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  • If there were a welcome kit for new designers, what would you put or want in it?
  • I think the welcome idea is really nice! Maybe a simple overview of the comments stated in a previous post would suffice? You know like...
    -Do your research on past submissions
    -Don't copy & why
    -A general review of copyright laws or usage regarding clipart
    -Reasons to stick to the font list and your helpful link to the fonts
    -A blurb about commenting & playing nice
    -Visit the forum!
    -And lastly, a boost of confidence and your "Go design something" send off!
  • I think that it would be great to have a "Newbie Section". Just today I've tried to lead a few newbies to the right places to find out more about submissions, including your fonts list. To have everything under one link for them would be nice then you could just say "Welcome to Minted, check out the newbie section".

    I find that Im always popping around from place to place to refresh my memory on the guidelines so having everything under one link would be awesome!
  • I'm a newbie, and I think it would be great to have a list of helpful tips and links all collected in one place, so they're not so spread out.
  • Also, how important it is to read and use the minted submission kit which includes important information, photos for use, and templates.
  • It's probably right under my nose but how do you add favorite designers under your designer profile?
  • to add a fav designer...
    go to their profile page
    and you will see an option next to their picture.
  • I agree with Paige, those are all fantastic ideas!

    I think having "do's + don'ts" section with things such as:

    photos, do: use the photos in the submission kit • don't: use your own photos (even if they are adorable)
    for suspected infringement, do: contact designers@minted • don't: make your opinion public
  • Since I'm fairly new and have yet to win a challenge, I'd like to know what happens if you win. What are the next steps, etc. I'm just curious how that part of the challenge works.
  • Great ideas!! 3 things to add:

    1. More specific guidelines on using vector graphics in your submissions. Things to look for in user agreements.

    2. What to do when your submission is close to someone else's. I did this today & am horribly embarrassed that I didn't check the current submissions before I posted. They were way too similar and I didn't intentionally do that. Feeling horrible about it and am afraid my creditability looks worse.

    3. A mentor program :)
    • PS
    • Jun 4th 2010
    I am also a newbie, and all of this sounds great. I was a little lost at first and there is a lot of information to dig through. One thing I cannot figure out, though it's surely here somewhere and I am just missing it, when does voting begin? I know the submission deadline is the 10th for the current challenge, but I cannot find when the actual voting begins or how long it goes on anywhere. Thanks!
  • Thanks everyone - we are working on this actively this month, and all your feedback is being added to our list of things to do.
  • Hi -- I'm new to the Minted world and would love to know where I can find the font list. Can someone point me in that direction? Any other tips and tricks on designing for submissions would be great too. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi alana1919! Welcome to Minted :)

    Here is a link to the font list complete with links that Amy from Design Lotus prepared some time back.


    You can find out a wealth of info by reading the forum posts, the designer FAQ's located on the Design Challenge Home page & the submission guidelines that are in your download packet.
  • Thanks very much!!!
  • Thanks also to Amy for putting this together, this a great resource!
  • Hello !

    I am a newbie and didn´t submit any design yet but I ´d love too !
    A newbie kit would be really really helpful.
    Thanks already to all the persons who give tips. I would also appreciate tutorials from "senior designers"... I think I have always something to learn !
    Hope to speak with you soon !

    Cécile from Germany
  • Hello, I am brand new to Minted. I am wondering if there is a way for our submissions to stand out as newbies so that we can be critiqued by the established minted designers? I would love to get some feedback on my submissions so far to the Happily Ever After wedding challenge. thanks : )
  • Is there a list anywhere of what works for printing and what doesn't? For example do details get lost in the print, or is there a limit on how thin a line in the design can be? Basically is there is list somewhere of what Minted would automatically choose against a day for? Thanks!
  • Hi All-

    I am a newbie here- and would love to submit work....but there are no challenges! Does anyone know when the next challenge is? Is there one going on now?

