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  • Hello Minted community,

    I recently joined this community and am looking forward to participating in the challenges. For now I have been getting acquainted by critiquing and rating others designs.

    Question - what is the protocol if you find someone who has blatantly ripped off someone elses work? For the current design challenge I found someone's work to be familiar. I knew I had pinned the image on my Pinterest because I liked the color palette. After visiting Pinterest and finding the origin of the image, I learned that in fact it was designed by someone else.

    This Minted artist didn't even bother to change the colors of the original. I left a comment and linked to the source where the actual artist is selling the prints.

    What do you do in this situation? Is there anyone you can contact at Minted? I really love the idea of this community, and even though I'm new at it - would like to help maintain the integrity of the designs.


  • Hi Lauren! Welcome to Minted! The best thing to do in this case is to send a note to designers (at) minted (dot) com, and Jen and Katy (who work with the designer community) will take it from there.


  • Hi and welcome to Minted, Lauren!

    I'm glad you asked about this topic, because copying is very serious and we don't want Minted's reputation to be tarnished because of unethical practices.  I just happened to spot the design in question, and you are right, that is an exact copy : ( I just sent an e-mail to Jen & Katy so thank you for spotting it! Take care and can't wait to see designs from you soon!

  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for your advice. I found a suggestion of how to deal with this in a "Newbie" discussion and sent an email to designers@minted.com with the design in question and a link to the original.

    I appreciate your desire to maintain the integrity of Minted's reputation -- so important to protect designers and artists from this sort of thing.

    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to participating in the challenges!!



  • I don't know what design you're referring to and it sounds like indeed a copy, but you should keep in mind that some designs will look similar just by chance and not intentional copying so it's always a good idea to send the designer a message first privately rather than posting it on the design itself.  You could tarnish an innocent design since your comment is public.

  • Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your advice!

    I understand that people are often inspired by similar resources and that it can in fact be a coincidence when two things look alike. The piece in question was an EXACT copy of work that I had seen by another artist. The issue has been resolved now - the minted designer was contacted and the piece was taken down.


  • I'm sure it was, there are plenty of copycats out there!  I just wanted to mention that because there was a gal awhile back who had this happen to her and she was not a copycat.

  • I understand :) Thanks for the advice!

  • Loren, first of all welcome to minted comunity and beeing on a look out.

    I totally agree with you Kristen. I think before accusing a designer publicly for copying, you should really ask the designer privately first. It could be just an honest mistake... I cannot immagine someone posting an exact copy of a design with "the colors of the original" without it beeing a mistake!

    Good designing everyone!