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  • We have big news! We’re excited to say that we now offer the option to receive your quarterly sales commission payments through direct deposit! We have heard from many of you that you would prefer direct deposits to checks, so we’re thrilled to now be able to make this dream a reality. If you would like to receive your Q3 commission via direct deposit, please fill out your direct deposit information by Wednesday, October 10.

    What it is:
    Direct deposit allows us to send your quarterly commission payment straight to your bank account. Say goodbye to commission checks being lost in the mail or burning a hole in your purse while you’re waiting to get to the bank! The process will be much faster than cutting checks, so we get you your commission payments much more quickly. This option is open to anyone with an American bank account, regardless of where you live.

    Set up your direct deposit:

    1. Go to your designer profile and click “Edit Your Designer Profile.”

    2. Scroll down to “Payment Mailing Info” and click “Download a blank Direct Deposit form.”

    3. Fill out the form and save it to your computer.

    4. Upload your completed form to your profile using the “choose file” button on the page (the same way you upload your W9).

    As more and more people opt to use direct deposit, we will eventually be able to make further improvements to the process like more frequent commission payouts and direct deposits for prize payments. So please encourage everyone to turn in direct deposit forms!  Check out the designer FAQ for more information about payments and let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thanks so much to everyone who provided the feedback about the payment process that led to this new feature. Keep it coming!

  • Hi Jen,

    is there any way to verify that it's working correctly? I may have had an error on my bank address but the routing/account #s should be accurate.


  • Hi Tanya, the routing and account numbers are the relevant ones that we'll be using, so as long as those are correct then you should be good to go! If you think you made an error on the form you submitted to us, feel free to upload another one (preferably by Wednesday). There's no easy way to test, but we'll let you know when we process your payment so you can keep an eye out to make sure you received yours.

  • Wonderful news team! Will we be receiving email blast once deposited or must we go through our bank? Also, should we expect to receive statements in the mail? I'm excited, I signed up!

  • Thanks, Jen and Minted!  Can't wait to get my first direct deposit! :)

  • So glad you're happy about the switch! You'll receive your commission statements via email and we'll also email everyone to let you know when direct deposits have gone out.

  • Hi Jen

    Any chance international designers will get a DD option in the future or something else? Sometimes with all the Paypal fees and the $ rate conversions there's a big chunk of reward money that gets taken out.



  • I agree with you Smeeta, I'll ask also about that to Jen. There's a paypal fees on my side too. Any possibilities Jen? Thanks so much..

  • Thank you so much Jen & Minted! You guys work so hard at allotting us so many nice conveniences!

  • Thanks, everyone! We would love to offer direct deposit options for international designers. We're looking into it, but international banking gets a bit complicated. We can't directly deposit funds into international bank accounts. Instead, we'd have to wire you the money, which, given the current amounts, would actually take a larger chunk of the payment than the PayPal fees. The team will keep looking for ways around this though!

  • Thanks minted for all your hard work on the direct deposit! Mine works great!

  • Just got mine too! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this - it's such a great feature for us. I can't thank you enough for all that you do to make the designer experience what it is. Thank you!!!

  • Thanks, Christina, for the heads up this morning - I never would have remembered to check my business account had you not posted here!  And thanks to Minted - you all rock!