    Thanks in advance-
  • Ella the next one should post very soon - I think maybe even tonight.
    It's a Save the date challenge.
  • hmm....under the design challenge it says no scheduled contests....also where do you get the submission packets and all that good stuff I keep reading about? I have looked everywhere! I am excited to submit designs, but I'm apparently not bright enough to figure out how to ;).
  • @Ella
    I am also somewhat new to minted and completely understand your anticipation! I have noticed that sometimes when minted gets busy with a current challenge they will sometimes push back the upcoming challenge or it will look like it disappeared for a bit right before they upload everything to the website. So eventually they will either post the updated challenge date or they will post the submission kit. In either case keep checking back on the website under design challenge & submit a design. Once the challenge is up this is where you will find download for the submission kit. I guess it will show up in a few days if not sooner. In fact I think all of us are constantly checking for the new challenge to be posted! I know that I am!
  • Working my way through my first challenge, this forum has been a great resource to me so far.
  • As I am brand new to this forum I think it would be a great deal if you would receive a welcome kit as a newbie with kind of a lot of features and accessories and things one need to get over the first few designs and to work your way through all of it. :)
  • I'm a newbie and I love all of these ideas. Has a Newbie Welcome Kit been created yet? If so, where can I access it?  Also, it's my understanding that under "portfolio" we can upload other designs we've created that we didn't enter into a challenge. I tried doing this today but it didn't work. They were small jpeg files. I also tried PDF files, but that didn't work either.  Anyone?

  • Hi everyone!  I am a newbie as well, and would love a welcome kit.  I think I became obsessed and read over the download kit for the last challenge about 10 times.  I would love to get better, and learn any "tips and tricks of the trade".  :)  I LOVE this forum, what a great place to learn and to get to know everyone!

  • I am not sure what makes a "newbie" as I have entered contests before but didn't win. (I bow down to the AH-MAZING designers in this community! Simply inspiring!) So I might not be a newbie anymore - but I still feel very "new"!

    If not a kit - maybe a space to welcome designers. (Maybe I missed that?) Just wanted to introduce myself (HI - I'm Abby of Pink Hippo Prints) and say I really enjoy this forum. The insights are extremely helpful. Pretty cool group of designers. ;)

  • I am also a newbie. The design submissions for  Sending Good Cheer were all due today by 10:00 am but when does voting begin and how do we vote?

  • Cassie i just check everyday to see if the voting started or not it varies every challenge..

  • Newbie is wondering - How do we know if our design makes it to the voting round?

  • I am brand new to minted and think it would be nice to have a welcome email or a FAQ giving a simple overview to new designers. I was confused by the following:

    • When voting begins

    • When winners are announced.

    • tips of the trade

    • maybe some advice or suggestions written by users.

    • Should you submit designs that you arent 100% thrilled with or keep it to things you think are masterpieces. . .

    But overall I am totally digging this site.

  • Egg city usually everyone makes it to the voting round but this is the big challenge and so many entries to vote on that they r gonna do the round one cut..

    hobson studios i was in the same boat i asked a bunch of stuff when i started a few months back.. as for voting it depends on minted they will let u know usually a day or two after it starts.. as for winners its when minted finishes totaling up the scores sometimes can take a while no set time limit.. the forum is great for all the advice and questions everyone is so friendly and helpful we usually all try to help out... as far as submitting what designs its up to u.. there are times when u submit and look at it and decide to edit and change things in the design and resubmit.. u can edit until the submission deadline unless otherwise told.. hope that helps

  • hobson i meant to say voting depends on minted they will let u know usually a day or two after the submission deadline...

  • Thanks Dreaming and good luck everyone!

  • Thanks for the help- one more question:


    I know that submissions are no longer taken for the Holiday Cheer Challenge, but can i edit and update a design that I already have up there? I have not gotten any feedback on it but i want to change the color and some design elements. What do you think?

  • hobson u have until 10am pacific time to make changes just go into your designs and edit..

  • Ok I'm sure this is a really dumb question, but I haven't done it before.  How in the world do I upload a revised version of a submitted design while critiques are still open?  I'm sure it's right under my nose....

  • @hatched prints

    go to your design studio, below the badges, select manage your collection

    filter by 'editable' and below your editable designs you should see 'delete| edit'

    click edit and you can change all your info as well as upload a new design 

  • Awesome, thanks so much.  I don't know how I missed that!

  • Hi,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but I was wondering how was the best way to contact a Minted Mentor? I just have a couple of questions in regards to the payment process and submitting final files for a chosen design and it would be super helpful to double check I haven't missed anything important! I have emailed Minted direct but no reply as yet :( I realise this is a very busy time for all so appreciate your help!



