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  • ok, question from a rather newbie...the first challenge I really participated in was the Off the Wall Art Challenge. I am wondering, are the only items sold the 30 winners and 45 editors picks, or will there be others as well? Also, when will instructions go out for those in the winning and ed pick categories?




  • Kate,

    The designs that are sold from any challenge are the top 30 winners and the editor's picks. Minted chooses designs that didn't fall within the top 30 based on many criteria such as making sure there are a variety of design styles, concepts and what they think customers will want. It's great that even if your design doesn't "win" it may still be chosen for sale.

    There are also special awards given to designs that will be sold. These may or may not come from the winners and editor's picks and usually mean some extra prize money!

    If your design(s) has been picked for sale on Minted, you'll get an email from them once they're ready to receive files requesting the artwork and any other companion pieces such as Thank You cards, envelope liners, etc. The turn around for the files to be delivered to Minted is usually pretty reasonable but there have been a few occasions where they needed to rush getting the artwork so they can post the designs ASAP.

    Hope that answers your questions!

  • Hi


    I am also new, and am loving it!

    Great question Kate and awesome answer Ann; thank you both.