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  • Hi Minties!

    I'm looking for manufacturer/printer suggestions for iPhone cases.  I know that StationeryHQ offers cases, has anyone used them?  I don't think they offer the "tough" upgrade (which I think is a must for my clients).  Any thoughts/suggestions would be great!  Thanks so much!  Best, Andrea.

  • I have purchased the stationeryhq ones and they were really cheaply made, the whole case is clear and they only print on the backing. I was completely disappointed for the cost. I know most submlimation printers are able to do them. I would check with local print shops. You can put your designs on zazzle on iphone cases also.

  • Thanks for your response and your insight into the SHQ product.

  • I have an iphone 5 cover from stationery HQ that I designed which is not clear. The iphone 4 cases are the clear ones and they do feel cheap. The iphone 5 covers are sturdy and print well, IMHO. We've been selling them to customers for about 5 months without complaints. The only thing I found I had to adjust to was the slick case. It can be a little slippery in your hands.

  • thanks, Carol!  Good to know that the 4 and 5 covers differ.

  • I get mine from case-mate. The quality is solid. Same as those sold in Apple stores.

  • thanks, September!  I looked into them as well, but it didn't think their minimum order (to get the discounted rate) would work for me at this time.