits of working with Minted has also been a good thing for me.

  • So far, I believe I have voted on every design since I've joined. But, I, also, do not think it should be mandatory - you wouldn't want people rushing through giving out hasty judgement just because it's required! It's nice that people can take their time (and now even more time, since Minted has extended voting beyond the 1 week it was when I started!) and thoughtfully place their votes.

    I, also, think constructive criticism is always valuable, and you should assume it's wanted. That's what makes Minted such a great place to grow!

    I can't answer to the dollars and cents, yet, but, for me, the learning experience here at Minted has been invaluable!

    Welcome to Minted, Simone!


  • Hi Designkandy, and welcome to Minted.  I just want to give you my perspective on voting. I know that for me, if voting on every design was mandatory I would not be able to submit any designs.  Some challenges get upwards of 1,000 submissions. If I'm wrong about that, please correct me, Minties. I'm not sure if there is any "unfairness" going on with some people getting more votes than others because they are fan favorites. I know I don't give more votes to my favorite designers than others.

    I have barely had time to create and submit designs as it is between my full-time job and family responsibilities lately. And while I've only submitted three designs total and haven't submitted in months, being a part of the Minted community and participating in these forums has been an invaluable experience for me.  The members of Minted are so encouraging and helpful, and I feel as though I always have somewhere to go to ask a design-related question and will get great answers from knowledgeable designers.  I work at home as a freelancer, so this community is very valuable to me since I don't have co-workers to bounce ideas off of or ask questions.

    As for the prize money and commission being worth it, I can't really say as I haven't won (yet) Wink.  But I hope to design and submit more in the future, and if I ever won I would be thrilled -- not for the money necessarily, but for the honor of being able to call myself a "Minted Designer."  If you're looking to support yourself on prize money and commissions from your Minted designs, then I would probably say, "no, not worth it." But I don't think that's why any of us are here.  I imagine the money would be helpful, but in my opinion the community, feedback and support are the big payoff here Smile

  • Welcome to Minted, Simone! If it makes you feel any better, it took me several challenges before I "hit my stride" and received any editor's picks or wins. The more you design, the better you'll hone your style and skills, so don't be put off during your first few challenges!

    I make it a point to vote for every design but I may not be able to do it all in one sitting. The holiday challenges are notorious for large numbers of entries making it nearly impossible! While I vote on all the designs, I think it's important to vote for as many as you have time for. Every vote counts and gives Minted a better idea of customer/designer tastes and likes. I believe that Minted has several ways of making sure that voting is fair, so never fear.

    As far as critiquing goes, I try to be helpful, never spiteful or unkind. I think that's true for the whole community. Again, it's how much you have time for.

    The beauty of Minted, along with the fact that they treat their designers like royalty, is that it's purely voluntary. Design what you can, do what you have time for, and treat others as you would like to be treated!

  • Hmmm, you all have good points, I take back the mandatory voting suggestion. It does seem like the minties who take this seriously vote as much as possible!

    And I agree, in addition to any prize money or commission, it would be such an honor and so encouraging just to get picked as one of the best designs, especially for someone like me who is notoriously insecure! Hopefully someday, sigh....

    Thanks for all the replies, it's really nice to meet you all Laughing


  • Is there a way to search the forum (for a specific topic)?


    ~ Kim

  • You can filter the discussions by category or use the search function at the top of the list of discussions. Were you looking for something in particular?

  • Thanks, Ann - I swear, there needs to be a "stupid" filter for some of my posts here, lately! Thanks for pointing out the obvious (which, apparently, was not obvious to me!) - I was trying to use the search window for the whole site. Maybe I need more sleep...

    :) Kim

  • No problem! We've all been there.
  • I have 2 designs I want to upload. Although image wise they look different as one is photographic and the other is illustrative, the typographic layout is exactly the same. The typography is the main feature. I was not sure if I was allowed to submit this?

    I have been reading the forum and someone did mention I could put both designs in but I just wanted to make sure before I did upload anything.

    www.minted.com/design-rating/37623 at the bottom was the original design. 


  • Hi all! I'm a Minted newbie…and feeling it too. Haha. I've submitted 4 designs in total for the Art Print challenge. I feel silly, but I just read that we must use the templates provided in the packet while in the submission process. So, I've been going back and trying to re-size, etc. to get them in the correct format for the submissions. BUT…they're still too big! So, after trying for a couple hours on my own I realized I needed to turn to the seasoned Minties. Haha. I guess what I'm wondering is A. Is it 100% necessary that we submit this way? B. My templates are in the large format, ie. 30 x 30 and 24 x 36 (horizontal and vertical). If anyone can help that would be oh so lovely! I have them now as I sized them on my own, but I want to make sure I'm submitting these correctly. :) Thanks so much! Also, if this has already been addressed in the above comments, I'm sorry! I glanced through briefly and didn't see anything. Please feel free to email me too (annaelder@ymail.com).

    On a side note - I feel even sillier for not seeing the forum before. I started submitting designs in the in the Something Old, Something New challenge. I love seen that there is an actual community here that provides support for each other. One of the things I miss the most about art school is bouncing ideas off of each other. It's hard to find that "out in the real world," so finding it here has been a breath of fresh air.


    Thanks again!

  • I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I participated in the survery back in October for the $50 Minted credit,  but can not seem to find the email with the redemption code.  I've checked all of my email, trash, spam, etc... I know I participated and was planning on using the $50 for journals as holiday gifts.  Is it possible to get this email with the redemption code re-sent?

    Thanks so much in advance!


  • Hi Allison,

    Did you take the survey during the first three days? Cause the coupon code was only given to people who took it during those three days. I remember the email said to contact customer service if there was anything wrong with the code, so if you qualify then you should contact them to get it. Good luck Smile