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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if any Minties could help me find out where I could look for Stationery Design internships (or hand lettering internships) I would really like to learn more and I already know the big companies like Hallmark and American Greetings but I want to look for others like small businesses. Thank you very much.


  • Hi Lala!  I would recommend that you get in touch with local businesses where you live. Where are you located? Maybe I can give you come suggestions of companies in your area and possibly connect you with anyone I know personally.



  • Thank you Katy! :) I am located in Jacksonville, FL but I also have a friend in Atlanta, Georgia who would let me stay with them if anything should come up. :)

  • 42 Pressed is a wonderful stationery company and I think they are in Jacksonville!

    I also know a super inspiring woman who does more traditional style handlettering who is in Lake Mary who I would be happy to connect you with.

    Anna Griffen is in Atlanta and I have a friend there in licensing who might be able to tell us if they offer internships.

    Blue Green Planet is also in Atlanta, but I don't have any pals there.

    Is Jacksonville near Winter Park?  I may have one more friend I can ask. :)

    I also wouldn't rule out American Greetings if you can go to Cleveland for a summer. When I worked there, I remember they had an awesome intern program!

  • WOw! Thank you so much. The 42 Pressed is located in St.Augustine but that's still really close I will email them. I would love to talk to the lady who resides in Lake Mary maybe she could give me some tips and be willing to take on an apprentice ship from online.  I checked out Anna Griffen online and would like to talk with them as well.  I will look at Blue Green Planet. Jacksonville is not near Winter Park...Orlando is closer to there. I did apply to the big companies like American Greetings and Hallmark and such.( American Greetings is super nice) Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

    - Lala

    I'm also emailing other artist on the side who have similar styles and interest to what I'm looking for and you have been very helpful.