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  • Hi, fellow designers! I am so excited to announce that my new font, "Anna Clara" has finally been released. I truly, and I mean truly, had you all in mind when designing this one- I wanted something that would stand out if used in a couple's or child's name, or as a large phrase, but also something that would still be legible at smaller sizes (like party details or a family name on a holiday card).

    This is my first time working with OpenType features- it took absolutely for.ev.er. to complete, but it has lots of customizable features. I don't feel right about including a link, but it's on sale right now at MyFonts.com- hooray!


  • HUGE congrats, Laura!!!  and THANKS!!!  I will definitely go check it out.  Best of luck in sales. :)

  • bought it!  it's gorgeous!

  • Laura this is incredible, I love it! Big time congrats!!!

  • Gorgeous Laura, I can't even imagine the time and effort it took to get this launched!  You should be very proud!!

  • beautiful!! Congrats!!

  • lovely!! congrats!

  • Love it, Laura! Big congrats!

  • Congratulations, Laura! What a big achievement! Beautiful. Cool

  • That is amazing! Beautiful work :)
  • wow, stunning! A beautiful labor of love, Laura!

  • Congrats Laura!! Excited to finally see it and can't wait to buy it!!

  • Thank you so much, everyone! It really means a lot to me to have the input of real designers- I know how choosy we all are about our fonts! :)

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!