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  • Designers, have you ever submitted a piece of art for a new challenge that didn't win an old challenge? IS this allowed? 

    Or did you feel like if it didn't do well in the first place, you should just let it go?

    If you did resubmit, did you make big changes? Minor changes? 

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Hi Bitsy Creations,

    It is not too uncommon for designers to "repurpose" a past submission but it is nearly always in a new format/layout. Perhaps you have a particularly strong pattern or design element that you can use again in a fresh way. I had submitted some line drawings of flowers in a wedding challenge that did not win but later placed the flowers in a vase in a different colorway and was subsequently successful. As you watch the competitions you'll see how others do it. Good luck and hope this helps.