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  • We are very excited to announce our brand new revamped FAQs!  We've pored through hundreds of your emails to figure out which questions come up most and how we can help make the Minted experience better. See the results of this work here.

    In the new FAQs you will find an extensive and searchable database of answers as well as some other nifty features we think you will be very excited about. While most of the FAQs are available to anyone visiting, you must create a login to access all of the information and use certain features.  This account is separate from your Minted login.  Please see this article before creating your account.

    Exciting features include...

    Community Comments - Have something helpful to add to our responses? Feel free to contribute additional info via the "Add a comment" feature below each article. We welcome you to share your experiences and expertise with your community.

    Add to our FAQs - Have a question we haven't answered? Want to ask a question of your fellow designers? Towards the bottom of the main page, you will find a section where you can ask any general questions we haven't covered or ask for help or tips from the community. For very specific questions or to report a problem, we ask that you continue to write to us at designers@minted .

    Make and vote on suggestions - You can make suggestions for the Minted team in this section. You can also vote on the suggestions of your fellow community members to help us prioritize. We can indicate when a suggestion is in the works ('planned'), complete ('done'), or out of scope ('not planned'). Please note, you must create an account and be logged in to make or see suggestions.

    Announcements - We will be posting our most important news and updates in the announcements section in addition to spreading the word via email and the forum.


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