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  • Have the winners been announced for this challenge yet? I have been looking, and haven't seen anything on this challenge. Yet, it has been nearly two months since the contest ended. Anyone have any info? Also interested in the winners for the wedding invite challenge that was happening around the same time...

  • Hi there, Kate!

    If your question is concerning the On the Wall Art Challenge, I'm happy to say the wait is almost over! The voting period will close in January, and we will then announce the winners in the following weeks.

    I hope that helps - please let me know if you were wondering about a different challenge.



  • Hi Kate!

    I wanted to add to Hope's answer that the Perfect Match Wedding Challenge winners were announced via email on November 23. You can see the winners here (the top 30 scorers were winners). There were also 100 or so editors' picks - if you'd like that list, I'd recommend emailing designers@minted.com and I'm sure they'd send it over.

    All best,

  • Hello there I am Harpreet and I am a newbie. I just want to Introduce myself.  I love what I am seeing and am looking forward to submitting to minted.  Please feel free to comment on my design please. Give me a good critique I am not afraid of constructive critique.  It sure helps me in learning and submitting the right design.





  • Welcome to Minted, Harpreet!  This is a great place to learn.