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  • Hi everyone! We're already getting excited for the new challenges that will be coming up in 2013 and we'd love to have your feedback on fun challenge ideas. We've had some great ideas in the past like partner challenges and challenges for charity (inspiration for our challenge last spring with Every Mother Counts). Now's the time to freshen up the whole list!

    Have a challenge that you've been dreaming of? Any ideas about unique twists, unusual prizes, etc.? Let's make them happen!

  • I think birthday or Christmas wrapping paper would be fun to design. And recipe cards!  For prizes, how about the latest version of Adobe Illustrator? I'm still using the subscription myself.

  • This is a totally random thought, but what if there was a challange that tied in with some sort of TV show or movie?  something we would design for the production that would be aired even if it was only flashed for 2 seconds on the screen.   (sort of like how you are watching TV and then they flash a ford logo etc) I am sure there are a lot of marketing/advertisement/placement funds that go along with something like that, so I totally understand if it isn't feesable.   BUT I could see everyone in the community getting excited to design for something like that. ha!

  • Oh and I could see some pretty 'gnarley' designs coming out of a decade themed challange as well (totally 80s and what not).

    Cool - this is my risky business emoticon haha.

  • I second the wrapping paper idea! I've also thought that gift packs for special occasions could be cool. I know we already do this with the journal/notecard combos, but I think that idea could be taken even further. For example, a teacher gift pack might include a journal, notecards, calendar, maybe even stickers. I picture it being similar to the party packs but for individual gifts. Other occasions might be Mother's Day, New Mom, Bride, Bridesmaids, Graduating Senior, etc.

  • Love your gift pack idea, Olivia!!! What about for those who love to cook/bake things as gifts - you could also add recipe cards, sticker labels, and gift tags, too. So many different themes/occasions, like you mentioned! :)

  • Great ideas ladies. What about book plate designs or creating designs for return address rubber stamps or embossers?

  • rubber stamps/embossers... I love that idea! I can definitely see those selling like hot cakes!!

  • iPad and kindle covers!

  • Love Olivia's ideas. I've been wanting to see a canvas shopping bag competition. It could feature the designer's art on one side, and Minted's logo on the reverse. In that way, it's great exposure for the company. Also, still wanting letterpress wedding invites.

  • How about diecut christmas cards that can be used as ornaments -- either they are a fun shape and have a hole for hanging, or maybe they pop out of a square / rectangular card. Would be great to hang on a tree, or maybe string a few together as a kind of garland.

  • What great ideas, keep them coming!  Does anyone have any thoughts on things we could do within the products we already offer?

  • What about a wedding specific art print contest? Art prints that are designed to be used or displayed at the wedding or reception, something like the fingerprint trees or even just beautiful art prints that guests could sign as guest book alternatives. I've had a lot of success with these on etsy, but it doesn't seem many large companies have a category like this. I think it would do really well.


  • What about having a same sex wedding challenge and invite Ellen Degeneres to pick the top 20? So much fun and awesome PR for Minted!

  • Great idea Brooke!

  • I love the mothers day card idea! What about graduation announcements! that season is coming up!

  • What if we come up with gift bag ideas? Like those that are handed out to birthday parties or wedding giveaways. It's fun doing package designs!

  • wrapping paper would be so great!!!

  • What if we have a challenge based on aerogrammes and fold and mail it stationery...people like going old school and writing letters so that might be nice as well

  • Love the wrapping paper and party gift bag ideas!  Those fit right in with the party decor lines, too.

  • Paper masks could be fun :)

    children's parties, halloween parties, adult soirees...

  • Gift Boxes!  Let's think 3D!!

  • hi all, i'm not a designer, but i really wanted to chime in.  i saw some wonderful designs.  but speaking as someone who wanted to purchase a couple cards - for an upcoming wedding (not mine) and for anniversary - i didn't find many options available.  i couldn't find any for wedding / engagement congratulations!  so i would love to see more options in just these standard categories.  i was really hoping to purchase! =(

  • How about a reception-only wedding invitation challenge? I've been searching rather fruitlessly for invitations to a hometown reception a month after the actual wedding (the official ceremony/reception and the second reception will be on opposite coasts).

    Anyway, I'm designing it myself because it's fun. But I'm surprised this is so hard to find. I don't want to simply shoehorn a wedding invitation into a reception invitation, because I want it to be clear that it's just a reception. And I don't want to use an ordinary party invitation either, since it's still a celebration of marriage.

    Surely there are other couples out there with this dilemma? I don't think a second reception in another city is that uncommon these days, and neither is getting married at city hall and throwing a big party afterwards.

  • An-Lon: I like your idea! I am a Mormon and a lot of Mormons are married in a small religious ceremonies in one of our temples, but then it's usually followed by a big reception where all friends and family are invited. So the invitation itself announces the marriage, but is inviting the recipient to the reception only. And yes, there are often 2 receptions or a reception and an open house to accommodate different areas. I've designed many of these and it does take a little bit different approach from the traditional wedding invite - Usually more information on there.

  • I agree with you guys about the Reception only invites - sounds like a great special category for the next wedding challenge!

  • That's really interesting, Jill! It really is a combination of wedding announcement and invitation. I finally went with the future perfect tense, "please join us for a hometown reception in honor of [bride] and [groom], who will have gotten married in [location] on [date]. But I'd imagine that the wording could vary a lot depending on the situation. I never did find a good style or etiquette guide, so I ended up winging it...

  • I love this idea and am in the same situation. I did a quicky at the courthouse, but I'll be visiting my hometown this spring and will be celebrating with a bbq.  There are lots of courthouse, Vegas, destination weddings that are celebrated later on with just a party.

  • I second Jessie Steury's idea of a wedding art print challenge. I could see this printed like a normal art print but with a huge whitespace border, that people could sign. Maybe offer options with and without personalization or with and without the huge border, but I definitely see this as a great guest book alternative.

  • This is kind of all the wall but . . . what about rugs . . . I have seen some really interesting rug designs in my travels and would love to do some ideas for that industry.

  • Decorative wall decals would be interesting too.

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