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  • Hi all! With the start of a new year, we have decided to begin a new process that will make the designs that launch for sale on the Minted site as easily searchable and visible as possible. From now on, our team will be reviewing and optimizing your design titles during the launch process to make sure that customers can find your work. The team analyzes the titles in terms of the keywords and search terms that successfully lead consumers to our site. Based on their analysis, they may alter or add descriptive keywords to your design title to help consumers find just what they’re looking for. It’s a bit of design matchmaking, really!

    Given the sheer number of designs we are now launching, we won’t be able to go through a back-and-forth naming process with designers. We so appreciate the thought and creativity our designers put into their titles though, so be sure to keep in mind that unique, descriptive titles with proper spelling and grammar are best! Your original titles are always taken into consideration during the renaming process and the team reads your design descriptions to try to stay true to the spirit of your design. With the combination of your own thoughtful titles and the experts optimizing them on our end, we are expecting to maximize sales across the board.

    We hope you’ll all be happy with any potential changes you may see to your design names, with the knowledge that all changes are made to boost your design’s searchability. And as always, the forum is yours – we’ll be here to answer any questions or concerns you might have!


  • Thanks for the heads-up, Jen!

  • Sounds good! Thanks, Jen!
  • Thanks Jen!

    Such a great idea :) always thankful for minted team's great efforts and hard work!


  • Love it! Thanks for the heads up.
  • I know I've unknowingly given a few of my designs the same name as a design that's already for sale, and in one case it caused some confusion. I think this is a great idea - thanks for doing this! :)

  • Thanks for doing this ! Great idea !

  • thank you!

  • So awesome !


    Thanks :)

  • That sounds great... I'm a horrible design namer :) I mistakenly named two of my valentine's day designs the same name..... that caused some problems!

  • Excellent idea! I think it will really help to attract the right customers to Minted, rather than competing stationery sites.

  • thanks, i noticed it was done for a wedding invite, and am thankful you guys are doing it!