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  • Hi Minties! We are extending the deadline for our Corporate Cheer Holiday Card Challenge by one week!

    Submission will now be closing on Monday, April 1 at 10am PT. We love the current entries and we encourage you not to change what you’ve entered (as we may end up taking the entry as an Editor’s Pick in holiday non-photo cards), but we’re also seeking more designs that are non-denominational (they have no reference to Christmas at all in either words, colors, or in symbols) and that would appeal to men, while still remaining cheerful. We thought we would give you another week to try your hand at these types of designs in particular. Can't wait to see more of your designs!

  • Hello! Just to clarify a little bit: We aren’t looking for literal masculine symbols or “manly designs.” We are looking for designs that a man would feel comfortable sending out - i.e., designs that aren’t overly-feminine. The best way to test your design out is to ask a nearby guy if he would feel comfortable sending it in a business setting. Corporate holiday cards are generally sent out on behalf of a group of people, both men and women, so we’d like to offer designs that appeal to both genders.

    For the Christmas symbols, it’s a similar idea. Corporate holiday card customers are sending an end of year card on behalf of a group of people who may not all celebrate Christmas, to another group of people who may not all celebrate Christmas. Companies choose very carefully in order to not offend anyone, so many stay away from cards that have specific references to Christmas in the copy, symbols, or colors. So we'd like a nice rounded-out assortment for all different tastes. Feel free to post here or email us at designers@minted.com if you have any questions at all!!