  • Hi Rose,

    I'm so sorry that you haven't been able to reach us. Have you emailed designers@minted.com? We've searched our inbox and aren't able to find anything. Please send your questions there and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible with the answers. We look forward to hearing from you.



    Alison Michael | Community Relations | minted.

  • I think it might be fun to occasionally or just annually have a 'Newbie Contest' only entered by Minties with less than 10 Awards or something.. There could only be a few prizes, & maybe not with as large of a cash 1st place prize as usual, but it would give some of the newbies a chance to shine without some of the top designers competing-who always have such amazing work.

    And to counter that there could be a 'Major Mintie' competition where the rewards are greater & only people with 10 (or a higher number) or more awards can participate. Sort of the 'best of the best' competition. Then that would be another thing for the designers to work towards, being classified as a higher rank based on how many award you've won.

    Just an idea!

  • Hello..I am a real newbie!! I am an artist..and not new to that...(I was on FAA for a long time) however, I am new and unfamiliar to the lingo associated with the submission process here. TIFF? RGB? and all the rest....

    HELP! Please!

    Thank you!!!


  • Hi, jennyelaine!  Design files are required to be created/submitted using Illustrator (an Adobe software).  Some designers do art by hand (using watercolor, etc.) instead of using the software to create an image; however, it still must be scanned in and placed in an Illustrator file.  Adobe Photoshop software is used to create a thumbnail image for entering into the contest; but all winning entries must be submitted to Minted using Illustrator.  TIFF is a type of image file.  RGB refers to Red/Green/Blue color settings in your file (versus CMYK or Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black color settings).  Hope that helps!

    ~ Kim

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to make my first design to submit for the stationary challenge. While reading through your site I have a few questions. Someone mentioned they felt horrible for having their design placed next to a similar one. I assume you're able to chose placement when you submit so that I don't accidentally upset someone is this true, or was it just bad timing at submission? Secondly, I read another post that said they saw something that inspired them then found a "similar design" on minted so they couldn't design that. Could someone explain this? I'm sure this person could have easily made a different version of their idea and made it their own. Is using others for inspiration frowned upon? I mean as long as the design is different enough where it is now a "new design" would that disqualify a design? Finally, aside from the challenges can we post other artwork on here to sell or are the challenges the only way to sell designs? Thanks for your help ahead of time!



  • Welcome to Minted, Kristi!  To answer your questions, when you upload your design, Minted puts it in the random rotation of designs to view that is constantly changing; but each person can sort the designs by most recently submitted, by designer, or by likes, also.  So placement is not up to you.

    Currently, the only designs sold on Minted are those that get selected through the challenges for sale.  I believe there are a few designers who have a special storefront, as well, but I do not have details on that.

    Of course, everyone should be inspired and make designs their own, but no one should be copying others' copyrighted material.  There are several discussions on the forum related to this...if you search the topics for the key word "copy" you'll find them.

    Here is one in which Ann Gardner posted a link to a great article by Jessica Hische:


    Here's the link to the article:


    Hope this helps! Kim

  • I can't find the helpful font list that was mentioned for Newbies to look at, does anyone know where I can find it? And thanks Minted for creating fun challenges and an inspirational, fun site. I love stationary so this is nice to learn from and the challenges are nice to help me improve my skills as a designer. Just thought you should know.


  • Welcome to Minted, Latishia!  It appears that the font list is missing from the drop down menus...but, it is included with the submission kit download as a PDF file.  So, If you go to "submit a design" and click on "download submission kit," you will find it in that downloaded zip file.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks so that's where it was :) I appreciate the help!

  • I'm so, so new. I just discovered minted last week and I am trying to throw together something for the Holiday card challenge. I have one question:

    Does minted provide the actual font files? I've seen the pdf of all the font samples, but am I responsible for buying them?

  • Welcome to Minted!  You are resposible for owning a license for any font you use.  The list shows all the fonts for which Minted owns a license - if you use a font that they do not have for editable text, they may substitute it for another font.  Good luck!

  • Welcome B and R Design! Minted does not provide the fonts, but over half on the list are free downloads. The easiest way is to do a search of the font, and you'll be able to see quickly if it's free or not. I think there is another post that has links to the main sources for fonts. Let me try to find it : )

  • How do you resubmit a design once you've edited it?


