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  • I'm fairly new to the Minted designer community, but something that I've noticed is strangely lacking is the ability to declare non-original design elements (stock photos/illustrations and clipart) when submitting a design, just so credit is given where credit is due.

    If anyone is familiar with 99Designs.com, they have an easy system for designers to submit links to their clipart and stock sources when applicable, to ensure that all submitted designs mesh with their policies.

    As a newbie, I was surprised to learn that not all designs are original...in my opinion, it's kind of discouraging that it's almost impossible to tell the difference between original and, for lack of a better word, "borrowed" designs. Don't get me wrong, I use stock and clipart all the time as a freelance designer, but just think it would be appropriate if everything was declared upfront, in fairness to everyone.

    After all, we're all drawing inspiration from each other and "the whole point of Minted is to gather the very best original designs," right?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Or maybe someone knows more about the policies than I do?


  • Hi Janie, welcome to Minted!

    You bring up an interesting issue. You've probably already seen this, but here are some of Minted's relevant policies. I thought you might want to take a look at this thread, which offers some different perspectives.

  • Hi Madeline,

    Thanks for replying. I had seen the bit about istockphoto and clipart, and initially thought that that was the policy in its entirety--that you can use certain kinds of clipart, and can't use stock materials. But actually reading the thread you mentioned was what made me realize that's not the case, that there's a lot of other sources that people are using in their designs (and a lot of confusion about this issue in general).

    In fact, the other day, I happened to recognize that one person's entire design was a pre-made stock vector illustration from Shutterstock--they just changed the colors and submitted it. That's the kind of thing that, in my opinion at least, probably shouldn't be happening...


  • Hi Janie,

    No, that definitely shouldn't be happening. I'd suggest sending an email to designers@minted.com pointing out the submitted design and the stock image so they can follow up.

  • Yes, that definitely shouldn't be happening... when you see issues like this, report them to designers@minted.com like Madeline suggested.

    I do think most designers are creating their own illustrations though.