  • Barbara - if you are editing something before the submission deadline (like for the current art challenge), go to "Manage Your Collection" (it's at the top right of the designs you've submitted, on your "My Design Studio" page, then select "Editable," and you will see designs that you can "edit" or "delete."

    If you are trying to edit designs today, before voting starts on the Holiday Card challenge, go to "Manage Your Collection" and select "Locked for Voting" and you will see the designs you can "edit." 

    Good Luck!!

  • I was hoping someone could help me. I was asked to submit files for one of my designs, but I am not sure what they need. I'm sure they need the original .ai files, but I'm unsure as to how I am supposed to submit files for the envelope backers and also the backers for the cards (I don't think there were templates in the original packet for these items) ? Can someone help please?

  • Hi Sarah! Did Minted send you an e-mail requesting your files for a certain challenge? If so there should be a link further in the e-mail under section III that will say something to this effect:

    III. Preparing and Submitting Artwork Files: Please use the design templates that can be downloaded here:

    If there isn't a link with a download to the templates, I would e-mail Minted at: designers@minted.com and they will get you what you need. I hope this helps and congrats on the file request!

  • Thank you for your comment Jennifer! I did not receive a link for the template, but have sent an email to the address you've given me :)

  • How do I delete the design that I don't like anymore?

  • Hi Anna,

    I believe it's too late to delete anything now, since the submission portion is closed. If you were to do it in the future and didn't like the design, you would go under "Manage my Collection." Under each design submitted, there's a edit/delete link.



  • Hi Anna and Sarah -

    If you wish to delete designs from past contests, you'll need to email minted at designers@minted.com and ask them to do so for you. You can't do it yourself :)

    Hope that helps!

    Leslie Ann

  • Thank you Sarah and Leslie Ann that helps a lot!

  • where can I see the font list?

  • Hi Rafael! You can find the font list under Design - Resources: http://www.minted.com/designer-font-list

  • hi

    Name is Laurie and this is the first time on this site.  I am 65 years old and have just retired.  Looking for a way to do something w my art work.  Someone recommended Minted to me.  Afraid I do not have any art education except a class here and there; and definitely have no graphic art experience.  Am abit intimidated by the submission process.  Do I need to take a couple of graphic art/web classes before attempting to submit any art work?

    I am really a NEWBIE!!!   Help, I need advice.  Thanks.

  • Hi, Laurie! Welcome to Minted! I have an engineering degree, and no graphic design training whatsoever, but decided to jump into stationery design while I was at home with my kids (after quitting my full-time engineering job). I actually joined Minted so I had incentive to learn Adobe Illustrator! Minted is a great place to learn, and you'll find your fellow Minties to be very helpful and inspiring.

    I assume you are interested in participating in the art challenges, rather than stationery? Either way, you will need Adobe Illustrator or InDesign for submitting files. Many people use Photoshop for photo editing, etc., but, as far as I am aware,all files must be submitted in Illustrator or InDesign, so you will have to have one of those programs. There are many free tutorials online for those programs, but if you are new to using graphic design software, you may benefit from a class - I'm sure those are available online, too, or through your local vocational schools or college. I know our local vocation high school has inexpensive evening class sessions on Illustrator, but I've never taken them because ours offers them for a Mac and I use a PC (not sure how different Illustrator is between the two platforms). Many artists do paintings and such and, then, scan or photograph them to submit. Of course, if it is selected, you would have to have a very high quality scan or photograph (I think people take them to a special printer for scanning) - this is not my area of specialty, so if you need to do that, you can ask here and someone who has experience with that can help you out.

    Best of luck!!!

  • Welcome Laurie! Hope all works out and you can submit some designs!

  • If you just want to slowly get your feet wet you could look up some tutorials online. Whenever I get stuck on something I look online and there is usually a video or a step by step explanation.

  • A fellow mintie Eric Beckett made some illustrator tutorials in video format. I forget where they are but I'm sure designers@minted would know.

  • Under the Resources like, Newbie Kit, when you arrive at the page, where is the actual download???

    I see all the instructions and arrows, but cannot find a clickable link!  Help, please ....